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Recent Submissions

Wendy Smith on 2nd July, 2019 wrote of Daniel Delay:

Described in the Convict Annotated Register as aged 23 who could read and write; Religion Catholic: singe and a native of Essex, Occupation Labourer.  He was convicted at Chelmsford on 9 June 1829 for Highway robbery.  He had two previous convictions and sentenced to transportation for life.  Described as 5 feet 1 3/4 inches; Complexion Dark ruddy; Hair dark brown and hazel eyes.  Assigned to Mr or Mrs Bowen at Cooke.

Wendy Smith on 2nd July, 2019 wrote of Henry Bott:

Described in the Convict Annotated Registers as being a native of London; tried for stealing glasses on 11 June 1829 and sentenced to 7 years.  Had two prior convictions.  Was married with 2 children (names not provided; education was described as a letter person. Occupation Boot and Shoe maker (7 years experience) Physical description Height 5 feet 6 3/4 inches; Complexion ruddy fair; hair brown with grey and eyes Hazel.  Assigned to Robert Johnstone at Annandale on arrival.
Granted Certificate of Freedom on 11 June 1836, number 36/519.  Cancelled and reinstated on 30 August 1839, Number 39/7881.  Died on 23 August 1839 in Queanbeyan, NSW and is buried in what is the Oaks Estate Cemetery in the ACT.  According to the Convict Death Register he died in hospital, however, a hospital was not established in Queanbeyan until the late 1840’s.  Name recorded in Queanbeyan Pioneer Cemeteries Register as Bolt.  Maybe due to writing.  At time of death was a shoemaker in Canbury (Canberra).

Robynne Simmons on 2nd July, 2019 wrote of James Vivian:

James Vivian did not serve his life sentence handed down to him for Cow Stealing.
After his marriage to Catherine Forrest in 1839 he went on to marry Mary Ann Wallis in 1848 South Australia.
They went on to have 8 children.
James died on 8th Sept 1890 Mount Pleasant South Australia aged about 85

Helen Brown on 2nd July, 2019 wrote of Fanny Taylor:

Married 25/07/1850 Henry Burt “Lord Lyndock”
They had nine children

Helen Brown on 2nd July, 2019 wrote of Henry Burt:

Married 25-7-1850 bonded servant, Fanny Taylor, she arrived “Stately” 2-9-1849
They had nine children

Iris Dunne on 2nd July, 2019 wrote of Jeremiah O'donovan:

Tried 14 December 1865, aged 25, Trade Coachman, Single

Eileen Strikwerda on 2nd July, 2019 wrote of Jeremiah O'donovan:

Even though some think that this is the same person as Jeremiah O’donovan Rossa of Irish/American fame & the author of a number of books, this is not the case.
This well known Jeremiah O’donovan Rossa never came to Australia but was transported to America in 18 70.
The Jeremiah O’Donovan who left Ireland on 10th October, 1867 aboard the Hougoumont and arrived in Western Australia on 9th January, 1868 and as one of a group of the men who were marched, for 2 days, to a stone quarry near Guildford where they were assigned to work.
He, with 32 other Civilian Fenians, received his pardon on 15 May 1869. Many who were pardoned chose to return to Ireland, moved interstate or to America, but Jeremiah chose to remain in Western Australia where he was employed as a groom to William Locke Brockman, a pastoralist at Guildford. (https://www.swanguildfordhistoricalsociety.org.au/fenians-in-the-swan-river-colony/) Quote: “The Fenians who chose to remain in the Swan River Colony included Jeremiah O’Donovan, who was employed as a groom to W.L. Brockman at Guildford.”

Iris Dunne on 2nd July, 2019 wrote of Archibald Knowles:

Criminal Registers: aged 25, Sentence Death for Robbery & Wounding commuted to transportation for 20 years

Conduct Record: aged 26, Trade: Nail Maker, Tried 2 March 1846, Protestant, Can read & write, Transported for Highway Robbery with Violence & Stealing Money 7/-, Single, Conditional Pardon 14 July 1857

D Wong on 1st July, 2019 wrote of Morris Barrett:

Old Bailey:
Theft: simple larceny.
4th January 1841
Verdict Guilty > unknown
Sentence Transportation

MORRIS BARRETT was indicted for stealing, on the 24th of December, 16lbs. weight of iron chain, value 8s.; and 18lbs. weight of rope, value 7s. 6d.; the goods of Charles Barclay and others.

WILLIAM CORBIN. I am a drayman, in the service of Charles Barclay and others, brewers. I was delivering beer on the 24th of December, at half-past five o’clock, at Mr. Coley’s, in Brick-lane, St. Luke’s—we left this chain and rope on the dray we had, and went into the public-house to get our note signed—we came out in about five minutes, and they were gone—I saw the chain again on the 29th—it has master’s initials on it.

JOHN JONES. I keep a marine-store shop in Brick-lane. About seven o’clock on the 24th of December, the prisoner brought this chain to me, and asked me to buy it—I said I would buy it if it was a thing I should buy—he pulled it out—I asked how he got it, he said he found it coming up Holborn—I looked at it—the officer came in, and I handed it to him.

THOMAS JONES (police-constable G 112.) I had information, and went to different shops—I saw the chain on Jones’s counter—I went in, and the prisoner was there—J asked Jones who brought it, he said the prisoner—the prisoner said he found it coming down Holborn.

Prisoner’s Defence. I was coming from my father’s, and at the top of Farringdon-street picked up this chain.

GUILTY. Aged 20.— Transported for Seven Years.

Morris Barrett was listed as 21 years old on arrival.
Place of Birth: St. Lukes.

Occupation: Bricklayers labourer.

Morris was illiterate, 5’2½” tall, dark complexion, black hair and whiskers, blue eyes, scar on throat, pockmark on right arm, single, RC.

Father: William at native place
Mother: Ellen
2 brothers and 1 sister.

21/12/1843: Extended term of Probation Expired.

24/1/1846: TOL

11/1/1847: Free Certificate

1851: Married Mary Johnstone at the Presbyterian Church, Geelong, Victoria.

Children: Listed on the Vic BDM:
1852: Edward Cornelius, born Geelong.
1854: Maurice, born Geelong.
1859: Jane, born Dunolly, Vic.
1861: Eliza, born Dunolly, Vic.

1896: Morris died at Dunolly, Vic.
Parents: Ellen Reynard and William Barrett.

3/11/1896 The Age, Melbourne:
DUNOLLY, Monday.
Morris Barrett, aged 74, colonist of 55 years.

Wendy Smith on 1st July, 2019 wrote of John Green:

Described in Annotated registers as John Green 2.  Another John Green also transported from Gloucester for Hoarse stealing.  Same sentence Life.  Described as being 21 years old: Status single; could neither read nor write; Religion Protestant; native of Oxfordshire: Convicted on stealing a poney (pony) at Reading (Berkshire Assizes) on 14 July 1828; Had no prior convictions; Height 5 feet 5 3/4 inches; complexion dark ruddy; Hair brown and Eyes hazel.  How disposed to Mr Robert Cox at Soath(?) Creek.
Ticket of Leave granted 8 April 1838, Number 38/449 on condition of being allowed to remain in the Yass District as recommended by the Liverpool Bench.  Allowed to go to Queanbeyan 10 July 1838.  The Ticket of Leave muster of 1841 confirms that he was working for Mr James Wright at Lanyon by letter in July 1840.  Lanyon is now located in the southern part of Canberra.  Conditional pardon obtained January 1841, Number 41/280.

Dorothy May Louise Ammerer on 1st July, 2019 wrote of George Hood:

George was onnly 15 years of age when he arrived in NSW.  He was appointed to several different people and tried to abscond several times (who wouldn’t at that age).  He received his ticker of leave on 21 Feb. 1845 followingby Pardon on 9 Augt. 1851. He married Hannah Kilford in Maitland on 1 May 1847. They had 8 children. I am descended from James Turon Hood who married Emily Rider and eventually settled in Ballarat, Victoria.

Wendy Smith on 1st July, 2019 wrote of John Green:

Described in Annotated registers as John Green 1.  Another John Green, native of Oxfordshire, also transported for life for stealing a poney (pony). Described as being 30 years old; could neither read nor write; Religion Protestant; Status Married with four children (no names provided); convicted of horse stealing at Gloucester on 13 August 1828 and convicted for life; No prior convictions: Height 5 feet 6 inches; complexion ruddy and freckled; Hair brown and Eyes Hazel.
Ticket of Leave obtained on 8 December 1837, number 37/1792 on the condition he was allowed to remain in the district of Evan on recommendation of Penrith Bench.  Ticket of leave passport obtained on 4 January 1842 which allowed him to travel between Sydney and Mudgee.  Number 42/175.

Dorothy May Louise Ammerer on 1st July, 2019 wrote of James Hanlon:

His full name was Robert James Hanlon and he married Elizabeth Raynor Penny in 1869.  Together they raised 8 surviving children in Geraldton. Before becoming involved with Hotels he owned a Boot Factory and a Boat Factory. The Pig & Whistle, The Shamrock and The Victoria Hotels were 3 he was the licencee.  The family were involved with horse racing and also had the first horse drawn and motorised taxis in Geraldton. The 4 boys spent most of their lives in Geraldton but the 4 girls married and moved away, some of them to the eastern states. He was a community minded gentleman who was respected in the district and I feel proud to call him my Great Grandfather.  Should anyone wish information on him I am willing to share and would love to hear from others as well.  Dorothy Ammerer

Dorothy May Louise Ammerer on 1st July, 2019 wrote of James Hanlon:

Full name was Robert James Hanlon.  He married Elizabeth Raynor Penny in 1869 and their 8 surviving children were born and raised in Geraldton.  He tried his hand at several different businesses including Shoe Factory, Boat Factory and then eventually into Hotel Proprietor of the Shamrock, and Victoria to name two.  We have photos of these with his name on.  The family had the first taxi cabs in Geraldton, both horse drawn and motorised. Again photos available. Should anyone wish to contact me in regard to James I am willing to share my information. He may have started his life in Western Australia as a convict but I am very proud of what he achieved in his lifetime which is stated in his obituary. He and his family were well known in Geraldton and on his death it was stated that he was a true Gentleman.

Leanne Patricia Priestley on 1st July, 2019 wrote of Margaret Quinne:

cert of Freedom 22 Mar 1839 • Windsor NSW Australia
Intent to Marry Granted 28 Feb 1846 • Windsor, New South Wales, Australia
Marriage to William Priestly ( William Priestley Royal Admiral) 31 Mar 1846 • St Matthews Church, Windsor, NSW

Leanne Patricia Priestley on 1st July, 2019 wrote of William Priestley:

Married Margaret Quinne 13 march 1846 Windsor
children Edward (Ned) Priestley !843-1905
Robert Priestley 1846-1910
William Priestley 1849-1900
James Henry Priestley 1851-1923

Paul Burke on 1st July, 2019 wrote of Bernard Fitzsimmons:

Death Certificate of this name in Victoria corresponds to origin and birth but gives ‘farmer’ as occupation

SARAH JANE WARREN on 1st July, 2019 wrote of Edward Tilley:

Misdemeanor under gaming laws caught poaching pheasants on the Duke of Richmond’s Estate with his brother John

SARAH JANE WARREN on 1st July, 2019 wrote of John Tilley:

Misdemeanor under gaming laws caught poaching pheasants on the Duke of Richmond’s Estate with his brother Edward Tilly

Katrina Vincent on 1st July, 2019 wrote of Henry Rainsford:

Newspaper accounts of conviction in Irish newspapers at findmypast

D Wong on 30th June, 2019 wrote of Thomas Garland:

This Thomas Garland was sentenced to Life.

Old Bailey:
Theft: housebreaking.
29th May 1805
Verdict Guilty; Guilty > with recommendation
Sentence Death; Death

THOMAS GARLAND and JOHN DAVIS were indicted for burglariously breaking and entering the dwelling-house of Sarah Curtis, widow, John Lloyd and Elizabeth his wife being in the said house, about the hour of seven in the afternoon, on the 28th of April, and feloniously stealing therein one silk purse, value 1 d. sixteen dollars, value 4 l. ten guineas, twenty-six half-guineas, twelve seven-shilling pieces, 160 shillings, 40 sixpences, 960 penny-pieces, 480 halfpence, and two Bank notes, value 1 l. each, the property of Sarah Curtis, widow.

The prisoners left their defence to their Counsel.

Davis called one witness, who gave him a good character.

Garland, GUILTY, Death, aged 19.

Davis, GUILTY, Death, aged 24.
The Jury recommended Davis to mercy, on account of the slight evidence against him.

From Ancestry:
Thomas Garland of the Duke of Portland was in Hobart Town in 1811.

2/10/1813 Sydney Gazette:
George Watts, William Clark, William Field, and Thomas Garland, were indicted for stealing out of the dwelling-house of the said Mr. John Ingle, at Hobart Town, a promissory note, value 4l. 10. one ditto, value 6l. 10s. and another ditto, value 17l. 17s. 6d.__Watts guilty__seven years transportation.  All the others acquitted.

10/8/1816 Hobart Town Gazette:
Absconded from the town gang.

17/8/1816 Hobart Town Gazette:
From a recent information it appears that Thomas Garland, a prisoner and Bush Ranger (said to be the companion of George Watts), was drowned some time ago in attempting to cross a part of the River Derwent.

**There is also a death listed for Thomas Garland, aged 75, who died at Morven on 26/1/1856.

Barbara Crockett on 30th June, 2019 wrote of James Bolsh:

Was killed by a large rock of quartz falling on his head while in the mine. Left a young wife (she may have been expecting a child at this time) and young children behind.

Robynne Simmons on 30th June, 2019 wrote of Morris Barrett:

He married Mary Johnson b 1834 d 1919
In 1851
they went on to have 5 children.
He died on the 26th Oct 1896 and is buried in the Dunolly pioneers Cemetery Dunolly Victoria Australia with his beloved wife Mary.

D Wong on 30th June, 2019 wrote of Patrick Mcbreen:

Listed as McBreen on records in NSW.

Patrick McBreen was 22 years old on arrival.

Native Place: Fermanagh.

Transported for ‘Stealing Arms’.
Listed as a Whiteboy Rebel.

Patrick was illiterate, RC, single,  5’5¼” tall ple complexion, brown hair, light hazel grey eyes.

Occupations: Spadesman/reaps/weaver.

1840: TOL Goulburn
30/5/1842: TOL Passport, Goulburn Bench.
28/7/1843: TOL Passport, Goulburn Bench.
14/9/1844: TOL Passport, Goulburn Bench.
26/11/1845: TOL Passport, Goulburn Bench
9/4/1847: TOL Passport, Goulburn Bench.
20/12/1848: CP.

NSW BDM - Listed as McBreen on his marriage.

Neil Motteram on 30th June, 2019 wrote of Patrick Mcbreen:

ToL from Goulburn Bench, Bungonia bench which implies he was working in Bungonia.
Received permission to travel to Ovens River area with David Reid, esq.
Married Mary Kelly (b 1822, arr free emmigant, Pt Phillip) Marriage performed Jan 1844 by Fr Charles Lovatt of Yass.

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