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Recent Submissions

Bernadette Torr Phillips on 2nd December, 2012 wrote of Samuel Torr:

Samuel Torr was born in Nottingham on September 12, 1804 and became a cabinet maker/joiner. .

Samuel was sentenced to 7 years transportation to the Colonies twice in his life, the

first on November 10, 1826 at Nottingham Town Quarter Sessions for stealing goods and

chattels from Edward Henson and his employee Ann Hardy During the case he was mistakenly described as a labourer. However he was not

actually transported and served his timed in England, possibly Nottingham. His Australian

Convict Indent papers (No. 205) show this. His wife Hannah Torr nee Petrie and two

children were removed to Rufford Parish by a Removal Order from St. Mary on

March 23, 1827 .

On the January 29, 1834, after Samuel was released, Elizabeth Amos had an illegitimate

Son Named Henry in St. Mary’s Parish. Elizabeth obtained a Filliation Order on Samuel

dated April 29, 1834 at this time Samuel was a joiner living in Bilbies Yard.

Samuel was again sentenced, at Nottingham Town Quarter Sessions, to be transported for

stealing from a horse and cart

Karen Bolton on 2nd December, 2012 wrote of William Derbidge:

William Derbidge (or Debridge/ Durbidge/ Durbridge / Darbridge/ Darbidge/Debede/ Dowbridge etc) was born “William Durbidge” 1796 Cheshunt Hertfordshire (father William Derbidge b.1769 Wormley,Hertfordshire & mother Mary Smith).“William Debede” married Rebecca Sawyer in 1822 in Chigwell Essex.William Derbidge was the cousin of Joseph Darby [whose real name was also Derbidge-who was transported on the Portland in 1832 also for “House breaking”].William Derbidge was convicted in Hertford Winter Assizes in Nov 1831 of “stealing weaving apparatus”, and he was descibed as a “Robbing Master”.William was then held on the Cumberland hulk ship at Chatham from 18th Jan 1832.On the 14th June 1832 William was transported on the Hercules ship and arrived in Sydney Cove on the 16th Oct 1832. When he arrived he was assigned to Carter’s Barracks.Later on he was reported as absconded in the New South Wales Government Gazette on the August 5th 1842 from a Mrs Haly (or Hely) of Brisbane Water.In 1845 he was given a Ticket of Leave as long as he did not leave Brisbane Water, and this was cancelled in 1847 when he left the district.

D Wong on 1st December, 2012 wrote of Henry Murray:

Henry Murray was 18 years old on arrival in NSW, transported for stealing plate.

Priors: 6 months - flogged.

Feb 1837: Absconded from GT Graham, Sydney since 27th of February.

Henry was described as; 23 years old, a carter, 4’10 1/2” tall, ruddy and freckled complexion, brown hair, hazel grey eyes, slight diagonal scar inner part of left eyebrow.

5/8/1837: Henry Murray per Camden, for life, assigned to Mr Graham of Campbell Town - being at large without a pass, sentenced to 53 lashes and to be returned to service.

23/2/1841: TOL Paterson.

6/3/1848: CP.

Katrina Richards on 1st December, 2012 wrote of Joseph Knowles:

New South Wales and Tasmania, Australia Convict Musters, 1806-1849, Class: HO 10; Piece: 51. Online copy.

D Wong on 1st December, 2012 wrote of David Weed:

David Weed was 20 years old on arrival in VDL.

David was single, sallow complexion, freckled, hazel eyes, brown hair, 5’5 1/2” tall.

24/12/1844: TOL
29/5/1847: TOL Revoked for misconduct.
13/11/1839: CP
25/3/1852: Free Certificate.

1845: Married Bridget Clarke per Maxborough.
They had 3 childrenHenry 1845-19/2/1866:- Henry was 20 years old when he fell into the waters of the north Esk River and drowned.  He had been subjected to having fits almost daily and had been saved from falling into the river on may occasions before.
William John born 1854 and a Female ‘Weed’ born 1860.

1848& 1851: David was living in Launceston and was a Waterman.

9/9/1852: Steerage passenger per ‘Tamar’ Launceston to Melbourne. (Free by servitude).

Could not find date of death.

D Wong on 1st December, 2012 wrote of Patrick Carthy:

Patrick Carthy was 23 years old when transported for Obtaining goods under false pretences.
Patrick was single and a native of Limerick.

24/12/1831: TOL Brisbane Water

4/4/1833: COF

D Wong on 1st December, 2012 wrote of William Carter:

William Carter was 32 years old when transported.  He was married with 4 children, his occupation was a LAND STEWARD, and he was a native of Limerick.

William was 5’9” tall, stout, sallow complexion, dark brown hair, grey eyes, and missing his right arm.

1826: Assigned to RC Pritchett in Sydney.

1832: Assigned to John Eales.

1833: Sentenced to 6 months in an iron gang for insolence, and receiving money under false pretences.

25/9/1833: COF

Bernadette Torr Phillips on 1st December, 2012 wrote of Samuel Torr:

Samuel TORR had 3 sons in Australia.
George Oldfield TORR b. 1845-1924 Parramatta NSW.
James Oldfield TORR b.1848-1874 Belfast now Port Fairy.
William Oldfield TORR b.1850-1910 Belfast now Post Fairy.
Before transportation to Australia, Samuel had 2 children with his first wife Hannah Petrie, Emma b.1823 and Samuel b. 1825.
He also had a son, Henry b. 1834 with his common law wife, Elizabeth Amos.

Bernadette Torr Phillips on 1st December, 2012 wrote of Samuel Torr:

Samuel TORR died of a perforated ulcer on December 13 1871 at age 67 in Belfast, Vic., later known as Port Fairy.

D Wong on 30th November, 2012 wrote of William Devitt:

William Devitt was 30 years old and a native of Clare, Ireland, he was single and and Groom/Labourer.

1833: Sydney Quarter Sessions - Stole a pair of brogues from Mr M Gilligan of Sydney and was remanded.

1846: Donated to the Irish Relief Fund.

D Wong on 30th November, 2012 wrote of Thomas Malone:

Thomas Malone was 49 years old on arrival, his native place was Armagh, Ireland.

7/11/1821: On list of prisoners transported to Newcastle.
22/3/1823: On list of prisoners assigned.
27/8/1824: Barrack Servant at Parramatta.  Permission sought by Thomas Plunkett for Malone to be on the store.

1828: TOL Parramatta
20/10/1834: COF.

1844: NSW BDM death of Thomas Malone aged 70.

D Wong on 30th November, 2012 wrote of Alexander Shaw:

21/3/1817: On list of convicts forwarded to Windsor for Distribution.
1/4/1822: On list of prisoners transported to Newcastle per Elizabeth Henrietta.
25/10/1822: Absconded from service, Newcastle.

Alexander was 23 years old in 1823, from the Isle of Mull, 5’5 1/2” tall, hazel eyes, brown hair, ruddy complexion.

25/1/1825: The Sydney Gazette adviertised for him up to this date.  No other records found.

D Wong on 30th November, 2012 wrote of George Beck:

George Beck was on board the Fanny 1815, but fell overboard near Rio.  He spent 3 years in Buenos Ayres working as a printer and then made his way back to England.  He was arrested (by the policeman who charged him with Burglary in 1815 and he was then sent back to NSW on the John Barry.

14/1/1820: Put ashore at Port Stephens from ‘Black Jack’ by Captain Ritchie.

15/9/1820: On list of prisoners transported to Newcastle per Elizabeth Henrietta.

13/3/1823: Absconded from the Gazette Office.

George was described as 32 years old, native of Oxford, 5’4 1/2” tall, hazel eyes, light brown hair, fair complexion.

20/1/1825: This was the last date the Government advertised for him, for absconding.  Perhaps he made his escape back to England again.  No further records found of him.

D Wong on 30th November, 2012 wrote of George Beck:

George Beck departed the Downs on the Fanny on 25/8/1815.
The Fanny arrived in Rio on 21/10/1815.  George Beck said he fell overboard near Rio and spent 6 1/2 hours in the water.

George then spent 3 years in Buenos Ayres working as a printer.  He returned to England and was arrested in the parish of St. Martin in the Fields, for being there before the expiration of his sentence.

Then aged 27 in 1818 he was sentenced to death (again) and again transported to NSW per John Barry 1819.

Deb on 30th November, 2012 wrote of Charles Morrell:

Died at the Adelaide Hospital. see Adelaide Hospital Records.

D Wong on 29th November, 2012 wrote of John Fortiscue:

20/9/1821: On list of convicts forwarded to Liverpool for distribution.

9/1/1824: On list of prisoners assigned; Listed as Joseph.

16/10/1824: Attached to the Barracks.  On return of proceedings of the Bench of Magistrates, Parramatta.

6/12/1827: COF.

John spent time at the Westernport Settlement (now Corinella, Victoria) between 1826-28.  He was sent back to Sydney from the Settlement because of ill-health.

D Wong on 29th November, 2012 wrote of James Crow:

James Crow/Crowe was transported for stealing 1 watch, and note and cash to the amount of £20.  He was sentenced to death.

11/6/1821: On list of prisoners transported to Newcastle per ‘Governor Bligh’.

25/12/1825: Letters relating to Moreton Bay and Queensland.
James Crow-Lord Eldon-Fencer & slab splitter.

12/11/1830: COF.

Brian Wills-Johnson on 29th November, 2012 wrote of William Tizzard:

This is most likely the “Bill Tissard” recorded by Allan Frank (Ned) BAGLEY in his unpublished reminisences, which state:
“Elsewhere the name of Bill Tissard crops up. He was either a ticket-of-leave or expiree who worked as a shepherd for grandfather [Thomas James BAGLEY 1865-1940] in the early days. He explained his trip to the Swan River settlement in the following way. He had been in prison and released and was standing in front of a jeweller’s window when a policeman who knew him came by and asked him what he was going to do for a living. He said he thought he’d open a jeweller’s shop and that night he did - with a brick. He got away with it but unfortunately a woman friend, in today’s terms, grassed on him and he was transported. That little episode appears to have soured him towards women in general and he was quite happy with the loneliness of a shepherds life. [In the South Greenough region of Western Australia’s mid-West]

D Wong on 29th November, 2012 wrote of Amos Meek:

No records found

D Wong on 29th November, 2012 wrote of John Belcher:

John Belcher was 16 years old when transported for Cutting and Maiming J. James, of Westerleigh.  He was sentenced to death.

8/9/1821: On list of all persons victualled from H M Magazines.
15/11/1825: Petition for mitigation of sentence.

1830: TOL Sydney
16/10/1824: CP

13/5/1828: Permission to marry Jane Chadwicke, age 15, born in the Colony. Free.
John was 27 years old and a TOL holder.

5/11/1835: Convict Death Register - died aged 35 at Parramatta.

Then 28/4/1837: Victorian Gazette: CP at the Principal Superintendent of Convicts Office.

It doesn’t make sense, but I thought it may make sense to someone.

Lorraine Halliwell on 29th November, 2012 wrote of Elizabeth White:

she was at the female factory and married there

Lorraine Halliwell on 29th November, 2012 wrote of Samuel Torr:

he married eliza white at the felmale factory 21-11-1842.they had a son george born 2-7-1845,george married selina salt in 1868 at port fairy where samuel settled samuel was my great great grandfather my father was norman torr born23-9-1916 his mother was dorothy nene torr

D Wong on 29th November, 2012 wrote of Henry Ganderton:

Henry Ganderton was transported for stealing clothes. He was sentenced to death along with Isaac Patterson (VDL & NSW per Dromedary 1820), Thomas Patterson, John Williams, and John Walker.

8/7/1822: Woodcutter for Government House. On return of proceedings of the Bench of Magistrates, Parramatta; as Ganditon.

4/9/1824: Attached to the Domain Party. On return of convicts received into or discharged from Parramatta Barracks.

1831: TOL Parramatta.
1/11/1838: CP

1837: Married Mary Fitzsimons at St John’s, Parramatta.
The had 1 child Harriet born 1838 and died 1855 aged 16.

Mary died at Parramatta in 1862 aged 62.

No death date for Henry but he was alive in October 1846.  Both he and Mary donated to the Irish Relief fund.

D Wong on 29th November, 2012 wrote of Isaac Patterson:

Isaac was 23 years old when transported for stealing wearing apparel, Thomas Patterson, John Williams, Henry Ganderton and John Williams were found guilty of the same crime, and all were sentenced to death, on the 17/5/1816.

Isaac arrived in VDL.
9/5/1820: Absconded into the woods - 50 lashes.
2/10/1821: Absconded into the woods, for a longer time - 100 lashes.

22/10/1821: Prisoner arrived from Hobart, per ‘Jane’ to be received into Sydney gaol.

1/11/1821: On list of prisoners transported to Newcastle per ‘Sally’.

7/8/1823: Isaac Patterson, 26, London, 5’6” hazel eyes, sandy hair, sallow complexion.  Absconded from Newcastle.

The Sydney Gazette advertised for him until January 1825.  No further records found.

Carol Axton-Thompson on 29th November, 2012 wrote of Patrick Lynch:

Patrick was aged 23yrs on arrival in Van Diemens Land. Convict no. 43917.

5’6”; fresh complexion; dk brown hair; blue eyes; labourer; Roman Catholic; single; can read. Native Place: Co. Cork.
Brother - Dennis
Sisters - Margaret & Aley.

Station Gang: Buckland, 15 mths.

Some minor misconduct.

Ticket of Leave 25/09/1849
Application for Permission to Marry - 22/04/1851 to Helen mcLaughlin (convict per St. Vincent). Approved, but no registration is recorded on Pioneer Index (although not all are on this).

Conditional Pardon 30/03/1852.

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