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Recent Submissions

Dulcie Stewart on 29th May, 2012 wrote of Robert Scothern:

Name: Mary Ann Pickering
Age: 14
Birth Year: Abt 1818
Spouse: Robert Scothern
Request Status: Refused
Date of Permission/Refusal: 2 Apr 1832
Source: Registers of convicts’ applications to marry. Kingswood, New South Wales, Australia: State Records Authority of New South Wales. Series 12212; Item: 4/4512; Page: 16.

Anonymous on 29th May, 2012 wrote of John Mepsted:

John Mepsted/Mepstead was transported along with his brother Richard (Mellish)
for housebreaking.  John could read and write, had blue eyes, brown hair, ruddy complexion, perpendicular scar on upper lip right side, small scar at one corner, great number of letters on right arm, woman, anchor and other marks on left arm.  Sun moon and star on breast, small scar over right eye.

4/8/1829: Absconded from John Eales, Hunter’s River.
29/7/1836: Absconded from Richard Jones.
22/3/1837: Assigned to William Jones, Patterson.
30/4/1842: TOL Paterson
25/3/1844: Married Elizabeth Mary Ann Lowe in NSW
31/9/1847: CP

1856: John emigrated to USA on the Jenny Ford from Sydney to San Pedro, California.

11/7/1860 Census San Bernadino: John age 54, with wife and 6 children.  They had 14 children altogether.

1893-95: San Bernadino Directory: Farmer res. Mt. Vernon.

6/9/1894: John died and is buried in the Pioneer Cemetery, San Bernadino, California.

Robert Cox on 29th May, 2012 wrote of Charles Routley (junior):

Routley murdered six people in Tasmania 1824-1828 and was hanged in 1830. See "Baptised in Blood: The shocking secret history of Sorell" by Robert Cox (2010).

Robyn Brydon on 29th May, 2012 wrote of David Pugh:

and theft

Anonymous on 28th May, 2012 wrote of Olive King:

Olive King married James Lefroy (per eliza 1832) in 1841` at St. James Sydney.  Tfhey had 3 children, Jane 1841m James 1843, Sarah 1845.

17/5/1854 COF

Olive died in Newtown.

Anonymous on 28th May, 2012 wrote of William Hardy:

My Great Great Grandfather - looking for his parents - married Ann Goodwin 6.12.1836 Hobart Tasmania - 5 children -  John, Frederick, Thomas, Robert William my great grandfather and Edward.

Anonymous on 28th May, 2012 wrote of Ellen Cocklin:

Born: Cork, Ireland.

Conviction: Middlesex Gaol Delivery 17 Jan 1828.
Trial: London Central Criminal Court 21 Feb 1828.
Guilty: aged 31 years. Sentence: Transported for 7 years for stealing, on the 17th of January , 1 coat, value 4s., and 1 waistcoat, value 1s., the goods of Martin McGraary , and 1 cloak, value 4s., and 2 flat-irons, value 1s. , the goods of Mary Hogan.

Departure 9 Jun 1828 London on Convict ship: Competitor (2).
Married convict John Wright: Jul 1829 and followed by birth of son Daniel Wright in 1830.

Anonymous on 27th May, 2012 wrote of Benjamin Bishop:

8/9/1821: Employed at Grose Farm. On list of persons victualled.
30/9/1822: On list of prisoners assigned.
Jan.1824: On return of Settler’s men punished in the County of Westmoreland.
24/11/1825: On return of prisoners tried before the Supreme Court of NSW.
7/12/1825: Convicted of being accessory before the fact, sentence of death commuted to transportation to Moreton Bay for life. (Colonial Secretary Papers)

8/12/1825: Robert Storey, William Percival, Benjamin Bishop and Nathaniel ?? were indicted for shooting at Mr. R. Thompson on the 14th July last.  Benjamin was a servant on the farm of a Mr Rankin near Bathurst and a neighbour of Mr Thompson.  Robert Storey worked for Mr Thompson and set fire to his house and then they tried to shoot him.  Benjamin was an accessory to this.  Benjamin was gound guilty and was sentenced to transportation to Moreton Bay for life.

In 1826 he is listed as clearing ground on Moreton Bay.

In the NSW Gov. Convict Records is states that Bemjamin died on Moreton Bay in 1830.  However, in the 7/6/1836 publication of the Gazette they still have him listed in the Absconders’s list, so maybe he just escaped.

Anonymous on 27th May, 2012 wrote of John Hyden:

Alias ‘Big Jack’
Spent about a year on the run in the George’s River area as a Bushranger after escaping an Iron Gang.
Worked for the Imlay’s at Two Fold Bay.

Anonymous on 27th May, 2012 wrote of James Glossop:

James Glossop was indicted for theft, he stole a purse and 32/4d., from William Brunt.

On arrival James was assigned to Alexander McLeod at Luskintyre.

1837: Absconded from the custody of a constable on his way to the House of Correction, Sydney, since March 16, 1836. Description: 31 years old, from Leicester, 5’ 1/2" tall, ruddy complexion, brown hair, grey eyes, crucifixion on upper part, man, woman, anchor and other marks lower part of right arm, crucifixion upper part of left, woman, flowerpot and letters, lower part of left arm.

Anonymous on 27th May, 2012 wrote of Elizabeth Smith:

Spouse Henry Smith… not sure what happened to him.  She married Samuel Freeman in 1811, the year after she arrived in sydney.

Anonymous on 27th May, 2012 wrote of Elizabeth Smith:

married Samuel Freeman (1786 - 1855) convict, who arrived on the Earl Cornwallis in 1908, sentenced to Life. Received Pardon in 1815 and a land grant in the Richmond/windosr area (?) of NSW.  They had 9 children.

Anonymous on 27th May, 2012 wrote of Henry Scroop:

It appears this Henry was in an orphanage sponsored by a scroope. Henry later adopted the name SCROOP as he did not know or have a surname of his own.

Anonymous on 27th May, 2012 wrote of William Weed:

William Weed was transported for housebreaking.
23/4/1836: The Governament was giving a Conditional Pardon or 20 pounds for information leading to his apprehension.  He had raped a married woman named Catherine Ferueu/Terueu at O’Conner Plains.  William then absconded from a Constable and Escort and he was described as: 5’6" tall, fair and freckled complexion, brown hair, greenish eyes, 2 red hearts, M M W C S on upper, sun, crucifix and 2 angels on lower right arm.  Man and woman, heart, April 5th 1832 on ujpper left arm, rear back of left hand.  He was protestand and could read and write.

William was tried at the Supreme Court, Sydney, on 23/2/1838 and sentenced to 14 years further transportation.

1838: Sent to Norfolk Island
27/9/1844: Arrived in VDL per Lady Franklin from Norfolk after 6 years and 6 months.

William’s trade then was a Labourer and he was assigned to the Buckland Gang for 1 year and 9 months.

Emerged from Gang 1845

5/12/1845: TOL
22/8/1848: CP

Adele Elias on 27th May, 2012 wrote of Mark Brown:

Mark Brown is the brother of Catherine Biggs she was transported on the Brothers, 20 November 1823.

Anonymous on 27th May, 2012 wrote of Albert Thomas Skipworth:

In UK married to Elizabeth Penson, had quite a few children. ?? married again in Australia ??.
He still has a living descendant in Australia and others in Lincolnshire U

Anonymous on 27th May, 2012 wrote of Peter Jobbins:

Peters son John also involved in the sheep incident. John Jobbins stole the sheep , worth 4 shillings,and gave it to his father who was sentenced to death but was reduced to 14 years transportation.After 14 years he came back to England and died (I believe) in 1840 in Whitechapel 2nd qtr; B.M.D. REF 11 348.He was 75.John stole clothing, value 38 shillings and joined Peter in AUSTRALIA for 7 YEARS.He remained in Australia and died 1n 1855.

Anonymous on 26th May, 2012 wrote of William Hipsly:

William Hipsly was 45 years old when he arrived in VDL. He had been married to Elizabeth Lide and had children.  He came from Yatton.

Goal report: Broke out of goal.
Hulk report: Indifferent.

Previous convictions for housebreaking, stealing a stick of wood,, v 15d., 5 weeks.  Once escaped from Ilchester goal and caught the next day.

Described as:5’10 1/2" tall, light grey hazel eyes, scar on centre forehead, long scar back of forefinger of left hand.  Was last working for Johnathan Hawkes a farmer at Yatton.

1830-35: Assigned to Mr David Gibson.

1836: TOL

30/7/1840: CP

5/4/1839: Misconduct in indecently exposing his person - stocks 3 hours.

Anonymous on 26th May, 2012 wrote of Francis Turner:

Francis Turner was 20 years old when transported.  He coud read, was Catholic, married, no prior convictions, 5’8" tall, ruddy freckled complexion, native place: wigan, brown hair, hazel eyes, 7 dots and F on left arm.  Anchor on left hand.

Francis died at Moreton Bay 7/4/1829 (Convict Death Register)

Anonymous on 26th May, 2012 wrote of Clara Johanna Kimpton:

Clara is buried at Braidwood Cemetery with her brother Abraham George Kimpton and Elizabeth Lockwood nee Twyford.

Anonymous on 26th May, 2012 wrote of Thomas Bull:

Thomas Bull was 22 years old when transported.  Thomas could read, protestant, single, 2 previous convictions, 5’8" tall, ruddy freckled complexion, navite place/buckinghamshire, grey eyes, small mark corner left eye.

1839: TOL Goulburn
1846: Recommended CP
10/4/1847: CP.

John Harper on 26th May, 2012 wrote of Edward Burney:

Edward and his wife Ellen (nee Kavanagh)and their first seven children settled in Canterbury, New zealand in 1873 or 1874. By 1875 they were living at Hurunui where another three children were born. The part of Hurunui in which they lived was known from the early 1880s as Medbury. Ellen Burney died there 8 December 1894.

Anonymous on 26th May, 2012 wrote of James Barrie:

James Barrie was 40 years old when he arrived in VDL.  He was transported for receiving handkerchiefs and shawls, had prior convictions for housebreaking, 5’3 3/4" tall, single, reads and writes, presbyterian and a shoemaker by trade.

26/8/1853 Married Elizabeth Duncan (free) and they had at least 2 male children.

12/2/1853: TOL

16/6/1860: On the electoral roll District of Launceston.
Nov. 1860: Living in Patterson Street, adjoining St. Andrew’s church.
16/2/1865: Issued with a Hawker’s Licence Launceston.

12/5/1870: Fined 5s., and 7s6d. for allowing his chimney to catch fire (Launceston)

Died Launceston in 1873.  Elizabeth then married John Collins also in 1873.

Anonymous on 26th May, 2012 wrote of Isaac Solomons:

Isaac Solomons was indicted for stealing 1 watch, value 26s., the goods of George Smith, from his person.

Isaac could read, was Jewish, single, had 2 former convictions, 5’7" tall, ruddy complexion, native place was London, brown hair, hazel eyes, several scars on chest.  Scar on right corner of mouth.

13/1/1831: On list of runaways apprehended. Absconded from No. 6 road gang.

1840: TOL Liverpool

17/3/1842: COF

Anonymous on 26th May, 2012 wrote of Matilda Allgood:

Matilda was 18 or 19 on arrival in VDL.  She was born in Battersea, had prior convictions for stealing, small scar under her chin, small scar on her nose, brown hair, 4’4 3/4" tall, single, could read and write.

On 14/9/1846 Matilda got approval to marry David Quinn, a free man, and a stonemason.

Matilda had 1 female child in 1843, then had 5 children with David, 2 having died at an early age.

On 10/6/1853 Matilda died from suffocation from the disease of the liver and lungs.  She had 3 children with her, her husband having deserted her and gone to the gold diggings.  Matilda was prone to drinking and had been complaining of pain in her rib area.

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