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Recent Submissions

Anonymous on 20th May, 2012 wrote of Ann Green:

Ann married James Newman 11/4/1842 at Bothwell, Tasmania.  They had 7 children and Ann is buried in St Andrew’s Cemetery Evandale, Tasmania, Australia

David Bromwich on 20th May, 2012 wrote of Elizabeth Burnett:

Certificate of Freedom 26 Sep 1844
Married George Wilon Perrerall
Convicted for robbing a Thomas Cook of nine pounds ten shillings in gold and some small silver coins
Born Caernavon, Gwynedd, North Wales
Died 7 Aug 1846 The Falls, West Maitland, NSW, Australia

Lynette Burke on 19th May, 2012 wrote of John Snell:

John Snell and Jane Grant were my GGG Grandparents I am looking for other relatives my name is Lynette Burke

Anonymous on 19th May, 2012 wrote of William Welsh:

William Welsh was 17 years old when transported.  He was described as: Protestant, single, reads and writes, no previous convictions, 4’4" tall, ruddy complexion, native place; Salford, brown hair, dark brown eyes, WW on right arm.  Ring on second finger of right hand.

16/11/1831: COF

Anonymous on 19th May, 2012 wrote of George Williams:

George Williams was indicted for receiving stolen propoerty.

George could read and write, was Catholic, married with 2 children, 5’5" tall, freckled complexion, no previous convictions, Native place; Egham, brown to sandy hair, brown eyes, Woman & JC, heart & GO on left arm.

5/7/1832: Assigned to William Hutchinson, Sydney.
1832: TOL Windsor
1838: TOL: Maitland
29/5/1839: CP.

Anonymous on 19th May, 2012 wrote of William Henry Flowers:

William Henry Flowers died on 19/12/1841 aged 22 years in the Norfold Island Hospital.

Anonymous on 19th May, 2012 wrote of Joseph Flowers:

Joseph Flowers was 19 when indicted for stealing 36 six penny pieces and 12 half pennies the property of Elizabeth Harlow of No.8 Duck-lane, westminster.  He was in the company of William Royston(florentia 1827) both were sentencened to death.

22/1/1829: Absconded: 23, 5’2.75" tall, blue eyes,flaxen hair, pale pock pitted complexion, from No.2 Iron Gang.

18/8/1829: On list of Runaways apprehended.
1838: TOL Windsor district.
1849: Recommended CP.

Anonymous on 19th May, 2012 wrote of William Royston:

William Royston was 15 years old when indicted for stealing from Elizabeth Harlow of No.8 Duck-lane, westminster, 35 six penny pieces and 12 half pennies, her property.  He was in the company of Joseph Flowers (marquis of Hastings) and they were both sentenced to death.

1836: TOL Yass district.
1/2/1843: Recommended CP.

Leonie Freeman on 19th May, 2012 wrote of William Freeman:

Born Freshfield Somerset, was convicted aged 13 years. On arrival, William, "Billy", was assigned to John Hawdon, JP. of "Burgalia" Bateman’s Bay. Appears he was on the first overland trip by Joseph Hawdon, John’s brother,to SA with sheep and cattle. William became a Cobb and Co driver, butcher and owned a farm at Macclesfield. He married Sarah Stacey also from Somerset in Adelaide 15 September 1840. She had come out on the "Charles Kerr" 1840 with her family. William was convicted and jailed a second time for being accessory to his wife burning down their daughter’s house.

Anonymous on 19th May, 2012 wrote of Thomas Carver:

Thomas Carver was transported for obtaining goods under false pretences.
Hulk report: Orderly.  Goal Report: Orderly - good connections. He was single.

Description: grey eyes, dark brown hair:bald on top, 5’6" tall, aged 30 on arrival in VDL, and was born in Marlebone, London.

1830: Assigned to Mr. Lightfoot.
18/12/1830:Lightfoot/Neglecting to attend muster at church on Sunday the 5th December inst. - admonished.

6/6/1831: Died at Hobart Town.

Anonymous on 19th May, 2012 wrote of William Maclean:

William McClean, "Florentia, died of a gunshop wound on board the Government brig Phillip NJ aged 23 on 21/6/1842

Roberta Fleming on 19th May, 2012 wrote of Elizabeth Dalton:

She had a daughter born on January 26 1788 whilst the ship was at anchor in Sydney Cove. The daughter was fathered by a sailor on the ship.
Elizabeth was also known as Burley. Her Daughter lived only 8 years. Elizabeth married Doctor Arnell and had several other children. She named a later daughter after her daughter that died.

Anonymous on 19th May, 2012 wrote of Edward McClean:

Edward McClean was transported for stealing a metal box, money etc., he was 33 years old on arrival in VDL and his native place was Waterford.

Description: 5’8" tall, dark blue eyes, light brown hair, single.
Goal Report:bad Hulk report:good
1831 muster: Public Works
1832 muster: Assigned to Mr. Bonney
1833 muster: Assigned to Mr. T. Scott
1835 muster: Assigned to Mr. J. Leake.

16/4/1831: He was a Constable/drunkedness - fined 10s.
7/12/1831: Constable/Drunk las night when on duty - to be dismissed from his office and suspended from duty until his pleasure be ??
9/8/1833: Constable/Drunk and allowing a female prisoner in his charge to get drunk also, having repeatedly been warned as to his habits of drunkedness - is to be forwarded to the Road Party at Bagdad there kept for 12 months.
29/12/1834: Being drunk in a Public House on the Sabbath - 1 month in a Road Party and then if well conducted to be sent to the Gang, Green Ponds and then never again to be employed in the Survey Department.
1835: Absent from muster - Road Party and 1 month to be added to his sentence.
13/6/1836: Leake/Insolence - 12 months hard labour at Spring Hill.

Anonymous on 18th May, 2012 wrote of Joseph Clarke:

Joseph Clarke was transported for stealing a handkerchief from Mr. Kilgone.  He had a previous court appearance for suspicion of Street Robbery.  He was 19 when he arrived in VDL.

Described as: Single, dark brown eyes, reddish brown hair, 5’6.25" tall, and was working as a clerk in his father’s counting house.

31/5/1830: Clerk Eng. Dept.-Absent from church yesterday morning - admonished.
1830-1833: Clerk in the Public Works.
27/5/1836: Neglect of duty.
27/3/1837: Being in the military canteens - admonished.

1835: TOL
9/11/1837: CP
6/3/1841: Free Pardon.

Robert Richardson on 18th May, 2012 wrote of William Conway:

cornelius conway married sarah ann greenslade in 1857 at port albert, victoria.
am interesred to contact graham conway to hear details re william conway becoming cornelius conway…an intrigued.
robert richardson

Anonymous on 18th May, 2012 wrote of Benjamin Clarke:

Benjamin Clarke was 25 years old when he arrived in VDL.  He was described as: 5’6.5" tall, grey eyes, dark red hair,single, 3 deep pockmarks on forehead, long scar inside of right arm, born in Asfield near Gloster.

Woodford Medical Journal: Benjamin Clarke, Rheumatismus, put on sick list 10/7/1828, discharged 13/7/1828.

14/11/1836: TOL
20/2/1841: CP

Anonymous on 18th May, 2012 wrote of John Wright:

Bord in Exeter, Devon, England btwn 10 Mar 1797 & 9 Mar 1798.
Convict application to marry Elizabeth Alexander 9 Mar 1837.

Anonymous on 18th May, 2012 wrote of William Carter:

William Carter was transported for stealing hay.  He was 34 years old, married, protestant, brown hair, grey eyes, 5’6" tall, and last worked for a Mr Martin, a farmer, near Rumford.

William was killed by natives in 9/5/1837 in Tasmania.

C. Cupit on 18th May, 2012 wrote of Gabriel Thompson:

Transported to Australia 1824 on Mangles 3. Certificate of Freedom 1831.
Lived, died in Ultimo Sydney.Married Elizabeth Davies 1831, Rosanna Foster/Ball 1851

Anonymous on 18th May, 2012 wrote of John Oddey:

John Oddey, sometimes ODDY, was transported for stealing a heifer.  His alias was John Bond.

11/9/1848L TOL Passport: Newcastle bench.

10/10/1851L CP

Anonymous on 18th May, 2012 wrote of John Bond:

John Bond died on `8/4/1841 aged 22 years Parish/Sydney General Hospital.

Anonymous on 18th May, 2012 wrote of James Richardson:

Was Mayor of Plattsburg.NSW; first wife Mary Gilmore,second wife C Streetfield

Douglas Woods on 18th May, 2012 wrote of Sydney Cock:

Full name is Sydney Smith Cock and was brother to Anthony Cock, transported at the same time.

Anonymous on 17th May, 2012 wrote of Richard Barrett:

He was single, his convict number was 78 and he was 18 one he was sent to Australia (New Hollande)

Anonymous on 17th May, 2012 wrote of Thomas Pope:

Thomas Pope died in September 1837 in the parish of Patterson.

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