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Eric Harry Daly on 8th January, 2013 wrote of Ann Owston:

Ann Owston was sentenced to death at the 9 August 1787 Croydon Surrey Assizes for the theft of eight yards of muslin from a shop in St. Georges parish, Southwark. She was reprieved soon afterwards to seven years transportation and was held in gaol until about April 1789, when she embarked upon the Lady Juliana, transport, age given as 33.
Eight weeks after landing at Sydney Cove Owston was among mostly female convicts sent to Norfolk Island, arriving 7 August 1790. In July 1791 Owston was issued with a pig under Major Ross’s plan to encourage convicts to become self-sufficient. The First Fleet convict William Blunt (b. c. 1756, tried Old Bailey) received a pig on the same day. Her position on the list after his name indicates that their association dates about this time. In July Blunt was recorded supporting one other person on a one acre allotment at Sydney Town, the island’s main settlement. They were probably still subjected to convict discipline and required to devote part of their time to government tasks; but most convicts in this position were allowed a shorter working week to enable them to attend to their land. By the end of the year the couple had moved to a 12 acre farm at Grenville Vale lot no.20.In June 1794 they were described as a childless married couple; they had probably been among the many couples married by the Rev. Richard Johnson when he briefly visited the island in November 1791 with no record of the individual ceremonies surviving, Blunt was recorded as a constable in 1805 and died on the island in April 1807. The couple appear to have separated, however, and Owston returned to Sydney some time during the years 1797-1801.
In 1806, she was reported as childless and a resident of New South Wales. She was living alone in a house in the Hawkesbury district when she signed a deposition with a mark X on 15 May 1810 stating that she had been raped by Lawrence Finland at her home. He was acquitted when she failed to appear at his trial at the Sydney Court of Criminal Jurisdiction. Her burial on 17 September 1811 was recorded in the register of St. Phillips, Sydney.

Eric Harry Daly on 7th January, 2013 wrote of Mary Newton:

Mary Newton, tried on the 7 Aug 1787 at Warwick Assizes for privately stealing goods from a shop at Birmingham, sentenced to death but later commuted to 7 years transportation.
Mary married Patrick Burn on 29 July 1790 at St Phillips Sydney. When her husband died in July 1791 she held a wake for him which was attended by a number of his fellow Irishmen. The hut was burnt down during the revelry.
Mary had a business as a baker and victualler in Sydney and in February 1807 left the colony and returned in 1810 on the ‘Indian’ as a free settler. In 1811 she married George Parsons a musician on 1 April 1811 at St Phillips Sydney and died a month later.

Eric Harry Daly on 7th January, 2013 wrote of Sarah Natchell:

Sarah Natchell sentenced to 7 years transportation 22 Apr 1789 at the Old Bailey for theft of 10 pieces of linen cloth and £45/12/6 in money.
She had a child to the son of her employers who was a leutenant in the army, Edward Morgan.
When her sentence expired in April 1796 Sarah received permission to depart the colony on the merchant ship ‘Susan’ which sailed from Sydney, for Canton in China on 8 August 1796. It is probable that she returned to England after reaching China.

D Wong on 7th January, 2013 wrote of William Appleyard:

William Appleyard was 34 years old when tried for throwing down arms (he belonged to the 59th Regiment).  William landed in VDL but was sent on to NSW.

William was 5’8” tall, pale complexion, dark brown hair, blue eyes, tattoos, and he could read and write and was single.  His father was John and he had 6 sisters and came from Leeds.

William was assigned to J. Warner, Yass.
And to Robert and Charles Campbell, Duntroon.

He worked as a shepherd/labourer and was 5 times punished for selling necessaries and being drunk, he received altogether 1000 lashes.

9/8/1864: William died aged 65 and was buried at St. John’s, Reid ACT.

D Wong on 7th January, 2013 wrote of John Adams:

John Adams was 21 years old on arrival in NSW.  John was single, native of Isle of Wight.

1843: TOL Patrick Plains.

11/3/1844: TOL Passport. On the recommendation of the Singleton Bench.
Also on 31/7/1845, 23/9/1846, 5/11/1847.

1/9/1848: CP

Eric Harry Daly on 7th January, 2013 wrote of Mary Mullenden:

Mary Mullenden, sentenced to 7 years transportation,  27 Aug 1788 at Chelmsford Essex for stealing a large quantity of clothing.
She married David Dunstan/Densham on 17 Aug 1794 at St Phillips Sydney and died 1836 in Wilberforce NSW.

D Wong on 7th January, 2013 wrote of James Beesley:

James Beesley was convicted on the 31/12/1833 for stealing clothes.  This trip of the Lady Kennaway departed from Cork, Ireland although it had picked up convicts from England at the start of the journey.

James was 20 years old on arrival in VDL.  He was 5’9 1/2” tall, single, fair complexion, had many tattoos, grey eyes, dark brown hair, and was born in Upton.

1835 Muster: PW

9/12/1841: TOL
28/2/1844: TOL and recommended for CP
15/3/1845: CP
11/8/1846: TOL Cancelled.

11/1/1848: Free Certificate.

Eric Harry Daly on 7th January, 2013 wrote of Elizabeth Moody:

Elizabeth Moody was sentenced to 7 years transportation at Bristol in Jan 1788 for stealing £17. She married Joseph Prattern/Parton a soldier on the 24 Dec 1790 at St Phillips Sydney.
Elizabeth died 26 Feb 1796, buried as Elizabeth Pardon; a soldiers wife.
Her husband died 5 Apr 1797, buried as Joseph Pardon; a soldier.
Elizabeth had one child Sarah Parton, she was christened on 25 December 1793

Eric Harry Daly on 7th January, 2013 wrote of Isabella Manson:

Isabella Manson was sentenced to seven years transportation at the February 1788 Old Bailey Sessions for the theft of four coats, one waistcoat, a pair of breeches, a woolen nightgown, a petticoat, an apron and a pillow case. Manson and a man with the suspiciously common name of John smith claimed to be married when they rented a furnished room from a watchmaker in Dean Street, near Shadwell Church, for five weeks prior to 12 January 1788. They left without giving notice and were arrested when pawn tickets for some of the missing items were found on Manson. At a committal hearing at Shadwell Public Office, Manson, who was able to sign her name, said John Smith was innocent of the whole. She claimed that the landlord’s daughter had given her the items to pawn to obtain cash for lottery tickets while her mother was away. Asked why she had not mentioned that on her arrest, she replied I was flurried.
At Sydney on 12 July 1790, less than six weeks after landing in the colony, Mason married the First Fleet convict John Rowe (b1757, tried Cornwall), both were literate, signing their names to the register.

Paul F. Robinson on 7th January, 2013 wrote of Samuel Hite:

Incomplete life story available by email

Carol Axton-Thompson on 7th January, 2013 wrote of Ragoo Ragoo:

Transported on the ‘Timbo’.

Dorothy Small on 7th January, 2013 wrote of Thomas Drewery:

The Hull Packet newspaper printed an article ‘Thomas Drewery’s case’ on 10 December 1847. In the article is a summary of events including a letter from the Tasmanian convict John Webster-who confessed to the stealing for which Drewery had been transported.

Eric Harry Daly on 7th January, 2013 wrote of Hannah Jones:

Tried as Ann Pleasant Jones at the Old Bailey on 18 Apr 1787 for violent theft, highway robbery, she was convicted on a lesser charge of theft for which she received 7 years transportation. She was sent to Norfolk Island soon after arriving in Sydney.
June 1794 - Recorded as being single and childless. She was supporting herself on Norfolk Island by washing & sewing
November 1794 - Returned to Sydney from Norfolk Island
May 1804 - Purchased a house from a Mary CARROLL for £3/10/-
1806 - Mustered as self employed and with one female child. She was again single by this time
1814 - Recorded as being single and supporting two children

29 March 1817 - Advertised in the Sydney Gazette that she intended to leave the colony

Eric Harry Daly on 7th January, 2013 wrote of Susannah Hunt:

Susannah Hunt nee Barnes was sentenced to 7 years transportation for theft of 8 yards of muslin on 7 Mar 1789 at Ipswich Suffolk.
Her maiden name was Barnes and she married John Hunt on the 22 Dec 1772 at Ipswich Suffolk.
She married William Mitchell (a seaman stranded after the Sirius was wrecked) in Nov 1791 Norfolk Island.
1794 - Appointed as Second teacher at the school on Norfolk Island
1805 - Susannah became the first teacher in Van Diemens Land
26 December 1807 - William, Susannah and 3 children went to Van Diemens Land on the ‘Porpoise’. William had been overseer at the Orphanage on Norfolk Island and Susannah had worked there as a teacher. The children they took to Van Diemens Land were adopted.Two of the adopted children were Ann Adams (b: 1797) and Maria Adams

Eric Harry Daly on 7th January, 2013 wrote of Ann Hill:

Ann Hill was sentenced to 7 years transportation at Gloucester in Mar 1789 for possession of stolen goods, she died 15 May 1806 on Norfolk Island.

Eric Harry Daly on 7th January, 2013 wrote of Ann Harper:

Ann Harper was sentenced to 7 years transportation at Bristol Somerset on 18 Feb 1788 for stealing a silver jug and spoons. She married Jacob Bellet (Scarborough 1788) Nov 1791 on Norfolk Island. Ann died 10 Sep 1842 in Port Sorrell, Tasmania.

Eric Harry Daly on 7th January, 2013 wrote of Elizabeth Griffin:

Elizabeth Griffin nee Macomick was sentenced to 7 years transportation at Exeter Devon on 8 Jan 1787 for stealing a great coat. Her husband was Richard Griffin, they married 8 Jul 1770 at St Edmunds, Exeter, Devon, Uk. Although Elizabeth had a child with her, her husband did not follow her to Australia.

Eric Harry Daly on 7th January, 2013 wrote of Sarah Gregory:

Sarah Gregory was sentenced to 7 years transportation at hertford in Mar 1789 for stealing 4 pigs. She died 20 Apr 1807 on Norfolk Island.

Eric Harry Daly on 7th January, 2013 wrote of Mary Gosling:

Mary Gosling was sentenced to 7 years transportation at Warwick Assizes on 2 Apr 1788 for shoplifting. She married Joseph Morley (Friendship) on 19 Dec 1790 at St Johns Parramatta.
July 1791 - Mary and her husband Joseph Morley   moved to a 50 acre land grant at Prospect
1807 - They sold their farm to Joseph’s younger cousin (also called Joseph Morley who arrived in the colony on the ‘Surprise’ in 1790
Joseph remained a constable at Prospect until his dismissal in 1820. After Joseph’s death in 1822 Mary lived in the household of the younger Joseph Morley.

Eric Harry Daly on 7th January, 2013 wrote of Elizabeth Goslin:

Elizabeth Goslin(g) was sentenced to 7 years transportation on 24 Oct 1787 at the Old Bailey for stealing a cotton bed quilt and a linen sheet, she married Daniel Spencer (Charlotte 1788) on 26 Sep 1790 at Rose Hill, NSW.

Eric Harry Daly on 6th January, 2013 wrote of Elizabeth Farrell:

Elizabeth Farrell, sentenced to 7 years transportation for theft of a large quantity of clothing and linen. She was tried on 23 May 1787 at the Old Bailey.
Elizabeth married John Hall Nov 1791 on Norfolk Island. She died 23 May at Hobart town.

Notes on Elizabeth Farrell:
Other Names - Nance FEREL (named as such in the 1822 autobiography pf the ‘Lady Juliana’ steward John NICOL. He considered her to be one of the most insubordinate and troublesome women on the ship.
12 March 1789 - ransferred from Newgate Gaol to the ‘Lady Juliana’ transport. She was described as being 28 years old
Sent to Norfolk Island from Port Jackson.
1789 - Following a number of Petty thefts on board the ‘Lady Juliana’ and a number of incidents in which Elizabeth abused some of the ship’s officers she was compelled to wear a barrell with holes cut for her head and limbs (this was referred to as a wooden jacket). She was released from this after tiring of it’s weight and awkwardness and promised amendment of her behaviour. Just a few days later she was again in trouble and was ordered a dozen lashes with the cat’o'nine tails
August 1790 - Sent to Norfolk Island. Shortly after arriving on Norfolk Island she began living with First Fleet convict John HALL on a one acre farm near Sydney Town (the Island’s main settlement)
1794 - Listed as married and childless
26 December 1807 - Left Norfolk Island, with her husband, on the ‘Porpoise’, bound for Van Diemens Land. Elizabeth’s husband was granted 50 acres at at Queenborough, Hobart shortly after arrival

20 November 1817 - Elizabeth’s husband John died

Carol Axton-Thompson on 6th January, 2013 wrote of Hannah Whitcombe:

Hannah was convicted at Wells, Somertshire on 31/12/1850 of housebreaking. Previous convictions. 7yr transportation sentence. Sent to Van Diemen’s Land on the ‘Aurora’, arriving 1851.

Native Place: Gloucestershire
Married, 4 children. Husband Jasper ...... (unclear if Whitcombe is her married or maiden name)
Sisters: Ann & Louisa
Presbyterian; 39yrs of age; plain cook/laundress; 5’3 3/4”; black hair; hazel eyes; can read.
Ship surgeon’s report: exemplary

Assignment 1851: A. Crombie, Macquarie St. Hobart.

20/06/1853: married George Self (convict per ‘Mayda’) at St. Georges Church, Hobart. (remarriage was permitted if living in the colony)
21/02/1854: Ticket of Leave
22/07/1856: Conditional Pardon
31/12/1857: Free by Servitude

Children, born VDL:
Charlotte Self b.06/11/1853 Hobart
George Henry Self b. 17/03/1859 Hobart (mother’s name on Index is incorrectly recorded as “Wickton”)

Hannah died 03/11/1878 Hobart, aged 62yrs.
George Self died 01/06/1893 Hobart aged 63yrs

Carol Axton-Thompson on 6th January, 2013 wrote of Eliza Williams:

Cause of death recorded by ship surgeon - dysenteria. Aged 28yrs.

Eric Harry Daly on 6th January, 2013 wrote of Elizabeth Drury:

Elizabeth Drury was convicted at Lincoln in 1787 of obtaining goods under false pretences. She cohabited with Joseph Short, they had one child Joanna H Short born 1792. Elizabeth Drury died 8 May 1793 and is buried in the Old Sydney Burial Ground.

Carol Axton-Thompson on 6th January, 2013 wrote of Eliza Wilson:

Eliza Wilson (2nd listed on ship ‘Aurora’) was convicted at Warwick on 03/08/1850 for Highway Robbery at Birmingham. 10yr transportation sentence.

Native Place: Brighton, England
Brother: John
Single; housemaid; 22yrs of age; 5’0 3/4”; pale complexion, slightly freckled; brown hair; blue eyes.

Assignments: New Town Farm;Fitzroy Crescent,Hobart; House of Correction, Cascades Hobart; Brickfields Hiring Depot;  New Norfolk; Dr. Crowther Macquarie St. Hobart.
Some minor misconduct notes on record
Ticket of Leave 29/08/1854
Conditional Pardon recommended 15/08/1855
Ticket of Leave revoked 11/03/1856
Free by Servitude 03/08/1860

26/04/1852: Married William Worth at New Norfolk.
No children on the Pioneer Index registered.

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