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Recent Submissions

Anonymous on 23rd February, 2012 wrote of Thomas Rogers:

Thomas Rogers was tried at the Central Criminal Court (The Old Bailey) and convicted of stealing a cloak valued at 15 shillings. He was transported to Tasmania for 14 years and he left the U.K on the 14th of April 1838 on board the Lord William Bentick. He arrived on 26th August 1838 and worked at the Sandy Bay road gang in Hobart. He had a very colourful life in Tasmania and unfortunately had many other offences added to his sentence. Including drunk and disorderly, absent from his post, further thefts, disobeying orders as well as several other offences. Generally his punishment included solitary confinement for up to 50 days, hard labour on the roads in chains, up to 36 lashes as well as having his sentence extended up to 2 years. He clearly wasn’t happy being there. In the end he was sent to Port Arthur for the final 2 years of his sentence. In 1846 he married fellow convict Susan Mullan in Westbury and together they had a number of children. He died of natural causes in 1876 at Westbury.

Emilie on 23rd February, 2012 wrote of Elizabeth Clark:

Elizabeth Clark stole cloths from her boss and Elizabeth was a maid….

Anonymous on 23rd February, 2012 wrote of John Daines:

On 19 December 1832, John was assigned to John Wood of Maitland.  On 30 May 1843, he was granted a Ticket of Leave and was assigned to William Miller Esq. of Lane Cove.  He received a conditional pardon on 1 March 1848.  Married Jane Leiper 19 November 1845 in St Andrew’s Scots Church, Sydney.  John’s surname was spelt Dean/Deans/Deane/Deanes in different records.

Anonymous on 23rd February, 2012 wrote of Martha Baker:

Married Walter Batley

Anonymous on 22nd February, 2012 wrote of Sarah Hancock:

Old Bailey Proceedings May 1828 (t18280529-204)

Sarah Hancock was indicted for stealing, on the 16th of May, 1 shawl, value 15s., the goods of Arabella Lucas, from her person.

Sarah Hancock was indicted for stealing, on the 12th of July, 1 gown, value 14s., the goods of Elizabeth Williams.
ELIZABETH WILLIAMS: I am single.  I lost my gown, from a back parlour, in Bowling street, Clerkenwell; it was taken out at the back window, shich I had left a little was open.  I had seen it at five o’clock that evening, when I went out:  I returned in half an hour - the prisoner lived next door.

RICHARD MOAT: I am a pawnbroker.  I have a gown pawned with me on the 12th July; I am not quite certain of the prisoner’s person, but I believe it was her - I gave this duplicate for it.

MAR LEWIS: I keep a little clothes shop.  On the 12th July, the prisoner brought this duplicate to my house and asked me to take care of it, as she was going to meet a gentleman; I said I would - three weeks after, the officer came to me and I gave it to him.

JAMES TERRY:  I am an officer.  I produce the duplicate which I got from this witness.

The prisoner put in a written Defence, stating that she had taken the gown and pawned it to pay her rent, but intended to redeem it; that the prosecutrix was living in a state of adultery and had perjured herself by giving the name of Clark at the office.

GUILTY.  Aged 44.

Transported for Seven Years.

12/12/1832 Ticket of Leave - Parramatta.
3/5/1836 Certificate of Freedom.

J.mcdonald on 22nd February, 2012 wrote of Catharine Lester:

Born Dublin,Ireland
Died Concongella,Victoria

Anonymous on 22nd February, 2012 wrote of James Hancock:

8/7/1823 - On list of prisoners assigned who are not mechanics.
Assigned to Andrew Dickson, Newcastle. (Col. Sec. Records)

1/1/1824 - Absconded, James Hancock, Princess Royal, 18, Stropshire, 5’6 3/4", dark hazel eyes, dark hair, dark freckled complexion, from Mr. Bunker’s clearing party.

19/5/1829 - Absconded, James "Handcock" from Mr. Thomas John. (Syd.Gaz)

20/2/1834 - Supreme Criminal Court.  James Hancock was indicted for highway robbery on the person of Daniel Duggan at Cox’s River on 30th Dec. last.
The prisoner was attached to the iron gang at Bathurst Stockade, after taking a soldier’s musket and bayonet and effecting an escape.  Verdict - Not Guilty.

24/2/1834 - James Hancock guilty of feloniously stealing several articles of wearing apparel etc., from David Ramsay at Bathurst.

The man who escaped from the constables yesterday is James Hancock, a most determined villain, the terror of the police.  The mounted police had to follow this man upwards of 400 miles, prior to his capture. (Syd. Gaz.)

22/7/1834 - The unhappy man James Hancock who escaped from custody some months ago, after being capitally convicted, but who was retaken and received sentence of death on the 3rd ultimo still remains in the condemned cells of the Sydney Goal.  His fate not having yet been determined by the executive government, the wretched culprit has lingered for 5 weeks in the dreary abode.(Gaz.)

31/7/1834 - James Hancock who was convicted with several others for highway robbery and bushranging, and has been for some time under sentence of death, has been respited and forwarded on board the Hulk, prepartory to his transmission to Norfolk Island, during his natural life. (Gaz.)

1843 - Died (per Jenny Fawcett)

Anonymous on 22nd February, 2012 wrote of Sarah Ann Hill:

She was accused of killing her new-born baby, and leaving the body in a bonnet-box on Wakefield Railway Station.
She was sentenced to death by hanging at York Assizes.
Tnere was a huge public outcry as she was young, and it was possible that the baby was murdered by a publican who had befriended her.
Sentence was commuted to transportation by a very-last minute Queens Order.

Michael Thompson on 22nd February, 2012 wrote of Matthew Thompson:

Crime is listed as ‘Larceny by a Servant’

John James Rosser on 21st February, 2012 wrote of William Rosser:

We believe that my great great grandfather escaped amid the confusion when the ship The Waterloo sunk off the coast of South Africa on the 28 August 1842.We believe that a prisoner by the name of Brookes also managed to escape at the same time. The reason for this theory is that on the 2 November in 1851, William Rosser married Maryna Hendrina Maria Cordier in Ladismith in the Cape Colony, and on the same day in the same church Mr Brookes married her mother the widower Anna Petronella ( nee Hartman )Surely this be too much of a coincidence? Please let me know if you have any other facts to disprove this theory. John James Rosser

Anonymous on 21st February, 2012 wrote of Robert Whitaker:

The surname is incorrectly spelled - should be Whittaker

Anonymous on 21st February, 2012 wrote of Edward Steel:

This could possibly be the same Edward Steel, convict, who is mentioned in Robyn Annear’s book Bearbrass: Imagining Early Melbourne (p 93). She writes that while working as a convict on the construction of the first Melbourne roads he had the job of "scourger" - the person responsible for flogging other convicts who were guilty of misconduct.

Anonymous on 21st February, 2012 wrote of Edward Steel:

In the broadsheet of the Glasgow Circuit, September 1826, Edward Steel is described as a ‘man of colour’.

Peter Dillon on 21st February, 2012 wrote of William Wright:

One can find out more about William by viewing his details at
and downloading his conduct records CON14/1/17 and CON33/1/32.

He was born at "Elsham near Lewes" which I am confident is a phonetic rendering of Hailsham (dropping the h) which is near Lewes in Sussex.  William was tried at Lewes on 3 Jan 1842 for, in his own words, taking duck trousers under false pretences and stealing his sister’s watch, copping 7 years on each charge = 14 years altogether. The remarks column in the document CON14/1/17 says that his father James, brother Henry and sister Eliza are at Hastings.  In fact his parents James & Elizabeth, brother Henry and sister Eliza were at Ore (Oare) which is right next to Hastings.  The writing is extremely hard to make out and it may be that his mother Elizabeth and sister Amelia are also listed. 

Eliza his sister is my great great grandmother who married Richard WARNER at Ore in 1841 and went to New Zealand on the ship Olympus in 1842 to the new Nelson settlement.  Two further sisters were Elizabeth Hannah who married Henry HEAD and went to Australia, and Amelia who married Edward CRUMP and lived in the Windsor area. Henry the brother married twice and continued to live at Ore.  There were other siblings.

The WRIGHT family was originally from Hailsham, Sussex descended from travellers who were possibly of irish origin.  James the father took the family from Hailsham to Ore some time between 1829 (son Aaron baptised at Hailsham) and 1831 (Amelia baptised at Ore).

Here’s the family in 1820.  I suspect that the parish tried to get rid of them on charges of vagrancy but it backfired when after a settlement examination their parish of settlement was determined to be Hailsham and Hailsham was made to take them back.

East Sussex Record Office:
Catalogue Ref. PAR353
Creator(s): Church of England, Hailsham Parish, East Sussex
Overseers of the Poor: settlement papers - ref. PAR353/32
FILE - Settlement examination - ref. PAR353/32/4/14 - date: 2 May 1820
[from Scope and Content] James WRIGHT married about 14 years ago to Elizabeth and has children James (10 yrs), Henry (8 yrs), Elizabeth (6 yrs), William (4 yrs) and Eliza (3 mths).

Eliza was born 1/1/1820 but baptised at Hailsham in 1828.  Such late baptisms were common among the travelling types.
" After the expiration of seven days or upwards.

Sussex, to wit:

To the Keeper of the House of Correction at Lewes, in the said County and to his Deputies or turnkeys or either of them, and also to all Constables and other Officers of the Peace whom it may concern to receive and convey :
And to the Churchwardens or Overseers of the Poor of the Parish of Hailsham
in the County of Sussex, or either of them, to receive and obey.

Whereas James WRIGHT & Elizabeth his wife and their five children were apprehended in the Parish of Hailsham in the County of Sussex aforesaid as a Rogue and a Vagabond, and was duly convicted as such before John ALYNN Esquire, one of his Majesty’s Justices of the Peace acting in and for the said County of Sussex, for that the said James WRIGHT and Elizabeth his wife and their said children did on the twenty ninth day of April now last past at the Parish last aforesaid, commit Acts of Vagrancy by wandering abroad and sleeping in the open air in the parish of Hailsham in the said County not having any legal settlement therein

And upon Examination of the said James WRIGHT taken before me, one of his Majesty’s Justices of the Peace acting in and for the said County of Sussex, upon Oath, (which Examination is hereto annexed) it doth appear that the last legal settlement of the said James WRIGHT & his Wife and Children is in the Parish of Hailsham aforesaid in the said County of Sussex.

These are therefore to require you, the said Keeper and Deputies, or Turnkeys, or one of you, or other Peace Officers aforesaid to convey the said James WRIGHT and their said five children in the next direct way to the said parish of Hailsham within the said County of Sussex, and there to deliver them to some Churchwarden or Overseer of the Poor of the same Parish of Hailsham to be there provided for according to law.

And you the said Churchwardens or Overseers of the Poor are hereby required to receive the said persons, and provide for them as aforesaid.  And I do hereby certify, that the said James WRIGHT and his said wife and children hath been confined in the shid [sic] House of Correction, for the space of seven days and wards, and is now discharged, and ordered to be passed home.

Given under my Hand and Seal at Lewes in the said County, the Second Day of May in the Year of our Lord 1820.

At Tasmania William copped a number of punishments for absconding,having items not belonging to him in his opossession and the like. Eventually he settled down.  He was pardoned in 1852 and made his way to Victoria in 1854.

Convict Pardons and Tickets of Leave 1834-1859 - Tasmania -  Pardons 1852-1853
WRIGHT William
Moffat 3rd
Lewes Jan 1842
Yr’s : 14
Yr’s.mo’s : 9.2
Yr’s.mo’s : 2.?
/Signed / W. NAIRN
Ajustment? Comproller?
19th Feb’y 1852

Family Name : WRIGHT
Given Name : William
Rank : Steerage
Ship of departure : LADY BIRD
Date of Departure : 28 Mar 1854
Port of departure : Launceston
Where bound : Melbourne
Ship to colony : Moffat
Status : Conditional Pardon
Remarks :
Reference : POL220/1/3, p515.

I have been unable to discover what happened to William after he arrived in Victoria.

John Hogg on 21st February, 2012 wrote of William Ward:

William Wards wife Catharine Mitchell had a half sister Mary Mitchell alias Mary Green living in Sydney this Mary drowned 11-12-1862 in Darling Harbour- Mary Mitchell was born 1-10-1801 at Alloa Clackmannanshire Scotland to John Mitchell and Isobel Millar Isobel died and John Mitchell married second 1807 Catharine MacGregor Catharine Mitchell was their child born 1817 at Alloa - Mary Green had two children in Sydney to Hugh Green Mariner a Mary Ann Green born 1849 and Matilda Green born 1851 - Mary Mitchell alias Mary Ann French alias convict Tasmania unknown ? alias Mary Green - was Catharine Mitchell aware of her sister Mary Green as Mary Green mentioned to go to her sister at Brisbane Waters in March 1859 when discharged from the Benevolent Asylum - John Hogg Bli. Bli. Queensland

Db on 21st February, 2012 wrote of Thomas Skuce:

1)15 Apr 1830 THOMAS SKUCE was indicted for breaking and entering the dwelling- house of Jane Hills,on the 31st of March, and stealing 1 box, value 1d.and 6lbs. of iron, value 4d.her property .Found GUILTY (of stealing only) Whipped and Discharged.
2) 11 May 1835 THOMAS SKUCE was indicted for stealing, on the 15th of April, at St. Matthew, Bethnal Green,83 yards of silk,value 12l.; and 1 roller, value 2s. 6d.; the goods of Robert Plummer (his brother in law),in his dwelling-house, to which he pleaded GUILTY . Aged 18.— Transported
3)11 May 1835 THOMAS SKUCE was again indicted for stealing, on the 3rdDecember, at St. Matthew, Bethnal Green,150 yards of silk,value 21l.and 3 rollers,value 7s.; the goods of Thomas Field Gibson and another, in the dwelling-house of William Goode. GUILTY . Aged 18.
10 June 1835 Held on Hulk prison ship "Hardy" Portsmouth.

Chris on 20th February, 2012 wrote of Frederick Everitt:

Christened St Mary’s church, Luton 10/9/1815 - parents George & Sarah Everitt. First born of 8 children. Granted TofL Passport by Mudgee Court in July 1846. Conditional Pardon granted 1st October 1850.  Believed he may have died at Coonamble, NSW late 1880.

Mike Thomas on 20th February, 2012 wrote of Alexander Sargeant:

Theft of Turkeys and Elm Boards.

Rae Ryan on 20th February, 2012 wrote of Thomas Snow:

Thomas never married ,he shot himself in 1859 & is buried at Charleys Creek Dalby. Qld.

Geoff Mutton on 19th February, 2012 wrote of Sion Freebody:

Married Mary Wells (b1768 Yorkshire, d17-Feb-1855 Clifton, Windsor, NSW); had 6 children: Anne (b22-Dec-1896 Richmond NSW, d11-Jan-1882 Richmond NSW), Sarah (b1798 Richmond, d2-Jul-1881 Windsor NSW), Simon (b1799 Windsor NSW, d22-Oct-1878 Bolero Adaminaby NSW), Mary Ann (b24-Dec-1800 Cornwallis Windsor NSW, d21-Oct-1899 Richmond NSW), Anne W (b1801 Windsor NSW, died young?), John (b1802 Windsor NSW, d11-Nov-1890 Arable Cooma NSW). Information courtesy Pat Freebody, Manly, NSW.

Sharon Thompson on 19th February, 2012 wrote of William Cressy:

William Cressy was an alias - his real name was Henry Brougham Vaux.  He changed his name when arrested.  He has many Australain descendents - all from the Cressy line.  In his later years he wrote a letter to the government telling them who he was but never sent it.

Anonymous on 19th February, 2012 wrote of Jonas Backhouse:

Jonas Backhouse sometimes known as John, was married with one son, his wife went on to have another 5 children all with the Backhouse surname, she was a housekeeper for William Woolnough and it is thought that the children took the Backhouse name for propriety sake.  There is also some more information about him in a court case in NSW.  Kinghorn & Backhouse   Kinghorn is meant to have shot lead pellets into Backhouse for not working on the sabbath day.

Anonymous on 18th February, 2012 wrote of Charles Belcher:

Possibly born about 1809, Oxford England.
Buried St Pauls, Church of England cemetery, Paterson, NSW. Gravesite unmarked.
Probably married Ann Rawlings(Rawlins)Oxford, St Peters 17th Dec 1827.
Children of this marriage appear to be John, 1828 (dec’d 1828)
William 1830 and
Charles 1833.
Not known what happened to this family.
After completing his 7 years he was allowed to remain in the Paterson district. He did not apply for his Certificate of Freedom before he died in 1864
Married Mary Humbles 1854 at St Marys, Allyn Rv. NSW
They had 7 children Mary Jane (born and died) 1855, Harriett 1856, Charles 1858, James and Thomas 1869 (both died very young)James 1863 and William 1864.

John Ernst on 18th February, 2012 wrote of James Dare:

Granted Ticket of Leave 6/9/1844; Married Martha Ann Keat 14/11/1844; grandfather of Thomas Dare, who married Edith Lewis (daughter of Darling Downs pioneer selectors William Lewis and Catherine Morgan).

Anonymous on 18th February, 2012 wrote of Patrick Costelow:

Patrick is the son of William Costello(aka Costelow). See info under William Costello also transportrd for life on ship Henry Porcher.

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