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Recent Submissions

Anonymous on 28th May, 2011 wrote of James Campbell:

Accused of stealing six shirts with another boy John O,Hara,tried in Glasgow on 22/Jun/1840.
Found quilty and received 7yrs transportation. Both boys were sent to the Juvenile section of Port Arthur, Point Puer,Jonn arrived Nov.1841,James,July 1842.
James after being released from Point Puer started to steal again,he went to trial in Hobart on the 20/Apri/1847 and was found quilty.
He was then sent to Port Arthur. While at Port Arthur he assaulted another prisoner and then ended up being sent to Norfolk Island.
James received his conditional pardon on the 8/2/1853 and his Certificate of Freedom on the 13/Sept/1854

Anonymous on 27th May, 2011 wrote of John Hudson:

he was the youngest convict

Anonymous on 27th May, 2011 wrote of Christian Asquith:

Had a relationship with Susannah Smith, another convict. They had many children and eventually moved to Victoria.

Anonymous on 27th May, 2011 wrote of Susannah Smith:

Had many children with convict Christian Asquith. They moved to Victoria and she eventually moved to New Zealand where she died around 1900.

Anonymous on 27th May, 2011 wrote of James Rowley:

James had several children with Elizabeth Salvin while in VDL/Tasmania and 2 more in New Zealand. James and Elizabeth never married, his convict record indicates that he had been married only 3 months prior to incarceration in Sheffield. Unfortunately I have never been able to trace that marriage nor his birth/baptism and therefore his parents. James died in Melbourne in 1890. He was my GG Grandfather.

Anonymous on 27th May, 2011 wrote of Maria Smith:

she was shiped in the lord raglan

Anonymous on 27th May, 2011 wrote of Michael Bryant:

he was shipped on lord raglan

Anonymous on 27th May, 2011 wrote of John Williams:

His Alias was Black Jack

Anonymous on 27th May, 2011 wrote of Charles Ashby:

Charles ASHBY married Mary EVANS, a convict from Ireland, on the 26 July 1835 in Maitland, NSW, Australia.  They had 7 children:-
William Ashby b: 26 May 1836 Maitland
Margaret Ashby b: 25 July 1838 NSW
Mary Alice Ashby b: 24 July 1840 Maitland
George Ashby b: 28 July 1842 Sydney
Charles Ashby b: 29 Oct 1844 Penrith
Samuel Ashby b: 6 Dec 1847 Sydney
Charles Samuel Ashby b: 25 Aug 1849 Sydney
Charles ASHBY died on 25 December 1855 in Devonport, Auckland, New Zealand of Epilepsy.

Anonymous on 26th May, 2011 wrote of George Withers:

The 1828 NSW Census shows that George Withers was assigned as a convict labourer to Amos Crisp, a farmer, at lower Lower Minto, NSW.

His certificate of freedom was granted on 13 April 1830 and he married Susannah Lloyd on 4 August 1830 at St Peter’s Church of England in Campbelltown.

The couple was married by Thomas Reddall, the Anglican minister to whom Susannah was assigned upon arrival in New South Wales. He was quite a prominent person in the colony.

George reoffended in 1835 and was sent to Moreton Bay.

In 1840 he was assigned to the widowed Mrs Elizabeth Hume at Collingwood Station, near Gunning NSW.

George and Susannah had 12 known children together between 1831 and 1851. All but one survived to adulthood.

George died on 28 August 1878 and is buried in the disused churchyard of St Brigid’s Catholic Church at Mutmutbilly, near Breadalbane, NSW.

Anonymous on 26th May, 2011 wrote of Samuel Corke:

Samuel Corke was transported along with Richard Ashdown and George Burgess for sheep stealing .Samuel married Elizabeth Morris and they had 10 children my family tree goes from his daughter Catherine who married John Galley .Samuel committed suicide in 1880 as he had mouth cancer and was in alot of pain .

Anonymous on 26th May, 2011 wrote of William Grimshaw:

William Grimshaw was my 3x great grandfather. He was born in Manchester England in about 1822. His parents were Samuel Grimshaw and Susannah Clay and he was christened at the Cathedral in Manchester along with siblings Joshua, Martha and Susan. He was an apprenticed as a slater to a well respected tradesman. He was arrested for stealing 2 silver watches and sent to Kikdale Prison to await his trial. He pleaded not guilty to the charge and was relying on his employer William Barrett to testify on his behalf and thus provide an alibi as to his whearabouts at the time of the crime. Due to some mix up with dates or a trial delay Barrett was unable to remain in Liverpool and had to return to his work thus depriving Grimshaw the support he neede to proove his innocence. He was therefore found guilty of Burglary and sentenced to be transported to Van Dieman’s land for 10 years Hard Labour. After his sentence was handed down William was taken to Millbank Prison to await transportation. He did however have 2 more people come to his aid. Firstly his mother Susannah applied to the court for a petition of clemency as also did his grandmother Sarah Clay. Unfortunately the court ignored these claims and poor William Grimshaw departed England never to see his family again. Arriving on the 16th May 1846 in Tasmania William had to iniatially serve 2 years labour most probably on a road gang. Then in July 1849 he was given the position of Constable for the Island of Van Dieman’s Land obviously because of his good behaviour.  However over the next couple of years he did have a couple of indescretions ie Drunk and Disorderly. He appears to have worked as a constable until about 1856. He received a Conditional pardon on the 10th of Jan. 1853 and Cert. of Freedom on the 10th Oct. 1855. He died in 18th Dec 1860 from Chronic Nephritis.
He did however marry fellow convict Ann Crawley on the 19th May 1851 in Hobart and they had their first child called William around this time also. He had several more children Samuel in 1853, Mary Ann in 1858 and twins John and Sarah Ann in 1860. So it seems that William Grimshaw may have been wrongly convicted but managed to have a reasonably good life here in Australia. How sad it would have been for his family back in Manchester. One can only imagine the sorrow and anguish they must have felt saying goodbye.

Anonymous on 26th May, 2011 wrote of Philip Chamberlain:

Born 4 Jan 1812 @ Shoreditch, London to Philip Chamberlain & Mary Ann Jones.  Christened 12 Apr 1812 @ St Leonard’s, Shoreditch.

Married Mary Greatrix 1840 @ Parramatta, New South Wales.

Married Elizabeth Frazer about 1844 @ Maitland, New South Wales.  They had about 8 children.  Was a carpenter/furniture broker @ 99 Clarence Street, Sydney.  Died there 24 July 1870

Anonymous on 26th May, 2011 wrote of Joshua Chamberlain:

Born 26 Dec 1813 to Philip Chamberlain & Mary Ann Jones @ Shoreditch, London.  Christened 11 April 1814 @ St Leonard’s, Shoreditch

Anonymous on 26th May, 2011 wrote of Thomas Dowse:

Thomas Dowse was born in 1809 in Hackney, London. He died on 9 November 1885 in Milton, Brisbane, Queensland. You can find more information on Thomas Dowse at http://www.slq.qld.gov.au/info/fh/convicts/qlders/dowse

Anonymous on 25th May, 2011 wrote of John Russell Dicker:

John Russell was found guilty of Cutting and Wounding Samuel Withers in Hobart, Tasmania and executed on 20th March 1849 outside the Hobart Court House.  He was my husband’s GGG Grandfather.

Anonymous on 25th May, 2011 wrote of Jean Ritchie:

Jean Ritchie aka Jane Ritchie was convicted of Housebreaking. A widow with 2 children when she was transported. (no idea what happened to the children)  Jane married John Russell Dicker [Thames] on 28/03/1836, she received a ticket of leave on 21/06/1837 and died on 24/10/1837 in New Norfolk, Tasmania.

Anonymous on 25th May, 2011 wrote of George Burgess:

George Burgess was caught stealing sheep with my ancestor Samuel Corke (ship -Henry Tanner)and Richard Ashdown (ship -Fortitude l think).George was sentencedfor 7 years and the other 2 got life .Samuel married Elizabeth Morris and had 10 children all around Victoria and Richard went to Tasmania .

Anonymous on 25th May, 2011 wrote of Louisa Hill:

probable birth year 1801
Died at Bathurst 02.04.1829 said to be aged 28 years
Married at Kelso parish Bathurst on 25.02.1828 to James DOVER [1801-1872]
Convicted Old Bailey on 07.04.1825 of stealing printed cotton cloth from Isaac JOHNSON on 21.02.1825
Arrived NSW per Midas 17.12.1825

Anonymous on 25th May, 2011 wrote of Priscilla Kelly:

she had an inclined nose to the right and she is 5.3 feet

Anonymous on 25th May, 2011 wrote of Edward Johnson:

he was tried at Dorchester, dorset16 march1786

Anonymous on 25th May, 2011 wrote of Elizabeth Mitchell:

I think that I may have inadvertently put that Elizabeth Mitchell was born about 1881/1882. That should have read 1781/82. Information from 1828 census and death record.

Anonymous on 25th May, 2011 wrote of Elizabeth Mitchell:

Birth according to 1828 census about 1882 as her age is listed as 46 in the census. Convicted at the Cumberland Summer Assizes for Uttering a forged bank note with Mary Heylen also uttering and William Heylen for Possession of? forged Banknotes. Conviction date 7th August 1818. Both girls were sentenced to death but were reprieved to transportation for 14 years. William also received a fourteen year sentence. The Lord Wellington sailed in May 1819 with 87 Female convicts. In 1820 Elizabeth married James Jelley of Parramatta at St Matthews Windsor. Three of her children sailed with her on the ship 1. Elizabeth Mitchell who married James Willbow 2 children James 2 and Thomas aged 3 in 1828 census. Elizabeth later married Alexander Morrison as Wilberforce in 1841. 2. Robert aged 17 in 1828   and 3.  Mary aged 14 in 1828. The 1825 muster shows these children as born in the colony. Elizabeth in 1820 married James Jelley of Parramatta. She had a son Thomas with James born in the colony. Elizabeth had a Ticket of Leave but had it cancelled in in February 1829 for drunkenness. Notice of this was published in the Sydney Gazette on the 7th February 1829 ‘Lord Wellington Elizabeth Mitchell for drunkenness, Ticket of Leave cancelled.‘Elizabeth died in 1830
as Elizabeth Jelley and the death indexes show her age at death as 49 which pretty much agrees with her age in the 1828 census. depending what time of the year these events happened.
Sources England Criminal registers, 1825 Muster, 1828 Census Sydney Gazette

Anonymous on 25th May, 2011 wrote of Catherine Hart:

catherine hart sentence was 7years not 10years

Anonymous on 25th May, 2011 wrote of Stephen Winrow:

Stephen Winrow is the father of John and Gregory Winrow (both convicts sent to Van Diemen’s Land. Stephen married Mary Wild in Derby Derbyshire. Mary is the sister to Elizabeth Wild who married Charles Bennett and moved to Tasmania.Charles was a soldier and convict gaurd. Their daughter Ellen married her cousin John Winrow (son of Stephen Winrow and Mary Wild)

John and Gregory Winrow both used the alias Wild. i.e Gregory Wild and John Wild.

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