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Recent Submissions

Anonymous on 25th April, 2012 wrote of George Phillips:

George Phillips came from Bath, he was transported for stealing iron.

3/11/1831: Absconded, age 22, Labourer, 5’7 1/2" tall, brown eyes, brown hair, ruddy freckled and pock-pitted complexion from No. 29 Road gang.
19/4/1832: Absconded from No. 23 Road gang, 2nd time of running.

7/8/1835: COF

Married Ann Slater per Mary, (1835) at St. John’s Parramatta on 21/6/1836, they had 3 children, Mary Anne Matilda, George and Charles.

George died in 1878 in Balmain.

Anonymous on 25th April, 2012 wrote of Ann Slater:

Ann Slater stole bed curtains from her employer.

21/6/1836: Married George Phillips per Dunvegan Castle 1830.  They had 3 children - Mary Anne Matilda Phillips, George and Charles.

6/4/1842: COF.

Steven Musgrove on 25th April, 2012 wrote of Charles Standen:

Married Mary McMahon 31/7/1837
Moved to Bulla Victoria
Buried Bulla cemetery

Barbara Gough on 25th April, 2012 wrote of William Lakey:

Would like to know why he was sentenced to 7 years at the age of 7.  What did he do?  How can I find out what the sentence was for.

Janine Morrissey on 25th April, 2012 wrote of John Alger:

John is buried at the Berkeley Pioneer Cemetery, Unanderra, N.S.W.  Before he was transported to the Colony he spent nearly 4 months on one of the hulks "Leviathan" or "York" before eventually leaving to come to the Colony.  He married Margaret Whitehill on 17 June 1837 at Wollongong, N.S.W. and their eldest daughter Julia is my great, great grandmother.

Michael Pugh on 25th April, 2012 wrote of Bridget O'neill:

Bridget O’Neill married Hugh Holmyard, a convict transported in 1842 from Somerset England, in 1849. They had one surviving child, Hugh Arnold, born 1865, who now has hundreds of descendants in Tasmania and other parts of Australia.

Anonymous on 25th April, 2012 wrote of Richard Hardy:

The convict indents show that Richard Hardy arrived in Australia as a convict on the ship "Charles Kerr" on 9 Oct 1837. Harford Arnold was the master and John Edwards the surgeon superintendent.  Richard was 19 years old, could not read or write, was a protestant and single, and his native place was London. He had been a cabinet maker for 3½ years. His offence was stealing bacon.  Richard was tried at Central Criminal Court [Old Bailey] on 28 Nov 1836 and sentenced to seven years. He supposedly had no previous convictions [not true]. He was 5 feet 3¼ inches tall, of sallow complexion, with brown hair and grey eyes. He had lost the canine tooth on the right side of his upper jaw, had a small raised mole on the right side of his neck, a wart on the back of the little finger of the left hand and two warts on the heel of the same hand. 

There are no certificate of freedom details on convict indents. With a 7-year sentence, Richard would have had to complete one 4-year assignment.  OLD COURT Friday September 23rd 1836 Fourth Jury, before Lord Chief Justice Denman 2134. RICHARD HARDY was indicted for stealing, on the 5th of September, 5lbs. of bacon, value 3s, the goods of Benjamin Muggeridge. 

Prisoner’s Defence. I left home on Monday afternoon to go to the fair with six boys - we staid there till dark, and they brought me home down Old-street, and took down six pair of trowsers, and then went on to this bacon-shop, and two of them took two pieces of bacon, which they gave me to carry.

GUILTY.*  Aged 17. - Transported for Seven Years.[The asterisk indicates a previous conviction.]

Anonymous on 24th April, 2012 wrote of Ann Green:

26/10/1832: Permission to marry - Thomas Berkshire, Eliza 2 - age 37 Free.
He married Dorah Turner at St James, Syd. in 1834.

Ann married Henry Hook in 1835.

18/5/1837: COF.

They had 3 children, Matilda 1837, Joanna 1836, Henry 1845/6.

Anonymous on 24th April, 2012 wrote of Eupham Graham:

Eupham Graham stole goods from William Dow’s shop.  She was the daughter of Charles Graham of Broxburn, Scotland.

She had 3 children, Thomas Graham 2/6/1794-15/8/1862, his twin Elizabeth Graham 2/6/1794-C1802, she was 7 years old when she died, and Mary Graham 16/9/1795-2/10/1835.

She married Matthew Locke, a convict, they had no children.

Eupham died at Mulgrave Place, Hawkesbury and was buried at Parramatta on the same day, 27/4/1797 aged 25.

Her headstone reads: To the Memory of Eupheni Graham who departed this life April 27, 1797.

Jess on 24th April, 2012 wrote of Hannah Rowney:

Married Bartholomew Reardon in 1791 and had 5 children with him.
Bartholomew 1791-1849 (male)
Frances 1794-1857 (female)
Anne 1796 – 1807 (female)
Daniel 1799 – 1801 (male)
Steven 1801 – 1801 (male)

Hannah died in Pittwater Tasmania, Australia on November 4th 1829

Anonymous on 24th April, 2012 wrote of George Hatton:

In looking up the Old Bailey records, the only name that came close to Hatton, was George "BATTON" who was found guilty of stealing clothes (the clothes were used and being thrown away by the owner, but he caught George lurking around to pick them up) on the 29/2/1816 and the trial was on the 3rd April, 1816, he was found guilty and sentenced to 7 years transportation.  His age stated that he was 20.

He arrived on the Almorah to NSW but was then sent on to VDL per ‘Pilot’ on 28/9/1817.

On the arrival indent it said: 30 years of age, native place Cambridge, he was a Waterman, 5’1" tall, hazel eyes, brown hair, dark sallow complexion.  Remarks: Very well behaved.

There a big difference in the ages, but it can happen.

Here’s the sad bit: Hobart Town Gazette 25/9/1819 - An accident on the Derwent.  A ferry-boat was returning from Hobart Town to Kangaroo Point, with two boatmen, George Hatton and John Ambridge and a passenter named Benjamin Briscoe, a settler at Clarence Plains.  Due to stormy weather and strong winds the boat went down and all were drowned.

Janine Morrissey on 24th April, 2012 wrote of Charles Wellings:

I have nothing to add really but I am very intrigued about Charles and what he was court marshalled for in Grenada. He received life, so it must have been a serious offence. I am a descendant of a John Welling/Wellings and came across the name of Charles Wellings on a recent trip to Port Arthur, Tasmania.  As there were only 4 convicts with the surname of Wellings and only 11 convicts with the name of Welling transported to the Colony, I am wondering if my John and Charles were related in any way.  Any help anyone could give me would be greatly appreciated. Cheers…...Janine

Neale Gordon on 23rd April, 2012 wrote of James Hasler:

James Prisoner number 34/466, trial date 9 September 1933 in Surry.  Ticket of leave number 40/696 granted on 25 March 1840, married Catherine LONGFIELD on 7 November 1840.  Catherine HASLER nee LONGFIELD lived at 148 Glenmore Road Paddington NSW with her daughter Matilda and is buried at Clovelly NSW. Catherine died 10 April 1897. My great great great grandfather and mother.

Anonymous on 23rd April, 2012 wrote of Jane Brett:

Brett, Jane. Age 40. Reads, Protestant, Married, Children; 3 with her. Native Place; Ireland. Trade or Calling; Servant & Cook. Offence; Stealing from person. Where Tried; London. Date; 12 July. Sentence: 7 years. Height 5’ 3". Complexion; Ruddy. Hair; Dark Colour, Eyes Grey. How disposed of and Remarks; Mary Leak, Brickfields Hill. Husband here as Thomas Brett per Countess Harcourt. No Marks - Wife of Brett the carpenter in Mr Mackaness (Sheriff) employ
Source: NSW Convict Indentures Fiche 668 p.10.
One of her children, Sarah was put in an orphanage after her mother Jane arrived in Australia on board ‘Louisa’ on 3 Dec 1827.
From the State Archives of NSW Reel 2777 - Orphan School Admission registers applications for admission into and applications for children out of the orphan schools, 1825-33 CGS- CGS- 782-783
The page has the following details:
Name: Brett, Sarah,
Age: 5
When Admitted: June 24, 1828
Parents Name: Jane Brett per Louisa
Remarks: From the Factory.

Sarah on 23rd April, 2012 wrote of William Nason:

Granted ticket of leave in 1834 in Queensland. Married 20/06/1849 to Esther Shean in Carcoar NSW who died in 1855. No children to first wife. Married 12/7/1856 to Ann James in Bathurst NSW. Had 3 children Maria 1857, William James 1859-1912 and Charles 1862-1862. Moved to Queensland when bankrupt in 1863. Died in Toowoomba Queensland.

Marg Hope on 23rd April, 2012 wrote of William Parker:

William was aged 14 when was convicted during the Easter of 1834 at Lancashire. He was convicted to 14 years transportation for stealing one waistcoat and a pair of clogs.
William was held on board the hulk ‘Euryalus’ at Chatham until he reached the age of 15. He boarded "Aurora" in June 1835 and arrived VDL October 1835.
William’s Description:
Height: 4 ft 9-1/2 in
Complexion: Brown
Head: Large
Hair: Light Brown
Visage: Large
Forehead: High, Broad
Eyebrows: Light Brown
Eyes: Brown
Nose: Medium Large
Mouth: Wide
Chin: Large
Remarks: J.P. J.P. inside fight arm, W.P. T.P. S. P. A.P. inside left arm.
These initials relate to his father, John Parker, siblings Thomas, Smith, Amborse.
Indent CON14/1/51 Tas Archives.
Father: John a Weaver N.P. (Native Place) 6 B (6 brothers)  Nelson, Ambrose, John, Jas, Thos, Smith. 2, S. (2 sisters) Maria, Ann NP.
20/09/1845 Records to Queen for C/Pardon
24/01/1845 approved March 1845

Anonymous on 23rd April, 2012 wrote of Thomas Parker:

Thomas (Police No: 1520) was the son on convict John Parker (the elder) 35-2797 transported on "Mary Ann", 1835, brother of Ambrose, convict No: 36-135 and John (the younger)- convict No: 36-134 both transported on board "John Barry" 1836, also brother William, transported to VDL on board "Aurora" in 1835.
Thomas was 14 years old when convicted. He was held on board the hulk "Euryalus" at Chatham until he reached the age of 15.
He boarded the "Egyptian" during April 1839.
His gaol report stated his character was ‘bad’. His hulk report stated his character was ‘good’. The surgeon’s report stated that he was ‘rather stupid but well behaved quiet & good disposition’.
Body marks: J P left arm sun sailor bottle glass right arm.
Eyes: Hazel Grey
Hair: Brown
Height: 4 ft 7 in
Ticket of Leave: 18 October 1843 - Tasmania.
Thomas eventually made his way to N.S.W. then to Cowra and was reunited with his elder brother Ambrose. They both worked at "Jerula" property at Cowra N.S.W.
Thomas died 16 November 1886 at Pipe Clay Creek and was buried at "Jerula".
His brother Ambrose is also buried on the same property.
Thomas did not marry.

Marg Hope on 23rd April, 2012 wrote of Ambrose Parker:

Ambrose Parker was convicted of stealing 8 pieces of cotton from a warehouse. He was accompanied by his father, John (the elder) his brother John (the younger) and John Broxup. All were convicted and transported.
Details of Ambrose:
Convict No: 36-135
Height: 5ft 5in
Complexion: Dark Ruddy
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Grey
Markings: Scar right side of upper lip, seven dots back of left hand, brother 36-134.
(Markings may indicate that he was one of seven siblings.
Assigned to : Francis Forges Esq, Merton.
Ticket of Leave: 43/1918 in the County of Durham - Merton.
Ambrose was a shepherd at a property near Cowra called "Jerula" owned by the Hon. George Campbell.
Ambrose died in Cowra N.S.W. 02/02/1890 and was buried at "Jerula".
I believe that Ambrose never married.

Marg Hope on 23rd April, 2012 wrote of John (The younger) Parker:

John Parker was convicted to 14 years transportation for stealing 8 pieces of cotton from a warehouse. He was accompanied with his father, John, his brother Ambrose and John Broxup.
John was also referred to as John (the younger)or(Jnr).
John’s description record states:
Convict No: 36-134
Height: 5ft 3-1/2in
Complexion: Sallow
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Description: Nose large and thick, woman, J.P. mermaid, 1815, John Parker inside lower right arm, woman, sun, W P, horse, inside lover left arm, lost nail on fourth finger on left hand; father John Parker, per ‘Mary Ann’, brother to 36-135
John Jnr. was assigned to J. Wood of Lowther Park. on 25 November 1836 he absconded and was later apprehended around March 1837 at Penrith.
Ticket of Leave: 43/71 - January 1843 at Carcoar, N.S.W.
In 1850 John married Ann SMITH at Carcoar. They had 5 children: John 1850, Jane 1854, Maria 1855, Thomas 1856 & William 1858.
All children were were named after his immediate family: His mother Jane, Sister Maria and brother’s Thomas and William.

Marg Hope on 23rd April, 2012 wrote of John (the Elder) Parker:

Description: 5ft 1in, Complexion: Pale, Freckled & pock-pitted. Hair: Brown to grey & bald. Eyes: light hazel.
John and his sons, Ambrose & John (the younger) along with John Broxup stole 8 pieces of cotton from a warehouse. All were convicted and transported.
Ticket of Leave: 39/2300 granted 12 December 1839
Notation on T of L. Altered for Braidwood 9th April 1841 per letter from Clerk of Court Bungonia 16 March 1840.
John worked at Inverary Park,in the county of St Vincent, the property of David Reid.

Pat Pitts on 23rd April, 2012 wrote of John Hawkes:

Married Mary Ann Davis (Born 1831 Cork Ireland) at Seymour 28/2/1852.  They had 5 children Sarah Jane Born 16/2/1852 Seymour Vic, Mary Ann 1855 Seymour Vic, William 27/1/1858 Gundaroo NSW, Thomas 6/6/1861 Gundaroo NSW , John 1862 Melbourne Vic.

John Hawkes died at Euromedah, Dubbo NSW on 27/5/1894.  Mary Ann (wife) was alive in 1894.

Anonymous on 23rd April, 2012 wrote of Robert Beams:

Robert Beams was transported for stealing 56 handkerchiefs, value 8 pounds 8 shillings, the property of William Philpot, a linen draper, in Holborn, St. Giles.  He was a shopman and worked for Philpot for about 4 months.

Robert was born in Down Ampney, Gloucestershire and came from a well to do family that had fallen on hard times.  He was well educated.

His brother Thomas was on trial at the same time was cleared of the charge, but was transported for another crime.

Robert was sent with a group of 74 convicts from the Coromandel to Port Dalrymple with Lieutenent Colonel Paterson to found a settlement in the northern part of Van Diemen’s Land.

Issued land grants in VDL.
18/2/1809: Employed in Brickmaking in Launceston.
April 1809: Received a grant of 30 acres at Port Dalrymple.
25/6/1812: On lists of persons residing in Port Dalrymple whom the Government had promised grants of land.

4/6/1806: CP

4/3/1811: Married Susannah Brelsford, at St. John’s Launceston.

27/4/1820: Robert Beams of Norfolk Plains was listed as town constable, Launceston.

Robert worked at brickmaking and farming. He was joined by his brother Thomas.

12/1/1861: Robert died at Westbury, Tasmania, of natural decay, aged 81.

More info. on his life can be seen on freepages.family.rootsweb.

Carolyne Downer-smith on 23rd April, 2012 wrote of Jane Drudge:

Tried at Newport Assizes, Isle of Wight in 1847.  Held until 1848 when she was transported to Van Deimans Island (Devils Island) now Tasmania, Nr Australia.  Survived the journey and spent 7 years as a convict at the penal colony.  Met and married, fellow convict, Thomas Maddams.  Lost one child age 8 months, and went on to have two further daughters, who I am trying to trace.    April 2012.

Anonymous on 22nd April, 2012 wrote of Richard Jaycock:

Richard Jaycock stole the jacket, worth 3/-, of Edward Latimer in 1829.

22/12/1831: On list of runaways, apprehended, from the No.41 Road Gang.

3/9/33: In the company of other convicts Richard was tried before the Slupreme Court for stealing/larceny.

From the nsw bdm; Richard Jaycock, died 1838, age 27.

From the Australian Cemeteries website: Deaths on Norfold Island - records the death of a Richard Jaycock, on the 24/7/1838 - died by a fall of earth, aged 20.

Perhaps they are the same person, I could find no reference of his court case or he being sent to N.I.

Chris Taylor on 22nd April, 2012 wrote of James Hasler:

He was my great Grandfather on my mums side

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