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Recent Submissions

Anonymous on 3rd July, 2011 wrote of Mark Bartley:

Convicted of burglary. Ten years - Van Dieman’s land

Anonymous on 3rd July, 2011 wrote of Ann Howard:

Married former First Fleet Marine:  Thomas Lucas in 1801.

Anonymous on 3rd July, 2011 wrote of Emerson Jordan:

Emerson was the brother of my gggg-grandmother Lydia Jordan (alt. Jarden in the East Anglian accent).  He had several altercations with the law.  In 1817 he was jailed in Ipswich for 18 months for ‘larceny’ (theft).  In 1824 he was acquitted of burglary.  In 1827 he was back in Ipswich Quarter Sessions charged with two others of stealing pigs and turkeys.  He was found guilty of receiving a turkey having produced an alibi.  The court seemed to have exacted the full penalty - seven years transportation.  Perhaps they had seen enough of him.  His behaviour in prison was described as bad until his conviction!

Emerson and his family lived in the Kelsale and Saxmundham area of Suffolk and they were agricultural labourers.  His wife Letitia and son William followed him to Australia in 1837.  Emerson died in Penrith, NSW in 1852.

Anonymous on 3rd July, 2011 wrote of Sarah Ann Burke:

Sarah Ann Burke was assigned to Esquire Thomas Thornloe Van Diemans Land. Thornloe gave Sarah her ticket of leave in 1838. Sarah married free man James Pennington in 1838.

They moved to the Northern Ranges now Macedon Ranges Vic to work aside Thomas Thornloe.

The bluestone home they built in Malmsbury is well known as Bleak House.

Sarah Ann Burke Pennington is well loved at Bleak House stil today and a painted portrait of her sits proud in the beautiful foyer looking out over the property her and James founded in the 1850’s

Anonymous on 2nd July, 2011 wrote of Elizabeth Webb:

Elizabeth Webb was my Great Great Great Gran & as far as I know she was irish and was living in depftford and married in deptford 1838. She married in St Nicholas Deptford to a William Webb.
She married again in Hobart to a fellow convict name of Dwyer, she had to ask permission to marry.

I would like to know more about where she came from in Ireland. Her mum was Catherine and her Dad was John Mahoney (Mahony). She had a brother cain and a sister ellen. I would also like to know if I could get a convict Picture. I know she was 5ft and of dark complexion and could not read or write.

Anonymous on 2nd July, 2011 wrote of George Lively:

George Lively was born in Warwick, Warwickshire, England, baptised at Warwick St Nicholas Church 29 May 1814. He was the son of Thomas Lively and Mary Neal.

Anonymous on 2nd July, 2011 wrote of Isaac Howarth:

Birth 1773 in Heaton Norris Baroney of Manchester County Lancaster
Death 28 Nov 1842 in Parramatta St., Sydney
Marriage 1820 to Effy McDonald at Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia
1841 He was a publican of the Lame Dog and Stile at Church St Parramatta, NSW

Anonymous on 2nd July, 2011 wrote of Joseph Lawler:

Joseph went on to marry Harriett Barker in 1856. He died on the 5th Nov 1898 of cerebral paralysis and was buried at the Old Don Cemetery in Tasmania.
Their son George Frederick married Susan Munday, and their daughter Florence married Joseph Stephen Barwick and had my Dad (Mervyn).
Joseph and Harriett went on to have many offspring,the family now spreads throughout Australia and now even back to where it all began in England.

Anonymous on 2nd July, 2011 wrote of John Auton:

John AUTON married Mary Ann HALDANE on 3rd May 1831 at St. Matthew’s Church, New Norfolk.  Mary Ann is the daughter of Betty HALDANE who was one of Burke And Hare’s victims. She was also a convict who was transported for 14 years in 1827 and arrived aboard the "Borneo" 8 Oct 1928 in Hobart Town.
John and Mary Ann had 3 children Mary Ann (1831-1839), John (1832-1854) and James (1833-1911).
John snr. died tragically after accidentally falling in to fire at the Bridgewater Hotel, Tasmanian.
The following is a transcript from the Coroner’s Inquest of the 13 September 1858.

The said John AUTON on the sixth day of September in the year 1858 at Bridgewater in the island aforesaid being alone in the tap room of the Bridgewater Hotel there situate it so happened that accidentally, casually, and by misfortune the clothes which he, the said John Auton then and there had on his body took fire by means whereof the said John AUTON then and there received certain mortal burns of which said mortal burns the said John Auton there and also at Her Majesty’s General Hospital at Hobart Town aforesaid in the island aforesaid from the said sith day of September in the year aforesaid until the ninth day of the same month and year did languish and languishing did live on which said last mentioned day in the year aforesaid the said John Auton in the aforesaid at Hobart Town aforesaid in the island aforesaid of mortal burns aforesaid did die and so the jurors aforesaid upon oath aforesaid accidentally, casually and by misfortune came to his death and nor otherwise.
Mary Ann remarried after his death to another convict John Cushion in 1861.

Anonymous on 2nd July, 2011 wrote of John Richard Matthews:

John Richard Matthews was born in Shaftesbury, Dorset, England about 1825. He was baptised on 17th April 1825. His mother, Sarah was unmarried. He had an older sister, Rhoda, born in 1816, also in Shaftesbury.

Anonymous on 1st July, 2011 wrote of George Parker:

George was a plasterer who married Margaret Sullivan in 1820. He was convicted for stealing shoes worth three shillings at the age of 18.

Anonymous on 1st July, 2011 wrote of Joseph Henry Clarke:

He may be my great great grandfather who was married to Catherine Mitchell at Shoalhaven NSW in January 1851 They went to Queensland in the latter part of the 1850’s and bought land at Roma in the 1860’s Joseph Henry died in 1894 in Roma All documents from his marriage in 1851 record his name as Joseph Henry Clarke a tailor born in London in 1810 having spent 60 years in Australia These particular aspects of the records match that of the convict Joseph Henry Clarke who arrived in Hobart in January 1835

Anonymous on 1st July, 2011 wrote of Ann Connor:

Within a short time of her after arrival in Hobart, Ann was brought before the court for been "drunk and disorderly".
She could not sign her name at her marriage to Johnathan Allen. He was also a transportee having been tried at Middlesex Gaol Delivery (Old Bailey) on 16/9/1812 for stealing lead from a roof. He was transported for 7 years on the "Marquess of Wellington"  which left England 1/9/1814 in company with HM Brig "Emu". 653 ton - built in Calcutta in 1801. Master Geo. Betham, Surgeon Thos. Leighton. Embarked 200
males, no females, Re-landed 1, 1 male death, landed 198 males in Sydney.
Route, via Madeira and Rio, took 148 days. Arrived Sydney 27/1/1815.
Ann was before the court again in Hobart on a charge of "bigamy". However, the case was dismissed - probably for lack of evidence.
Her cause of death is given as "gradual decay".

Anonymous on 30th June, 2011 wrote of Martha Burrell:

Record held at Surrey History Centre
[Ref. QS2/7/1796 Indictments]
“Surrey the jurors for our Lord the King upon their Oath present that Martha Burrell late of the Parish of Saint Mary of Newington in the County of Surrey Spinster on the first day of November in the thirty sixth Year of the Reign of our sovereign Lord George the third now King of Great Britain with Force and Arms at the parish aforesaid in the county aforesaid one silk Bonnet of the value of eight shillings one lace Cap of the value of twenty shillings one cotton Gown of the value of four shillings five pairs of cotton Stockings of the value of two shillings and six pence eight pieces of gold coin of this realm called Guineas of the value of eight pounds and eight shillings four other pieces of gold coin of this realm called half Guineas of the value of two pounds and two shillings and eight pieces of silver coin of this realm called Crown pieces of the value of forty shillings of the Goods, Monies and Chattels of Thomas Nichols then and there being found feloniously did steal take and carry away Against the Peace of our Lord the King his Crown and Dignity.
21 Lawson”

Anonymous on 30th June, 2011 wrote of Frederick William Francis:

I have details of his origin and his subsequent history in Australia.

Anonymous on 30th June, 2011 wrote of Thomas Jackman:

When transported, listed as Shoemaker’s Boy
Ticket of Leave 40/1833 23 August 1840
allowed to remain in District of Uppwe Wiliams River
Certificate of Fredom 16th March 1841
prisoner no 34/1698, stealing sausages
Married Margaret Best. an Irish Orphan who arrived on "Earl Grey" on 6th October 1848 the First SHip Load who are commemorated in the Memorial at Hyde Park Barracks.
Married at the Scots Church in Sydney 23rd May 1849
Children :- John born 29 March 1850 Ranger Valley
Glen Innes area at christening 9th January 1851 St Peter New England Profession Watchman
:-Margaret born 20 August 1851, Christened 4 January 1852 of Glen Innes Profession Laborer
St Peters New England she married Joseph Worley my ancestor (andseveral others)
:-William Henry born 19th February 1860
At Bingara, Goldfields Warialda district
Registraion 1860/013047
father’s profession Shoemaker
No registration of his death, but Margaret remarried in 1863 on 25th September in Inverell

Anonymous on 30th June, 2011 wrote of James Williams:

James Williams (1809-1867) was 16yrs when transported. Got his ticket of leave 12.11.1834 after serving 10yrs. Became a Butcher by trade.
Description Height 5’5", Complexion Fair, Hair Light Brown, Eyes Hard, Tatoo J H on Right arm.

Anonymous on 30th June, 2011 wrote of Mary Long:

Mary Long married Thomas Petrie in 1790 NSW,Australia. One of their children was 1/ Thomas born 1804 Sydney,NSW Australia they had two children. Mary Long’s husband Thomas Petrie he died in 1804. Mary Long meet a man named James Ward also a convict,he came to Australia on the convict ship SURPRIZE.He was born in Finsbury England abt 1766 or 1767, he died of a Snakebite in Windsor NSW ,Australia 19.November.1812 and he was buried the next day the 20th of November 1812 at the St Matthews Church of England at Windsor, County Cumberland NSW,Australia.Mary Long’s name is on the First fleet list, I think that she must have been put on the Lady Juliana instead.Mary was sentenced to death at Old Bailey’s Middlesex, for stealing a Gold locket . She was a very troublesome woman. Mary was sent to Norfolk Island on the 4th Febuary 1791 and a Flogging was ordered for Mary Long as she had abused and struck another woman.June 1794 Mary Long was ordered to stand trial for improper language,she recived lashes. In 1814 Mary was decribed as a single woman resident of Windsor, NSW,Australia with 5 children. In july 1818 Mary ‘s son’s James Ward aged 11 years ,son William Ward aged 8 years and son John Ward aged 7 years were all recomended for Male Orphan School. Mary Long’s birth place was London .I have as yet not found any evedenice of her death.

Anonymous on 30th June, 2011 wrote of Moses Mottram:

Received a full pardon in NSW 1842-1845

Anonymous on 30th June, 2011 wrote of James Fieldwick:

He was born on 2nd February 1812 in Shoreditch, London. He was indicted on 24th May 1833 for stealing a watch, a ring, a purse, a pen-knife, a waistcoat and a cap. 9th June 1837 had his term of transportation extended by two years (stole goods to the value of £5).27th May 1840 he was granted his Ticket of Leave. 26th July 1841 applied for permission to marry Grace Grant (refused). 12th January 1842 applied again to marry Grace Grant (refused - "the woman been undeserving").25th October 1842 was granted his Certificate of Freedom. 4th November 1848 married Mary Ann Upton (who died in 1849) then Isabella Russell on 4th October 1853 at Swansea - they had at least seven children and began the Fieldwick line from which all of that name in Tasmania are descended. Amazingly he persuaded his father (also James Fieldwick, a carpenter & builder) and his mother Jane to emigrate from England to Tasmania in 1855 when they were respectively 68 and 59 years old. Glad to supply further info if of interest.
Chris Allen - cfallen23@tiscali.co.uk

Anonymous on 30th June, 2011 wrote of James Turner:

I refer you to the statement of "Gypsey Smith" at his trial where he states he had been in the colony 29 years, and he is the only James Turner who fits exactly in that date range, ie 1828.
If you click on the tag above this article you will find some more articles on him.
My Great Grandfather (J.H.Watmuff) mentions in his diary a brief encounter with him at the "half way" diggings between Sandy Creek and Newbridge, 9th Nov. 1856 but mistakenly so, as he had been captured a week before at Daisy Hill. They were probably the remnants of his gang who escaped.
My G.Gfather later met Gray the digger who initiated gypsey’s capture, and gives the following account of his capture, somewhat different to the newspaper account.

"Oct 4th 1857.  Weather hot & sultry, sure
sign of the coming summer.  We joined
2 more mates last Monday, both married
men, W.Gray, & A.Alexander, 2 old mates
of Harrys in days gone by the former is
a smart young chap, he has been very un-
lucky lately, about 3 months ago he was
living on the Adelaide Lead & going up a
deserted gully, he saw a man washing him
self on going up to him without being
observed he recognised him as being the noted
bushranger & murderer, that had defied
all laws human & divine “Gypsy Smith”
there was £400 reward for his capture
Gray didnt show any mistrust but got
into conversation with the fellow got him
to give him a light of his pipe Etc.
[new page]
he sauntered back home after hiding & seeing
him go into a little hut among some scrub
he at once started for Maryborough some 10
miles, & getting a pistol & the assistance of
2 troopers returned, & bursting in the hut
after a desperate resistance captured him, but
not before he fired a shot at Bill which went
through his hat & grazed his head (rather a
narrow escape) Bill, of course wanted his
money, he was referred to Melbourne & had
to employ a lawyer, he was humbugged
for upwards of 2 months & at length got
£130, 70 of which he had to pay his lawyer
then he had his own expenses to meet &
his family had to get their necessaries on
credit so after all was settled he found
he was in debt £10.0.0. what a disgrace
to the Government to give a poor man such
bother after risking his life in the capture
of one of the greatest wretches that ever existed."

Anonymous on 29th June, 2011 wrote of William Bryant:

Married Jane Ison (Lloyd) also a convict in 1795 at Sydney. He adopted Janes daughter Martha Eaton/Bryant.

Anonymous on 29th June, 2011 wrote of Robert Hartless:

I have written this about the other Robert Hartless, but I have just discovered this, a more probable candidate.

Bronze disc with the collowing writing (looks as if done with a pin): ‘Confined within strong walls, Convicted by perjury and when am in a foreign land, dear friends Remember me. Robert Hartless, Aged 41, 1859 (poss. 1839) Prepare to meet thy god.’
in my Leicester family for many years, and from my grandfather, E.E.Beazeley, a teacher at Leicester College of Art.

Anonymous on 29th June, 2011 wrote of Robert Hartless:

I have an old token engraved as follows: ‘Confined within strong walls, convicted by perjury and when I’m in a foreign land, dear friend (s?)
Remember me. Robert Hartless, aged 41, 1859. Prepare to meet thy god.’

I am from a Leicester family and got this bronze disc from my grandfather, E.E. Beazeley, a teacher at the College of Art.

Anonymous on 29th June, 2011 wrote of Jeremiah Butler:

He was a member of John Howe’s expedition/s to find a route from the Hawkesbury R. to the Upper Hunter R., about 1820. The village of Jerrys
Plains is named in his honour.

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