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Recent Submissions

Jackie Wright on 5th October, 2014 wrote of Joseph Smith:

Son of Thomas and Eliz Smith of Winterton Lincs.
Brothers Thomas and John were transported to NSW in 1818/19 also for robbery.

Jackie Wright on 5th October, 2014 wrote of John Smith:

Stole bacon hams with brother Thomas and sold them on Hull market.

Jackie Wright on 5th October, 2014 wrote of Thomas Smith:

Stole bacon hams with his brother and sold them on Hull market

Jackie Wright on 5th October, 2014 wrote of Thomas Smith:

Son of Thomas and Elizabeth Smith of Winterton Lincs.  Transported with brother John.
Younger brother Joseph transported 1825.

Jackie Wright on 5th October, 2014 wrote of John Smith:

Son of Thomas and Elizabeth Smith of Winterton north Lincs.  One of three brothers who were transported.

Cassie Thompson on 4th October, 2014 wrote of William Webster:

William Webster married Mary Ann Staines (a fellow convict, she was transported aboard the Buffalo) on 27 Dec, 1936 at Maitland. They also had a daughter, Mary Anne Webster.

D Wong on 4th October, 2014 wrote of Henry Feast:

14/7/1856: TOL

31/2/1857: Permission to marry Sarah Puckrin.
4/5/1859: Married Sarah Puckrin in Perth, C of E. They had 11 children.
Sarah Louisa Puckrin, was the daughter of Thomas William David Puckrin and Louisa Jane Bartram.  She was born on 29 May 1833 in Perth, Western Australia, died on 17 Feb 1913 in Perth, Western Australia and was buried on 18 Feb 1913 in East Perth cemetery, Western Australia.
1860: Worked for self.

12/3/1864: CP Perth

D Wong on 4th October, 2014 wrote of Henry Feast:

Henry Feast was the father of Henry Feast who was transported to Western Australia
On the ‘Dudbrook in 1853.

25/12/1829: Married Mary Nightall, in Ely, Cambridgeshire.  Mary was born C1810 in Ely and died 7/5/1899 in Ely Workhouse, Cambridgeshire.

1842: TOL Liverpool
1846: Recommended for CP
30/7/1847: CP

10/5/1870: Lived in Bankstown.

No further marriage or children found.

Debra Yastreb on 4th October, 2014 wrote of Thomas Clifton:

Brother to William Clifton

Beverley Sparks on 4th October, 2014 wrote of Benjamin Barker:

Arrived Sydney Cove 15/12/1827 on the Midas.
Life for Cattle Stealing @ 24 years.
5ft 9” tall, ruddy complexion, blue eyes.

Debra Yastreb on 4th October, 2014 wrote of Henry Feast:

Son of Henry Feast sent to New South Wales

Sheila Harris on 4th October, 2014 wrote of Theodore Constantine:

In 1853 he was in Police Custody on the charge of forging a £5 note according to the Hobart Courier

Sheila Harris on 4th October, 2014 wrote of Theodore Constantine:

According to the Criminal register he was Charles Henry Theodore Constantine

Sheila Harris on 4th October, 2014 wrote of Theodore Constantine:

THEODORE CONSTANTINE aged 19 was indicted for stealing, on the 22nd of September 1822 , at St. George’s, Hanover-square, one watch, value 5 l.; one chain, value 2 l., and four rings, value 20 s., the goods of William Jarrin , in his dwelling-house.

Sheila Harris on 4th October, 2014 wrote of Francis Constantine:

He married Margaret Dent on 21st February 1825 at Wilton North Yorkshire.
She was living as a fund Holder or Annuitant in Guisborough until she died in 1862 there.

D Wong on 3rd October, 2014 wrote of Robert Turner:

Robert Turner was born in East Olby near Lewis.

Robert was 33 years old on arrival in VDL, he was 5’2 ½” tall, light brown eyes, black hair, married – wife Eliza at native place, 4 children.

20/6/1844: TOL
4/8/1846: Recommended for CP
5/10/1847: CP

14/7/1883 South Australian Chronicle, Adeliade:
TURNER.— On the 5th July,  at Gawler South, Robert Turner, butcher, Gawler, aged 77 years.
A colonist of over forty years, leaving a widow and family to mourn their loss.

D Wong on 3rd October, 2014 wrote of John Portlock:

John Portlock was 25 years old on arrival in VDL and was transported for ‘stealing 2 pigs’.

John was 5’5 1/2” tall, dark brown hair and whiskers, grey eyes, large scar under chin.
Married, wife Elizabeth at Birmingham.

1835: Assigned to Mr F Stocker

1840: Free Certificate.

John married Ann Dartnell who came through the London Emigration Committee scheme in the 1830’s.
The marriage dates differ, I found 1840, 1846 also 1852 although their first son Henry John Portlock was listed as born in 1837, Mary 1841 and Elizabeth 1842.

27/8/1852 The Argus, Melbourne:
At his residence, 31, Little Lonsdale-street, Mr John Henry Portlock, sincerely regretted by many friends, aged forty-two years.

D Wong on 2nd October, 2014 wrote of Sarah Pigg:

Compiled by Rob Holman from information from the booklet “The
Holman Family” written by Geoffrey Holman 1988.

Sarah Pigg was born in 1772 and at age 18 in 1790 she was arrested on a charge of stealing from Mary Smith’s shop. At this time in England stealing was a capitol offence and she had stolen 14 yards of lace valued at £3-13-6, 18 yards of lace edging £1-0-0, 31/2 yards of muslin 7/-, 4 pairs stockings 7/-, 4 linen handkerchiefs 4/-, 1 printed shawl 8/-, 9 yards Irish linen cloth 16/6 and 1 muslin apron 6/-.

She appeared at Hartfordshire Assizes on 3 March 1790, found guilty and sentenced to death by hanging. Since they needed women in the penal colony NSW she along with others had her sentence commuted to “transportation beyond the seas” for the term of her natural life.

Twelve months later she left Plymouth aboard “Mary Anne” 300 tons in the “third fleet” on 16-2-1791 (11 ships and 200 convicts). They arrived Sydney Cove 9-July 1791.
After 3 1/2 years she married Thomas Hoskisson at St. Phillips Church Sydney by Rev. Richard Johnson the first Chaplin of the colony. Thomas could read and write and we think he changed his name from Hodgkis who was sentenced at Maidstone Kent and transported for 7 years. He was aboard “William Ann” part of the third fleet. They lived together for some time before being married. They farmed along the Hawkesbury River at Green Hills (Windsor) and had 3 children. Sarah was pardoned by Governor Hunter after recommendations from Rev. Richard Johnston.
In August 1799 Thomas and a friend was murdered by aboriginals whilst hunting in the lower Blue Mountains. These aboriginals were seen later carrying the blankets and firearms stolen. Two were caught and killed by other settlers who were charged with murder but local judges could not decide their fate and later they were freed form bail by English decision.
Sarah received compensation from Governor Hunter in the form of a land grant of 60
acres at Petersham Hill.
Four years later she was married to Thomas Upton at Windsor by
Samuel Marden the second Chaplin. They took up farming at McHillar on a gift deed of 25 acres on the Hawkesbury River.
Sarah PIGG b. 1772 ? England d. 13 Nov 1827 Windsor NSW m1. 30 Jan 1795 St. Phillips
Sydney NSW Australia Thomas (HODGKIS) HOSKISSON b. ?? d. Aug 1799 Lower Blue
Mountains NSW. They had three children :
1. Mary HOSKISSON b. 20 May 1795 d. ???
2. John HOSKISSON b. 14 Sep 1799 d . ???
3. Thomas HOSKISSON b. 30 Jul 1797 d. 1880 Windsor NSW.
In 1787 at the age of 23 years Thomas Upton was living in lodging at 49 Windmill Street
London with his wife who was big with child and though poor was industrious. In July
1787 he was arrested with three others and charged with receiving stolen goods. In
September they appeared at the Old Bailey Court. At the trial, 14 year old John COOPER
had stolen 49 calico shirts from his employer Mr. John Williamson valued at £12.5.0 and 3 pair thread stockings 8/-. Cooper was found guilty and sentenced to be whipped privately and returned to his employer. (Following character reference from his employer).

received some shirts and his wife cut them up to make table linen and a frock for the new
baby. Thomas was found guilty of receiving stolen goods and on 12-8-1787 was
sentenced to transportation to NSW for 14 years. The other 3 got off on a technicality.
Thomas was interred in one of the Thames hulks for 2 years and 4 months before leaving
Portsmouth in the ” Neptune”-309 tons and in the “second fleet” on 19th Jan 1790. He
survived the “Death Fleet” and arrived Sydney Cove 28-6-1790. Thomas was a carpenter
and was made to assist settlers with building projects especially around Windsor. By 1800 he was given approval from Governor Hunter to become self employed as a carpenter and in 1801 his sentence had expired. Around this time he met Sarah HOSKISSON nee PIGG.
After her husband was murdered by aborigines and she was pardoned they cohabited and
eventually were married and given 25 acres of land at McHillar on the Hawkesbury River
and took up farming. They are buried at St. Matthews Cemetery in Windsor NSW
Thomas UPTON b. 1764 ? d. 10 May 1827 Windsor NSW. m. 04 Jul 1803 St.Johns Church
Parramatta NSW

Sarah PIGG b. 1772 England d. 13 Nov 1827 Windsor NSW
Thomas and Sarah had 8 children :
1. Lucy UPTON b. 1800 Windsor NSW. d. 13 Jul 1823 Windsor NSW. m. 15 Feb 1819
? Henry FORRESTER b. ? d. ?
2. James UPTON b. 09 Sep 1803 Windsor NSW d. 11 Aug 1888 Windsor NSW m. 31
Jan 1826 Windsor Catherine FRASER b. ? d. ?
3. Jesse UPTON b. 30 Jul 1806 Windsor NSW d. 15 Nov 1873 Emu Plains NSW. m. ?
He was a farmer and Inn Keeper. He married 3 times and had 16 children. (need research
into wives, children etc.)
4. Ann UPTON b. 18 Sep 1809 Windsor NSW. d. 06 Nov 1891 Picton NSW. m. 21 Jul
1829 William BOLLARD. B. ? d. ? issue ??
5. William UPTON b. 03 Sep 1811 Windsor NSW d. 20 Mar 1812 Windsor NSW
6. Jane UPTON b. 24 Mar 1813 Windsor NSW d. 04 Dec 1900 m. 1828 ? Patrick
BYRNE b. ? d. ? Issue ??
7. Sophia UPTON b. 26 Apr 1816 Richmond NSW d. 02 Apr 1884 Windsor NSW. m. 10
Oct 1831 Windsor NSW George CUPITT b. 28 Dec 1808 d. 1875 Windsor NSW. They had 11children. ( see Cupitt data )
8. Susanna UPTON b. 21 Sep 1817 Windsor NSW. d. 23 Nov 1817 Windsor NSW.

D Wong on 2nd October, 2014 wrote of Sarah Pigg:

Peta Kelly is correct, these are the details of the Sarah Pigg aka Smith who was tried on the 26/6/1842:

Proper name Sarah Smith

Sarah was born in Shropshire and was 28 years old on arrival in VDL.  She was transported for ‘stealing 4 sovereigns from Mr Evans’.

Sarah was 5’4” tall, pale complexion, red hair, hazel eyes, unmarried, CofE, could read and write, cut over left eye, cut on under lip, 5 years on the town.

Father Thomas in Shrewsbury;
5 brothers Elijah, Richard, John, Samuel, Thomas;
2 sisters Mary, Ann at NP

2/7/1850: TOL
14/12/1852: CP

No marriage found for Sarah Pigg – However there are 2 marriages listed for Sarah Smith per Emma Eugenia, one to John Swindells (Duncan 1841) in 1848 and one to Martin Rock in 1854 (he was free, and no Martin Rock as a convict) so don’t know if one of these are her.

Peta Kelly on 2nd October, 2014 wrote of Sarah Pigg:

There may have been another Sarah Pigg on the Emma Eugenia but the community contributed information here is for the Sarah Pigg who arrived per Mary Ann on the Third Fleet

Maxine Dahlstrom on 2nd October, 2014 wrote of Robert Turner:

Robert Turner moved to South Australia pre 1850.He was a butcher in Gawler.  His wife Ann and two boys travelled on the brig ‘Dorset’ arriving from Hobart on 30th November 1849.

D Wong on 2nd October, 2014 wrote of John Portlock:

John Portlock arrived on the Lady Kennaway.  The Norfolk had abandoned her voyage after being forced back three times and the convicts were then transferred to the Lady Kennaway.

D Wong on 2nd October, 2014 wrote of Benjamin Evans Turner:

The information below has been collected from the research of Merilyn Ragg.

Paul Curran on 2nd October, 2014 wrote of Elizabeth Shackle:

Elizabeth Shackle was born in the village of North Perrott, Somerset, England in 1782. She was the eldest of eight known children of Joseph Shackle, an unemployed labourer, and his wife Elizabeth. In February 1800, the younger Elizabeth gave birth to a son Robert, father unknown, and soon after walked to the nearby Dorset town of Bridport where she obtained work as a twine spinner. It is not known what became of Robert but while at Bridport she gave birth to a second son, Daniel, on 9 th February, 1806.

Now unemployed and with a child to support she turned to theft. She was caught stealing a quantity of muslin and calico from the Bridport drapery shop of Edwin Wagstaff and was arrested on 29 th October, 1806. She was held in Dorchester Gaol before being tried at the Dorset Assizes on 12 th March, 1807. She was found guilty of stealing; convicted of Grand Larceny and sentenced to be “transported beyond the seas for a term of seven years”. She was returned to prison to await transportation. Seven months later she was taken, along with Daniel, to Portsmouth where, on 16 th February 1808, they were placed aboard the ship Speke. Elizabeth became one of the 97 female prisoners bound for Port Jackson. In March the Speke sailed to Falmouth to join a fleet which left on 18 th May, 1808 and arrived at Sydney on 16 th November, 1808 after a voyage of 185 days.

They were immediately placed in boats and taken upriver to the Female Factory at Parramatta. Within days of her arrival there, she was selected by William Charker (Coromandel, 1802 and was assigned to him to become his “hut keeper”. Although they never married, Elizabeth assumed the name and role of Mrs Chalker (William’s commonly used alias) from that time. Their first child, Edward, was born on 10th September, 1809 at South Creek where William was employed as Farm Overseer for Gregory Blaxland. Other children were William James (1810), Maria (1811) Joseph Henry (1813), John (1815), James (1817), Mary Ann (1818) and George (1821). Frederick (1825) was born two years after William died but was known as Chalker. Edward and his older half-brother Daniel, incidentally, achieved fame in the colony as bare-knuckle fighters.

When William died prematurely in February, 1823 at the age of forty eight years, Elizabeth was left to raise her young and large family alone. However, since his emancipation in 1808, William had become a substantial landowner and all of this was bequeathed to Elizabeth during her lifetime, then to be divided among her children, thus including Daniel. In addition, Elizabeth received an additional grant of 200 acres of land at Mittagong which had been requested by William before his death. Edward McCabe who had been working for William and replaced him after his retirement, sought and was granted permission to marry Elizabeth in August 1823, but the marriage did not take place. Instead she retained full control of William’s estate to bequeath to her children. However, she did give birth to another child baptised on 27 th October, 1825 as Frederick Chalker but with Edward McCabe acknowledged as the father. Elizabeth died without a Will at South Creek on 1 st October, 1842, aged 60 years. The provisions of William’s Will ensured that all of her nine children received a substantial bequest of land. This did not include Frederick . Elizabeth was buried at Parramatta alongside William, where her headstone records her name as Elizabeth Sheekle.

Compiled and written by Malcolm Scanes Vice President, Chalker/Charker Society of Australia.

Lynn Batley on 2nd October, 2014 wrote of Joseph Tattershall:

Convicted along with Moses & John Stansfield       (Brothers) for Cutting & Wounding a Policeman at Monk Breton Barnsley Yorkshire

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