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Recent Submissions

Anonymous on 28th December, 2011 wrote of John Monnox:

John was born in Birmingham.  His father Richard Monnox was a publican.  John settled at Mt Vincent near Maitland, NSW.

Anonymous on 28th December, 2011 wrote of John Glover:

John’s brother Gerard was transported to Tasmania on the Gilmore in 1843.  They came from the village of St Paul’s Cray in Kent.

Anonymous on 27th December, 2011 wrote of Charlotte Dawson:

Married John Campbell 07/10/1831 St James Sydney

Bevyn Cornford on 27th December, 2011 wrote of Robert Gray:

My great grandmother Harriet Cornford (whose husband James was killed in a boating accident on the Hunter River, Morpeth, NSW 24-9-1844)married Robert Gray on 1-9/1845 in Parish of Maitland, NSW. They had four children Robert 1846-?, Harriet 1849-1899, Miles 1849-1890, Mary A 1851-?. Robert passed away 8-1-1872 at Welltown near Goondiwindi, Qld and Harriet passed away at Nundle NSW 9-10-1856 and is buried at Goonoo Goonoo NSW. Still looking for more information.

Lavinia on 27th December, 2011 wrote of Eleanor Emmett:

1806 - Tried at the Old Bailey, Middlesex, London 17 Sep 1806.
1810 - Married Richard Douglas 19 March 1810.
1810 - granted a Free Pardon 31 March 1810.

Lavinia on 27th December, 2011 wrote of Thomas Emmett:

1828 – employed by Australian Agricultural Company at Stroud NSW
?1835 – received Tickets of Leave (No. 35/722)
1842 – received Conditional Pardon (No. 43/348)
1849 - died 15 March 1849 aged 40 at Australian Agricultural Company at Stroud NSW; buried 16 March 1849.
Thomas apparently fathered a son (see NSW BDM index), Thomas Emmett, born 2 September 1838 died 16 May 1882 Temora, NSW, to Deborah Wall, who had married Thomas Phillips, a Constable, on 20 May 1838. Deborah died in 1882 in Melbourne, Victoria.

Anonymous on 27th December, 2011 wrote of James Josey:

1st offence of robbery was 1837 (I have transcripts of witness statements from trial) 18 months inpisonement. 2nd Offence robbing a wagon by and arms transported July 1840 on Eden. Sent to Ipswich Red Plains. Ticket of leave granted and married 1849 . At the end of his life owned 6000 hectares biography
and photo available (online) at Queensland state library

Anonymous on 27th December, 2011 wrote of Andrew Wilkinson:

sentenced to 7 years imprisonment for marrying Dinah Manson with whome he had 7 children whilst his first wife Elizabeth Richardson still lived.


Anonymous on 26th December, 2011 wrote of Mary Holmes:

C/LSS 1/2 Quarter session minute book 13 Jan 1810-17 Oct 1823

‘An indictment being preferred and found against Mary Holmes for felonously stealing one cotton gown and other articles the property of Mary Nuthall to which she pleaded Guilty - It is Ordered by the Court that the said Mary Holmes be taken hence to his Majestys House of Correction at Southwell and from thence to the County Gaol at Nottingham to be transported for the term of Seven years to such parts beyond the Seas as His Majesty in Council shall think fit"

Mary was assigned to Justice Barron Field on arrival in Sydney but soon dismissed.
In 1818 she had a son with Thomas SLANEY - the child (Joseph) died aged 12 days.
On 29 October 1818 she married Charles FROUD (Larkins 1817). Charles died 24 Jan 1819.  Their son Charles was born 7 July 1819.
On 20 Jan 1822 she had a daughter, Hannah, with Thomas FLOWERS (convict, ship unknown). 
On 1 April 1824 she had a son, Isaiah/Josiah, with Joseph DANKS (convict, ship Eliza(I)).  She married Joseph DANKS 24 July 1826.  They had a daughter, Sarah, on 26 March 1828.  Joseph died 25 Aug 1836.
Mary died at an unknown date.
She continued a life of petty crime after transportation, known convictions being for stealing three ducks, and for stealing a box and a pound note.  She was sent to the female factory and to Darlinghurst gaol for these crimes.
Mary is my great-great-great-great-grandmother.

Ralph Sharman on 25th December, 2011 wrote of Britton Jones:

my great,great, great grandfather

Chris Creedy on 24th December, 2011 wrote of George Creedy:

George was baptised 12 April 1822 at St Marys church Bridgwater, Somerset, England. He was the son of John Creedy & Mary Tamlyn.He was one of seven children. He received his ticket of leave on 28 April 1846.
George left Hobart, bound for Melbourne, on the ship "Circassion" on 13 Feb 1852, he was discribed as a goldseeker. He was arrested in Baccus Marsh on the 03 Oct 1854 for being found under suspicious circumstances, he was discharged.

Kairii on 23rd December, 2011 wrote of Thomas Newman:

Servant and washerwoman. Deep thought! Thanks for contributing.

Janaye on 23rd December, 2011 wrote of Agnes Agnew:

I have been so bweildered in the past but now it all makes sense!

Ken Scott on 23rd December, 2011 wrote of Andrew Hutton:

Andrew Hutton was given a Ticket of Leave on the 31st January 1830 8 years into his sentence of 14 years. Andrew married Catherine Dougald in 1850.He became a drover and cattleman working at Nungatta Run close to Vic Border. Due to drought he took 500 head of cattle down river to Genoa and then onto Gippsland. There is a map of Victoria with his name and route that he took, the Aboriginals drove him out. In 1840 Angus Mcmillan (explorer) took up Bushy Park Briagolong near Maffra Vic and Andrew Hutton worked on the property. He is listed in the 1856 electoral roll for Gippsland at one hundred pound per annum for Mcmillan, the McMillan house is still at Briagolong but in very poor state. Andrew is the Great Great Grandfather of Margaret Hutton/Scott Living in Victoria Aust

Makaela on 23rd December, 2011 wrote of Alfred Hooker:

As Chraile Sheen says, this article is "WINNING!"

Anonymous on 23rd December, 2011 wrote of Richard Roynon:

Attempted murder of Elizabeth Veale (19 years old) 12 October 1840 as reported in the Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette - Thursday 8 April 1841.

Anonymous on 23rd December, 2011 wrote of Henry Norman:

Born Sporle with Palgrave,Norfolk uk. Parents Comfort and Hannah.First offence 1834 larceny 12 months imprisonment

Anonymous on 22nd December, 2011 wrote of John Hudson:

This John Hudson was NOT the youngest convict, that record belongs to another John Hudson.  He left behind a wife (Elizabeth) and young daughter Rebecca - 6 month old at time of his conviction in October 1842.

Helen Sulzberger on 21st December, 2011 wrote of James Swann:

james is my great grandfather and died on the run after escaping prison.

Dorothy Small on 21st December, 2011 wrote of Thomas Drewery:

Thomas Drewry was also a Publican at the Drewry Family Hotel in Fitzroy

B Murray on 21st December, 2011 wrote of Thomas Williams:

indicted for stealing 20 yards of check,value 30s the property of james tucker. married on the 2.4.1822 mary johnston a convict who arrived sydney "maria" 17.9.1818.

Anonymous on 21st December, 2011 wrote of Francis Garland:

My understanding of this man was that he came in the first fleet on the Charlotte originally from the West Country of England

Mark Fowler on 21st December, 2011 wrote of Joseph Walker:

Buried in St Marks Anglican church, Pontville, Tasmania as is his wife Sophia.  POntville is just north of Hobart.

Anonymous on 21st December, 2011 wrote of Joseph Walker:

Buried at St Marks church, Pontville Tasmania (just north of Hobart) along with his wife Sophia

Gerry on 21st December, 2011 wrote of Richard Stiles:

He was tried and convicted at Worcester in England, and on 26th July,1800 he received a death sentence, This was commuted to Capital Respite.  Apparently it is for one who is transported for life instead of suffering the death penalty. He left behind a wife Ann (Taylor) and children Elizabeth Stiles, Sarah Stiles, George Stiles and Mary Stiles.
Arrived: 14 08 1802,  Port: NSW,  Sailed: 12 02 1802, From: Spithead,  Days: 173,  Embarked: 113,  Sydney: 112,  Master : Jn Davison,  Surgeon: W.S Fielding.
via Rio de Janiero and the Cape Of Good Hope.  The ship "Perseus" of 362 tons built in Stockton in 1789.
Richard was assigned to Mr Jamieson Supt of Stock. He worked for Mr Jamieson for seven years and then in 1809 there is a memorial where he asks for a ticket of leave.  On July 21st 1810 he was in trouble for not giving his name, which I gather, must have been a form of reporting.               
1810 Petition for mitigation of sentence (Fiche 3168; 4/1847 p.214)
PARDON. Surname STYLES, First Name : Richard, Vessel Perseus, Year 1803, Pardon Type CP, Date of Pardon 29 Feb 1812, Item [4/4430], Reel 774, Page 056.

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