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Recent Submissions

Nadine Summerley on 16th June, 2012 wrote of William Blackwell:

Married in Earls Barton Northamptonshire England

Anonymous on 15th June, 2012 wrote of Charles Bond:

Convicted 5 April 1843 Northamptonshire
Born Cold Ashby, Northamptonshire
Mother -Jane McDONALD
Father James BOND
Married Ellen ONIONS 31 July 1854 Oatlands,Tasmania (Van Dieman’s land)
6 children
Tasmanian Pioneer’s Index 1804 - 1899 CD -ROM

Anonymous on 15th June, 2012 wrote of Mark Bartley:

Mark Bartley was indicted for stealing 2 watches, seals, chains and keys the property of Thomas Bowles and Thomas Pitkin.

He was born in Dorsetshire and it was his 1st conviction.  He had a scar on right cheek, bust of a man, star, W.G.R.B., 3 bands, anchor, 2 stars on right arm.  Bird perched on a heart and darts, J Hill and anchor left arm below elbow, ring on 3rd finger of left hand, hazel eyes, brown hair, 5’4 1/4" tall, single, could read and write a little and was protestant.

27/11/1849: Married Caroline Oxford per Asia and had 1 female child.  This marriage may have broken up because Caroline then had a relationship with Charles Allen, they had 10 children from 1853 onwards and only married in 1867, 2 of the children born after the marriage.
Caroline died in 1872 in Hobart.

Mark Bartley must still have been alive because in the 1850’s his TOL was revoked.  I could not find a date of death for him.

Anonymous on 15th June, 2012 wrote of John Hickson:

Married convict Rebecca Hamilton (Thomas Harrison 1836)

Gary Bull on 15th June, 2012 wrote of Rebecca Hamilton:

The ship was the Thomas Harrison.

Anonymous on 15th June, 2012 wrote of Rebecca Hamilton:

b. 1808 County Antrim, Northern Ireland

d. 1843 New South Wales, Australia

Married covict John Hickson (Waterloo 1833) in Sydney 7/5/1841.

Mxmar0 on 15th June, 2012 wrote of James Taylor:

Was married with 2 children being a boy and a girl.

Anonymous on 15th June, 2012 wrote of Henry Evans:

Henry Evans was born in Gloucestershire.  He was 23 years old when transported for stealing brass, could read and write, protestant, married, 1 male child, no former convictions, 5’3" tall, ruddy complexion, light brown hair, hazel grey eyes, lost 2 front teeth, left side of upper jaw, five moles left side of neck, another back of right side of neck, bird and horseshoe inside lower left arm.

He married (1) Eliza Croker Browning 3/11/1843 in St. Saviour’s Anglican Cathedral Goulburn.  She was born in 1824 in Cornwall, and died about 1855. (2) married Johanna A Butler January 1856 in Kings Plains, Burrowa.  She was born C1836 in County Kilkenny and died 29/7/1906 in Redbank, Frogmore.

6 children were born to Henry and Eliza and 9 children with Johanna.

Anonymous on 15th June, 2012 wrote of John Beezet:

John was 22 years old on arrival in VDL.
He was a man of colour: black complexion, blark hair and eyes, 5’7" tall and came from Philadelphia.

John was also known as Beezett/Wilkinson or Wilkinson.

7/3/1823: TOL

10/11/1822: Married Ann Hewlins, at St. David’s Cathedral, Hobart,  Born C1802 Westminster.  Died 6/6/1866 Hobart.

Children:All born in Habart, under Wilkinson. John 4/10/1824.
George 17/5/1827-23/10/1896 Hobart
Susanna Bezett 24/9/1831-26/9/1912 Sandy Bay.
Charles William 26/5/1834-20/9/1886 Hobart
John 3/6/1836-died unknown
John 9/10/1838-died unknown
Ann Rebecca 17/7/1841-died unknown
Edward Bezette 21/5/1846-died unknown.

John is buried at St. David’s burial ground, Hobart and his occupation at the time of his death was a carpenter.

Anonymous on 15th June, 2012 wrote of William Ashford:

14/6/1826: Ticket of Leave Felon - Robbing the dwelling house of Mr w Saltmarsh at Norfolk"Island"(hard to read) committed for trial.

Executed on 19/2/1827.  Buried as Matther Ashford.

Anonymous on 15th June, 2012 wrote of Dennis Alcoloret:

Dennis Alcoloret was Aged 24 when indicted for stealing 6 pairs of boots, value 30s., the goods of William Patterson, a shoemaker, privately in his shop.  He said he was buying them for his wife, so presumably he was married.

Jul7 1821-31/8/1828 Dennis received 150 lashes, not all at once, for being absent without leave or drunk or out after hours or neglect of duty.

Dennis was murdered by William Wilkes who was executed on 23/1/1830.

Anonymous on 15th June, 2012 wrote of William Ashton:

Born in York.

Jan 1823: Servant of John Cobcroft of Wilberforce: attestation as to his character for a ticket of leave.
29/1/1823: On list of persons who obtained ticket of leave’s during the last week.

1827: TOL
1834: CP
5/1/1836: COF.

Anonymous on 15th June, 2012 wrote of William Ashton:

27/10/1828: NOTICE: All persons are cautioned against employing or in any way harbouring William Ashton, who was hired by Mr. Richard Fitzgerald, of Windsor, for twelve months, as a shepherd, and after receiving provisions, with sundry other articles, was put in charge of a valuable flock of sheep in the interior, which he deserted.
Ashton is a free man, having a certificate stating he had been employed for some years by Mr Liquorish of Toongabbee, as a Shepherd.  He is about 5’3" high, dark sallow complexion; arrived in 1820 by the Lady Castlereagh, and is thought to be gone into Argyleshire.  Dated, September 25th 1828.

Anonymous on 15th June, 2012 wrote of William Ashton:

William Ashton was 18 years old when indicted for stealing 1 gold watch, value 10l., 2 gold seals value 2l., a gold key value 5s., a metal key value 2d., and other articles the property of Edward Ogilvie.

12/1/1820: Absconded from the Road Gang - 50 lashes and to be transported to Newcastle for 3 years.

6/11/1823: COF (Syd.Gazette)

Syd. Gaz.) William Ashton free by servitude, hired servant to John Liquorish, Toongabbie, absconded with a silver watch.  Any information to aid his capture $4.00

26/7/1826: (Syd.Gaz.) William Ashton who was found guilty of assaulting a six year old girl was placed in the pillory, opposite the Court House,Windsor.  The punishment is to be renewed quarterly for 2 years. (Many William Ashtons, but I think this may by him.)

27/10/1828: NOTICE;

Anonymous on 15th June, 2012 wrote of James Graham:

James Graham came from Radnorshire, 5’3" tall, sallow complexion, light brown hair, brown eyes, nose cocked, small mole under left jaw and 1 inside right elbow.

18/11/1842: Age 23 Absconded from James Mitchell Glendon.

22/1/1846: COF

His crime may have been theft.

Anonymous on 14th June, 2012 wrote of John Beezet:

John was convicted at Bristol 15 April 1818 (? crime) - 7 year Transportation sentence. Departed on ‘Surrey 1’ 17 Oct 1818, arrived van Diemen’s Land 18 Mar 1819. Conduct: 1819 - disorderly at church; 1820 - neglect of duty. Tasmanian Archives record.

Anonymous on 14th June, 2012 wrote of Michael Kennon:

From information passed down through his Grandson, Michael Kennon became known by the following names. Michael, Michael William, William, William Michael CANNON.
He married Sophia Ballard in 1842 in Sydney but lived in Maitland, NSW. He had a number of jobs but mostly a Publican at a couple of establishments in the Morpeth/Maitland area. Most notiably, the Gold Diggers Arms Hotel.

Anonymous on 14th June, 2012 wrote of Charlotte Biddlecombe:

Tried at Dorset 15 Oct 1833 for Larceny (shoplifting). 7 year Transportation sentence to van Diemen’s Land, departing Woolwich 5 May 1834, arriving 4 Sep 1834. Single.
Appropriation to GC Clarke, Ellenthorpe.
Lieut. Govenor granted a Free Pardon to the women accompanying Mr. Bethune’s family to England, 1839. Free Pardon 28 Dec 1839.
Married Thomas Thompson (‘Medway’) (alais Johnson and Smith) 15 Feb 1836 Hobart.

Anonymous on 14th June, 2012 wrote of Thomas Thompson:

Thomas was tried at Lincoln Assizes for horse stealing and given a Life transportation sentence. (Previous like offence, imprisoned for 2yrs.) Departed 28 July 1825 for Van Diemen’s Land, arriving 14 Dec 1825. Left behind a wife, living at his father’s at Cavendish Bridge, Darby. Assigned to Ritchie. Ticket of Leave recommended to preventing a burglary. 1835.
Had alais names of Johnson and Smith.
Married Charlotte Biddlecome(ex convict, ‘Edward’, at Hobart 15 Feb 1836 (State Archives of Tas, Convict Permission to marry and Pioneer Index registration)

Anonymous on 14th June, 2012 wrote of John Shears:

John Shears was 14 years old when indicted for stealing 1 handkerchief, value 4s., the goods of Thomas William Baker, from his person.

On arrival at VDL he was 16, 4’10", protestant, could read and write, fair complexion, light brown hair, hazel eyes, medium nose, mouth and chin, cross and anchor inside left arm, star left side of breast and his native place was Poplar.

Period of Probation: 2 years.
Station of Gang: Port Arthur/Point Puer.

4/6/1842:Point Puer, refusing to work and threatening an overseer - 25 stripes on the back.
4/3/1844: Extended term of probation exp’d.
27/2/1846: TOL

31/3/1854: Departures - per Pirate, Launceston to Geelong.  Free by servitude.

Anonymous on 14th June, 2012 wrote of Philip Walter:

Philip Walter was 35 years old on arrival.
1845: TOL Camden
1846: Recommended for CP
30/1/1847: CP

Anonymous on 14th June, 2012 wrote of Thomas Thompson:

Thomas was convicted at the Stafford Assizes 1837 of assault and highway robbery. Life transportation sentence to van Diemen’s Land. Departed on the ‘Recovery’ from Downs 27 May 1837, arrived 8 Oct 1837. Gaol report -bad. Single. Convict no. 70416. Ticket of Leave 21 Oct 1845. Conditional Pardon 19 Jan 1847.

Anonymous on 14th June, 2012 wrote of Ann Gorman:

Ann Gorman was transported on the Marquis Cornwallis 1796.
She was tried in 1793 at Tholsel Dublin City for 7 years - the crime was Felony-money.

Ann was 18 years old.

Spouse: (1) 1795 Lived with William Quinn in Ireland. (2) 1797 Lived with Joseph Flood died 1808. (3) Lived with Patrick Caffrey.

Ann died in Sydney 1814.

Anonymous on 14th June, 2012 wrote of Edward Britton:

Edward’s name was Edmund.  He was 56 years old when he arrived in VDL and was transported for receiving stolen wool.  Edmund was a widower with 9 children.  He had light blue eyes, brown and grey hair, was 63.5cm tall and was born in Beecham Wells.

1835 Muster: Assigned to Mr W Nicholls.

25/1/1839: TOL
10/7/1841: COF
Edmund died in Hobart 1851.

Anonymous on 14th June, 2012 wrote of Charles Flanders:

Charles Flanders was in the 10th Regiment in India.  He was court martialled for striking Sergeant M Devine of the 29th Regiment and sentenced to 14 years.  He was transported on the Royal Saxon which arrived in Sydney in February 1847, although this was not a convict transportation ship.

Charles was single, 5’10" tall, fresh complexion, dark bron hair, no whiskers, dark brown eyebrows, hazel eyes, large nose and mouth, protestant, could read and write a little and his native place was Northampton.

Charles arrived in VDL 18/4/1847 and his Period of Labour was 21 months, Station of Gang; Lymington.  He had many offences, absconding, neglect of duty, disobeying orders resulting in solitary confinements and additions to his sentence.  After absconding from a road gang once more he was sent to Port Arthur and from there was sent to Norfolk Island 22/11/1850.  He arrived back to VDL and was sent bact to Port Arthur 29/9/1852.

Charles finally received a TOL on 16/11/1858.

25/4/1862: After drinking at New’s Public House, he met Thomas Riley and they were going to do a fencing job.  Riley was met by his 2 children on the was but collapsed on the way and Flanders went on with the children.

Riley got to his hut about 10-11pm but could not find his children or Flanders.  Four days later they found his daughter, 10 year old Mary Ann, she had beeen strangled and sexually molested.  Flanders was arrested on the 7th of May in Hamilton.

24/6/1862: Flanders was executed and his body dissected at the General Hospital.

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