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Ellen West on 12th June, 2012 wrote of Matthew Blackham:

Gaolers Report been guilty of many Crimes

MATTHEW aged 25 years arrived on the hulk "Justitia" at Woolwich on the 17th September 1822 (Stealing Money)
I think a JOHN HARRISON born abt 1796 was also involved with MATHEW he was also on the "Justitia" for Stealing

MATTHEW was bought before the Derbyshire Quarter Sessions in 16th July 1822 (Larcency) on charges of theft of 3 shillings worth of tools & minerals, & two counts of theft of 7 shillings & sixpence worth of money & valuables.
He was sentenced to 7 yrs Transportation to Tasmania Australia.He is described as a Labourer of Crich.
MATHEW was sent out on the "Competitor" leaving on the 18th March 1823 arrived on the 3rd August 1823 VA Diemans Land The Master was William Ascough, Surgeon George Clayton

MATTHEW 1st married Matilda Storer in Derbyshire
2nd Marriage in Tasmania was to Alice Simpkins (a convict)on the 17/10/1827
3rd Marriage to Mary Jordan 26/12//1853
(a convict)

Ellen West on 12th June, 2012 wrote of Edward Stearn:

1829 April Sessions Court of Suffolk EDWARD was charged with Larceny & was given 1 month Imprisonment & was twice whipped

On the 17th July 1838 EDWARD was charged with Larceny before Convicted of Felony & was given 7 Years transportation Imprisonment

Edward was transported on the "Canton" which left London 22nd September 1839 arriving Hobart Tasmania 12th January 1840.

EDWARD was charged for stealing fowls. Gaol report convicted before. Hulk report good. Stated this offence, stealing ducks from Mrs Wilkinson in Suffolk. Once one month for braces, once for breaking a fiddle one month, once for assault 6 weeks. Single. Surgeons report very good

EDWARD was a Farm Labourer
EDWARD’S Description
HEIGHT 5ft 2in
HEAD Round
HAIR Brown
NOSE Small
CHIN Large
REMARKS Large Scar right arm,

17th JANUARY 1840 - 12 Months Probation
11th MARCH 1840 - Probation gang, absent without leave, to be confined in a cell on bread and water for 3 days, Prisoners Barracks
10 AUGUST 1840 - Probation Gang Sandy Bay, absent without leave and returning with a quantity of turnips in his possession, hard labour in chains 4 months. L.S.confirmed, Land Surveyors gang in Government Domain, vide Lieutenent Governors decision 25th August 1840
27th AUGUST 1840 - Land Surveyors chain gang, neglect of duty, cell on bread and water 6 days L.S.
17 th SEPTEMBER 1840 - Probation gang in chains, neglect of duty, existing sentence to hard labour in chains and one month P.L. confirmed Leiutenant Governers Decision 19th September 1840
15 OCTOBER 1840 - Probation gang in irons, neglect of duty, reprimanded
22 MARCH 1842 Bonney, insolence and neglect of duty 36 lashes Carried out C.O.
2 FEBRUARY 1844 Midlands Department absent without leave one month hard labour A.G
13 MAY 1844 - Prisoner work force misconduct in absenting himself without leave, 3 months hard labour R.P. approved chain gang vide Lieutentant governors decision 27th September 1844
4 th JUNE 1844 - Prisoners Barracks NIve? taking a pair of trousers from the premise of the Superintendent, 3 months hard labour in addition ?? sentences of hard labour A.G.
9 th FEBRUARY 1845 Reslebt?(Possibly name of person he was assigned to ) absent without leave 3 months hard labour WG ?, vide Lieutenant Governors decision 21st February 1845
17th JUNE1845- Free Certificate No 47 1st Class
2nd JANUARY 1846 FS/ feloniously receiving/ committed for trial Launceston Supreme Court 8th January 1846 Discharged by proclamation.
    Form very hard to read.  Intials of Supervisor in Caps, Bonney is probably Bonney Plains in the north of the state

EDWARD received his Ticket of Leave on the 24th May 1844
1856 EDWARD was living at Japan Street, Warnambool, he was Labourer

Ellen West on 12th June, 2012 wrote of Daniel Stearn:

April 1829 Suffolk Court Sessions DANIEL was charged with Larceny & given 1 Month & was whipped twice

Daniel Stearn was convicted for stealing a cap 6th April 1831 he was 16 yrs old & was sentenced to 7 yrs & 1 month he left England on board the "Surrey" arriving in NSW 26th November 1831 CHARLES KEMP was the Master
Description of Daniel Stearn
HEIGHT 5ft 4 1/2 inchs
COMPLEXION ruddy, fair, freckled.
HAIR light brown,
EYES Light blue
He had a tattoo of a mermaid on the upper part of his left arm
DANIEL could neither read nor write he was a Protestant

He applied for an application to marry Sarah Gallagher 16th May 1841 at East Maitland .Refused on the 7th October 1841,request granted 18th October 1841

1856 Electrol Roll DANIEL is living at Lava Street Warnambool , he was a Carter

Anonymous on 12th June, 2012 wrote of William Stearn:

WILLIAM SNOWLING STEARN was charged with Assault on the 20th October 1841 & was given 1 month & sureties.
He was charged on the 4th January 1843 with stealing from a Warehouse & was given 7 years placed on the Hulk "Justitia" moored at Woolwich
1851 WILLIAM SNOWLING is in St Margaret Prison Ipswich Suffolk he is a down as a Pedlar
1909 Electrol Roll has William & Catherine living at Roy Street, Wangaratta,he was a Dog Catcher

William Snowling Stearn was charged at Woodbridge Suffolk England (convict number 3519) on the 5th January 1853 with Larceny from the Person (before Convicted of Felony)  & sentenced to Life he was transported to Fremantle W.A. on board the "Adelaide" which left Portland England 19th April 1855 arriving in Fremantle 18th July 1855
He received his Ticket of Leave 17th January 1858 & his Conditional Pardon 12th December 1862.
Worked for himself 1859-1860 he was a Blacksmith by trade
William Snowlings Description Height 5" 5 1/2’  Hair brown, Eyes Grey, Face oval,Build Middle stouting,
Tattoo of a woman, man ,& flower on his right arm tattooed on his left arm"Snowling Stearn"

On or about the 11th September 1863 WILLIAM SNOWLING was charged for creating a disturbance and fined 10 shillings (WA)

On the 17th September 1863 William & Catherine were witness’s for the marriage of Ann Hackett & Charles Brown at the Wesleyan Chapel Perth

Witness’s at William & Catherine’s marriage were Thomas Mead & MA Marsh

An old identity of Wangaratta in Mr William Stearn died at his residence in Roy Street yesterday afternoon at 4 o’clock from Heart Failure at the advanced age of 93 years. he had been in failing health for some years past and was confined to his bed for the past nine months during which time he was attended to by Dr Henderson and was attentiveley nursed by Mrs Stearn and his daughter Mrs A Johnson and the Rev. F. Chisholm who was very attentive and considerate.The late Mr Stearn was born at Woodbridge in England and came to Australia 48 years ago accompanied by his wife.They arrived at Sydney, but after three days stay went around to Melbourne where they only remained two days and proceeded to Warrnambool where they stopped six months. Mr Stearn was a Blacksmith by trade and secured employment at his trade on Katandra Station but after twelve months entered the employ of Mr Hay of Boomahnoomoonah Station with whom he spent another year and then started business on his own account at Mulwala NSW. He worked up a good business and at the end of six years sold out to come to Wangaratta arriving in the town in 1872. He bought along a dray and some horses and went in for carting. When living in Templeton Street opposite the Wangaratta Tannery he manufactured cordials which he found a ready sale at a high price. Thirty Five years ago he moved to Roy Street and lived in that street ever since.
He secured a postion as an officer in the employ of Mr Darbell of Beechworth who was the Sheriff in those days and remained with him for many years. He also acted as agent for the Trades Protection Society and later was employed as a Dog Catcher by the Borough Council. He was a family figure about Wangaratta
He leaves beside his wife a family of three girls and four boys viz Mrs A Johnson of Carboor, Mrs W Moore of Wodonga, Mrs W Martin of Wandilligong, and Messrs Daniel of Sydney, William of Adelaide, and Thomas and Joseph of Western Australia.
The remains will be interred in the Wangaratta Cemetery tomorrow afternoon,, the funeral arrangements are in the hands of Mr J.J. Handley

William & Catherine are buried in the Presbyterian Section Grave number 292c it is unmarked in Wangaratta Cemetery

William & Catherine owned a block
at 17 Cusack Street Wangaratta they sold this to Rose & Edwin Beardmore in 1909 & they built a house on it

William Snowling Stearn was charged with uttering a forged order for two pounds on Henry Albert, of Baylup, in
the name of Thomas Robson of Newcastle.
Robson owed the prisoner two pounds for
some cart-arms and boxes. Stearn was leaving Newcastle and going to Perth, and Robson gave him an order on Albert. An order was presented to Albert and Stearn received credit for the amount. A few days afterwards, Stearn was again at Newcastle, and he told Robson that Albert would not cash the order. He then tried to make something out of Robson by getting a horse shod, and
some feed for two horses. Some weeks afterwards Albert came to Newcastle, and Robson told him he had got the order again from Stearn. This, Albert said, was impossible, as he had it at Baylup. Two hours later Robson brought an order, dated 24th August, for two pounds, in favour of "R. Stearn," which Robson said was the order given by him to Stearn and returned again by the latter. There were, in fact, two orders, and the question for the Jury was, whether both were written by Robson himself, or whether one of them, dated 20th August, in favour of "W. S. Stearn", was not a forgery uttered by Stearn? Thomas Robson swore that the latter order was not in his hand-writing.
Mr. Landor for the defence contended that both orders were drawn by Robson, who had hoped that Albert (who was not in his debt) would not honour it, but finding that Albert had debited him with £2, he now tried to evade that de- mand by pretending that the order he houred by Albert was a forgery. The handwriting was exactly similar in both orders, but one was not a copy of the other. Anyone trying to forge would have copied not only the form of the words and figures, but the date and the name ; whereas the order of 24th August being written by Robson from memory gave the date and the name, " R. Stearn," erroneously.
The Jury having compared various documents in Robson’s handwriting, came
to the belief that both the orders were written by him, and returned a verdict of Not Guilty. 
Robson, being a ticket-of-leave man, is to be brought this morning before the Police Magistrate, on a charge of perjury.

Anonymous on 12th June, 2012 wrote of Sarah Gallagher:

SARAH’S 1st Application to marry was to JOHN HODGINS 16th May 1841& then to Daniel Stearn 18th October 1841

SARAH was a Convict she was charged for stealing a shawl on the 12th July 1837 & was sentenced to 7yrs & 9 months at the age of 16 years. SARAH was a Roman Catholic born in County Dublin, she was a childrens maid Her convict number was 37/447 Indent Number 62
SARAH’S description :
HEIGHT 4ft’ 9in
HAIR light sandy brown,
EYES grey,
NOSE a little crooked,
Small mole on upper part of right cheek bone,FD tattooed on upper right arm, cross on back of right hand, scar on back of middle, third & little fingers of the same, scar on palm of left hand near fore finger
SARAH came out on the "Sir Charles Forbes" from Port Dublin departing 11th August 1837 arriving in NSW 25th December 1837 Master Jas Leslie Surgeon William Clifford
SARAH received her Ticket of Freedom 20th November 1844 Certificate No: 44/                 

SARAH’S headstone reads In loving memory of my Beloved wife SARAH EMMA CHAPMAN who died 20th October 1894 aged 73 years
The Lord Gave & the Lord Hath taken away
Blessed be The name of the Lord
SARAH’S Orbituary as it appeared in the MacLeay Argus 31st October 1894

Friday last there passed away another very old resident of the Rover, Mrs Emma Ann Chapman of Euroka. The deceased was 73 years of age. She came in New South Wales when she was but 16, and lived on the MacLeay River nearly the whole of her intervening 57 years. She was from Ireland. Her husband John and a large family survive her.

History & Achievements
Sarah Emma Galagaher was transported to Australia as a convict from England aged 16. She arrived in Australia on board the ship " SIR CHARLES FORBES"The ship sailed on the 11th of August, 1837 from Dublin Ireland, arriving in Sydney on the 25th December 1837, a trip of 136 days . The ship was Captain by Jes Leslie with the ships Surgeon being W M Clifford . A total of 150 female convicts embarked with 147 arriving.
John worked at a property owned by William Henry Chapman son of William Chapman & Ann Marsh , this property was called "Ravenswood" he eventually managed this property . He later became a Stockman and Groom at another property called " Yanabandinni " Sarah and John bought their own small farm at Euroka . Both Sarah and John are buried on this property.
This is an extract from a letter date unknown and largely unreadable.
......(unreadable part)...... been determined The site of Mrs. Annie Chapman’s home and the barn she permitted the first scholl lesson’s at Euroka to be taught has not been determined. It was probably near the lagoon. Mr’s A Chapman’s identity and what became of her or her descendents is unknown - the only reference to her is in the Euroka school centenery notes from the Department of Education.

Anonymous on 11th June, 2012 wrote of John Chivers:

John was charged with insubordination (striking his sergeant)and desertion. Kirkee Court Martial (presumed to be Khadki, India). Arrived VDL 1 Feb 1848 and assigned immediately to Lymington Hospital. Died at hospital 20 March 1848.
His trade was given as a bricklayer, 5’11", had served 5yrs in 10th regiment. Native Place: Orpington, Kent.

Ken Mccarron on 11th June, 2012 wrote of Charles Wanklin:

Charles’s name is spelt incorrectly here. He was actually Charles Wantling. Two of his sons, Benjamin and George were transported to NSW although George went under his mother’s maiden name of Green. The above date is Charles’s christening date. He was the son of Nathaniel and Mary Wantling nee Price. Charles married Mary Green on 20th december 1796 in Kidderminster. Mary followed Charles out to NSW on the Jupiter in 1823 with their two youngest daughters Elizabeth and Sarah.

Anonymous on 11th June, 2012 wrote of Thomas Dowden:

Thomas died on board ship ‘Salween’ 21 Nov 1847. No details of crime, sentence or details are recorded on the Convict Conduct Record.

Anonymous on 11th June, 2012 wrote of John Lawes:

Convict no.6102. Tried at Hertford 2 Jul 1840. Embarked from Sheerness 10 April 1842,voy 196. Arrived Van Diemen’s Land 28 July 1842. Protestant, can read & write. Single. 18years of age. 5’1 1/4", Native Place: Andover, Hants. Indent lists his brothers as Alfred & Thomas and states he was brought up by a woman named "Tongs". General Conduct - bad.
2yrs Probation period. Disorderly conduct & fighting; losing shirt; absent from work; feining illness and insolent to medical officer; posessing potatoes. Punishments included solitary, hard labour and lashes.
Ticket of Leave 17 Nov 1846. Free by servitude 2 July 1847.

Judy Ormond (nee Storey) on 11th June, 2012 wrote of Frederick Storey:

Book written about Frederick Storey’s life.
"Storey Without Ending - The life and Times of Frederick & Catherine Storey & Their Descendants" written 2003.

Anonymous on 11th June, 2012 wrote of William Savill:

http://search.archives.tas.gov.au/ImageViewer/image_viewer.htm?CON33-1-56,259,209,L,80. Tasmanian Archives has the Conduct Record online to view all details, personal description etc. Page 209. Conduct Indent record has some details of his family. page 95. It appears he stole a watch to buy food.
A Colonial family also for William Savill and Anne Ruby, chn: Mary, John, William, Ernest, Frederick.

Anonymous on 11th June, 2012 wrote of Thomas Kelly:

Our Thomas Kelly was born in county Wicklow, Ireland and was brought to trial in 1801.  This was the time of rebellion in Ireland which started in the adjacent county, Wexford in the May of 1798.  Within some six weeks the rebellion had been virtually put down ‘with the only rebel forces still at large were around 5000 armed with pikes in Wicklow.’  It was the time of unbelievable cruelty by the authorities and the military with ‘sentences of 500-999 lashes and other forms of extreme torture’.  Thomas was undoubtedly one of the so-called Wicklow rebels and received a life sentence for his troubles.  Wicklow was one of the most active theatres during the 1798 rebellion. So rebellious was Wicklow that in 1800, the Government commenced construction of the Military Road through the Dublin and Wicklow mountains so that the army could be dispatched to pacify any disquiet in the hills above the City.
    He arrived in the colony aboard the Hercules on June 26, 1802.  This voyage had a particularly high death rate on the trip out from Ireland with only 96 (of a total of 140) disembarking at Sydney.  On December 29, 1801, 30 days out of port, all on board were ‘aroused by the sound of the shot, the soldiers and seamen swarmed on deck and opened a general fire at the convicts.’  Thirteen convicts were killed when the master Luckyn Betts used inappropriate force to put down what was really a very minor uprising.  It was the bloodiest mutiny attempt which had occurred in a convict ship, and during the remainder of the voyage Betts kept the prisoners closely confined.  Later Betts was brought to trial for the shooting of 13 convicts in the suppression of this uprising; however, he was convicted of manslaughter of only one man and fined ₤500.  Governor King doubted the court’s power to impose such a sentence so he granted Betts a conditional pardon but described the conditions of the convicts as being “filthy beyond description … [with some convicts] lying dead with heavy irons on, while many more died as they were coming from the ship to the hospital.”   
    Thomas Kelly was a stonemason, cum builder, for most of his colonial life. He received a pardon in January, 1813 and the 1806 Muster shows Thomas as having his ‘ticket of leave’
On February 19, 1807 Thomas married Mary Kennedy at St. John’s, Parramatta and they were to have two children living to adulthood.  For some time, as yet to be determined, but certainly up to 1822, Thomas was employed at Elizabeth Farm, one of Australia’s most historic homes.  In 1823 Governor Brisbane granted Thomas a parcel of land (135 rods) on the north side of Parramatta River, just to the north-west of the present ‘Gasworks’ Bridge.  Thomas Kelly was 65 when he died on January 17, 1828 and being Irish and of the Roman Catholic faith he was buried at St. Patrick’s, North Parramatta.

David English on 11th June, 2012 wrote of James Short:

I Have James Short’s history if anyone wants
information glad to help.
        David English

Cameron Edwards on 11th June, 2012 wrote of James Edwards:

William James Edwards, born 17 Nov 1833, died 17 Mar 1880 in Geraldton
Western Australia. He was in UK army and was convicted of desertion in
Canada. Arrived in Western Australia as convict 8552 on the Vimiera 22 Dec
1865. William left a wife Emma Parker in Essex, married 5 Nov 1853, she was
born about 1834 and buried 21 Dec 1892. They had two kids.
(1) Charles Nelson Edwards, born 29 Jul 1854, died 2 Nov 1856.
(2) Elizabeth Ann Edwards, born 15 Sep 1861, died 6 Jul 1876.
William James after obtaining his Ticket Of Leave in Western Australia and when Emma refused to travel here married again to Margaret Glanville on 29
Jul 1868.

Peter Saville on 10th June, 2012 wrote of William Savill:

Fith generation relative of Peter Saville Tasmania Any information would be helpfull Thanks Peter

Anonymous on 10th June, 2012 wrote of William Zanker:

William Zanker was transported for stealian 1 sovereign and 6 yards of calico.

William could read and write, was 5’tall, fair complexion, sandy hair and eyebrows, brown to red whiskers, grey eyes, native place; Yorkshire.  Dog on inside right arm, scar under nose, small scar on 2nd finger left hand.

18/5/1840: William was sent and arrived at Norfolk Island.  He was then sent to VDL per ‘Duke of Richmond’ which arrived in VDL 12/3/1844.

Conduct record in VDL: Misconducts, refusing to bathe, disobedience which resulted in solitary, hard labour punishments.

24/5/1845: TOL
He received his CP although I could not find a date, William was found guilty of burglary in the house of James Isaacs in June of 1855, the newspaper report stating that he was a CP holder.

Anonymous on 10th June, 2012 wrote of James Riddle:

James Riddle was transported for stealing goods to the value of 99s., he was 18 years old on arrival.

1837 Muster: James ‘Ridley’ age 24, Sawyer assigned to Richard Archibald.

3/5/1837: Married Ann Cadby.

10/7/1837: COF

17/4/1891 Died at St. Leonards.

There is suggestion James was the son of James Riddle/Ridley per Hebe 1820.

Sue Acheson on 10th June, 2012 wrote of George Cowell:

George Cowell was assigned to the Bathurst district. He gained a ticket of leave in 1843 and married another convict, Elizabeth Anthony, in 1844. They had 8 children. George bought a small farm at Queen Charlotte’s Vale near Bathurst and seemed to become a respectable small landholder.

Anonymous on 10th June, 2012 wrote of Elizabeth Fox:

Married Benjamin Valentine (convict) in 1829.

Ab on 10th June, 2012 wrote of John Roadnight:

His daughter , Maria, took an assisted passage to Australia from Sydenham, Oxfordshire, and married out there.

His wife was Elizabethy nee Brown, whom he married at Wing, Bucks in 1826.

Anonymous on 9th June, 2012 wrote of James Ollington:

James Ollington was transported for stealing leather.  He was 21 years old on arrival, pockpitted complexion, 2 moles above right elbow, dark hazel eyes, brown hair and 67.5cm tall.

1835 Muster: Public Works.

1840: CP.

Anonymous on 9th June, 2012 wrote of Richard Oakes:

Richard was 23 years of age on arrival in VDL.  He was single, had dark blue eyes, black hair pockpitted complexion, scar on bridge of nose and 67.5cm tall.

25/11/1834: Richard was killed by a falling block of stone that landed on him.

Anonymous on 9th June, 2012 wrote of Unknown Bossy:

Convicted at Port Louis, Mauritius 2 April 1845 for cutting and maiming. Life sentence. Pagan religion. Not able to read or write. Married, 2 children. Transported to van Diemen’s Land. Assigned to Norfolk Island gang. Returned per Lady Franklin 6 Aug 1847.
Died Launceston hospital 19 Feb 1850.

Anonymous on 9th June, 2012 wrote of Jean Louis Miguel:

Arrived in VDL 4 Oct 1844 on the ‘Timbo’. No physical description or details recorded on Convict Conduct record. Assigned to Westbury station gang.
Died in Launceston 1 Nov 1844.

Anonymous on 9th June, 2012 wrote of Unknown Montouverin:

Only one name "Montouverin". Transported on a "non convict ship". Convicted at Port Louis, Mauritius of murder. 20yr sentence. Arrived VDL 5 July 1845. Pagan religion, not able to read or write. Labourer. 5’3"; aged 40yrs; black complexion; long head; grey/black hair; black eyebrows’ black eyes; large flat nose; medium mouth; large chin. Native Place - Madras. Assigned to Norfolk Island station gang 15 Sep 1845. Arrived back per Lady Franklin 6 Aug 1847. Died in hospital at Impression Bay 23 Dec 1850.

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