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Michael Mina on 8th June, 2012 wrote of Richard Gollop:

Applied for a Ticket of Leave in Goulburn in 1839.

Applied for a Ticket of Leave in Yass in 1843.

Granted a conditional pardon on 2 March 1846.

Notice in Sydney Morning Herald on 2 January 1846:

Mary Gallop, my wife, having absconded from me without any provocation, I caution the public not to give her, the said Mary Gallop, any credit, or to pay any debts, dues, or demands in my name; and if any person shall harbour or conceal her, shall be prosecuted as the laws directs. Richard Gallop
Yass October 27

The "Yass Courier" Newspaper reported on 17 February 1885 "Richard Gollop died Saturday last. He was a well known identity of a miserable and misery existence".

The Maitland Mercury & Hunter River General Advertiser Saturday 21 February 1885:

An Extraordinary Character
The Yass Correspondent of the Southern Argus writes as follows:
Richard Gallop, of "Gallop’s Block" Yass died on Saturday last about 12 O’clock, as he had for the past 30 years lived - in a wretched state of filth.  Old Gallop was a resident of Yass for about 43 years, and it is evident he either brought money to Yass or made some very rapidly during the first ten years of his residence here, as he not only bought the allotment of land on which he has lived for considerably over a quarter of a century, but he also owned land in North Yass, and land at Blackney Creek, as well as having at his death about 400 pounds at interest in the Australian Joint Stock Bank at Yass.

Between 35 and 40 years ago he earned his living by fishing. In Yass he has always lived a miser, and for the last 30 years his habitation has been his fowl-house, and not twice during these 30 years had he been known to change his wearing apparel.  He kept a number of turkeys and fowls, and they occupied the same room as himself.  His bed was made of old bags, and when he would be under these the turkeys and fowls would roost on the top of the bags or by the side of his head.

He would walk through the streets in a half nude state, picking up chips and sticks for his firewood, and what he subsisted on for the past 20 years of his life no one but himself was aware of.

He was a man of respectable birth and fair education.  He was the son of a Church of England minister and was four years in college.  He was intended by his father for the legal profession, to which he took a dislike; and he left home and college, together, and after that got married.

When he came to this country he left his wife and two children - a boy and girl - at home. The wife and one child died many years ago, and to the other, or next of kin, he has willed his money and property. 

Yesterday (Monday) week Gallop was seized with a fit, and fell in the street as he was walking from Mrs Kenny’s house to his own place. He was conveyed inside to his room of filth and vermin, and when visited by Dr Hosts and inspector Brennan he refused any medicine; and although the inspector used every effort with him, he would not consent to see a clergyman or have anything in any way done for him, and as stated above, as he lived, so he died, at the age of (it is supposed) 78 years. He was buried in the Church of England Cemetery on Sunday afternoon.
Aka Richard Gallap.

Will dated 8 March 1878

This is the last Will and Testament of me Richard Gollop of Yass in the Colony of New South Wales, Labourer.  I give devise and bequeath the whole of my real and personal estate of what nature or kind soever the same may be and wheresoever situate into my Trustees and Executors hereinafter named upon trust as soon as conveniently may be after my decease to convert same into money and after payment of all my debts funeral and testamentary expenses to hand the proceeds of such conversion unto James Gollop of number twenty four George Street Stonehouse Devonshire in England and John Reed of Queen Street Honeyton (Honiton) Devonshire in England - one half of such proceeds to each and if the said James Gollop and John Reed or either of them shall be dead such half share shall be handed to their children in each case in equal shares.  I appoint Patrick Brennan of Yass aforesaid Sub Inspector of Police and Edward Arthur Iceton of the same place Solicitor Trustees and Executors of this my Will. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand this eighth day of March in the year one thousand eight hundred and seventy eight.

Richard Gollop

Anonymous on 8th June, 2012 wrote of Ragoo Ragoo:

Convict no. 58180.  Only one name "Ragoo". Tried at Port Louis,29 March 1844 for Manslaughter. Life sentence. Transported on the ‘Timbo’ arriving van Diemen’s Land 4 Oct 1844. Assigned to Westbury Station Gang, 30mths Probation, but died in Colonial Hospital, Launceston 11 Oct 1844 - only a few days after arriving. No description, trade or native place recorded. One of several hundred ‘non european’ convicts.

S. Meyer on 8th June, 2012 wrote of David Lane:

Possible that this is the David Lane born Birmingham, Warwickshire, England 1800 approx. His father was Joseph Lane. David ended up living in Hamilton and Penshurst Victoria in 1850’s -1860’. Worked as a gardener/station hand on district properties. Married Susan Clement in 1861. He was burned on his back in the bushfires that raced through the District in 1869, surviving only a few months after receiving these burns. A son (David)and three daughters from this marriage.

Anonymous on 8th June, 2012 wrote of Robert O'Meara:

Convict no. 53858 to van Diemen’s Land on the ‘Hindostan’ (2), voyage 170 departing London 7 Oct 1840, arriving 19 Jan 1841.
Convict Conduct Record, Tasmanian Archives (under "Meara O".
Stealing money from a commercial traveller. 10 yrs. Lancaster, Liverpool.  Occupation: Clerk. Single. 22yrs. Native Place: Tipperary. 6’1/2", Fair complexion, dk brown hair, large blue eyes, large nose, med. mouth. Respectable, orderly.
Fairly clear record. Ticket of Leave 13 Feb 1846. Conditional Pardon 30 Jan 1849. Note on record he returned as a passenger to Norfolk Island 1849.

Anonymous on 8th June, 2012 wrote of Henry Bott:

Henry Bott was 28 when indicted for stealing a glass, value 6d., the goods of George Hart.  When arrested he had 5 or 6 other glasses in his pockets.

1834: TOL Windsor
11/6/1836: COF

Reported to have died in 1839 (from State Records)

Anonymous on 8th June, 2012 wrote of Timothy O'Meara:

Typo mistake: Went to New Zealand from Launceston 1839.

Anonymous on 8th June, 2012 wrote of Thomas George:

Brought his wife Winifred Moore and their 3 children.

Anonymous on 8th June, 2012 wrote of Henry Berthold:

Henry Berthold was 33 years old when transported for stealing a boa, value 26s., the goods of Edwin Leaf and others.

16/5/1838 Convict Death Register.  Died at Port Macquarie hospital.

Anonymous on 8th June, 2012 wrote of John Reboul:

John Reboul, in the company of Matthew Goadley stole 1 watch 3l.,1 watch chain 1s., 3 seals 15s., 2 keys 4s., from John Smith, from his person.

1842: TOL Sydney
1846: Recommended for CP
30/9/1847: CP

1845: Married Amelia Cheesewright at St. James, Sydney.

6/11/1865: Died - While working as a painter at the Blue Bell Hotel, Erskine Street, John fell from a great height and landed on his head, he had severe contusions to the head a broken arm and sprained other arm.  He was taken to the Sydney Infirmary where he died of his injuries.
His wife Amelia remarried in 1872 Thomas Morton Gutzman, they both died in 1901.

Anonymous on 8th June, 2012 wrote of David Meffan:

David Meffan/Mathven was 20 years old when indicted along with his brother Andrew Mathven-Publican, assistant to his brother David:Address:New Vennel, High Street, Glasgow, Ralph Woodness aged 22 groom Saltmarket Glasgow, Robert Reid aged 25 Fisherman Glasgow and Alexander Robertson-Prisoner in Glasgow.10/5/1822:

Appointed to be overseer of Falling Gangs at Emu Plains, salary 10 pounds per annum (Listed as Miffen)

12/2/1824: TOL
6/10/1825: COF
1/11/1825: Overseer of Government Establishment at Newcastle.  On list of Land granted and reserved by Gov.Brisbane.
1828 Census: Labourer, age 31, free by servitude.  Employed by Eben Knox.

1835: Married Phoebe McQueen/Phebe M’Queen, Hunter/Maitland district.

Could find no children or date of death.

Anonymous on 8th June, 2012 wrote of Phoebe Mcqueen:

Phoebe McQueen/or Phebe M’Queen as per Old Bailey records, was 25 years old when indicted for stealing 1 purse 2d., 1 ring 5s., 1 handkerchief 1s., 1 watch 50s., 6 sovereigns and 1 half crown from John Sims, from his person.

1835: Married David Meffan (Canada 1819) Hunter/Maitland District.

28/10/1840: TOL Windsor
27/4/1849: COF

Anonymous on 8th June, 2012 wrote of Joseph Hardesty:

Joseph died in Hobart in 1870 run over by a cart
Details in Hobart paper

Anonymous on 7th June, 2012 wrote of Timothy O'Meara:

Timothy O’Meara came to van Diemen’s Land as a cabin passenger from Cape of Good Hope on the ‘Thomas’. He went to New Zealand, from Launceston March 1939 on the ‘African’. He was tried at Wellington Court for Forging a govt debenture. 10 yr sentence. Transported from New Zealand to van Diemen’s Land on a "non convict" ship, Cheerful.
Single, aged 38, ruddy complexion, large head, brown hair, brown to red whiskers, blue eyes, large nose. Roman Catholic, can read & write. Native Place: Tipperary. Received his Ticket of Leave 25 June 1850 and Conditional Pardon 10 May 1853. Brothers: Thomas, Phillip, Michael, Daniel, Patrick, Lawrence. Sisters: Catherine, Maria & Mary. Some siblings living in the colony.

Dave Honeywill on 7th June, 2012 wrote of Amos Honeywill:

Buried in Magill Cemetry, Adelaide, Australia

Anonymous on 7th June, 2012 wrote of Robert Kettle:

married Ann Byrne per Providence -originally sentenced to death but transported to Aust for life.Robert and ann marry at Port Dalrymple in 1814.6children including Mary Kettle who marries Thomas Barker and is the start of 8 generations of Barkers in Tasmania.

Anonymous on 7th June, 2012 wrote of James Dewhurst:

James Dewhurst was 59 years old when transported.

1825: TOL

Anonymous on 7th June, 2012 wrote of John Woodhall:

John Woodhall was indictged for steal 102 yards of muslin, 5l.7s and 4 veils 15s., the goods of Joseph Penrice.  He was the son of Benjamin Woodhall and Ann Stevens.  He was 24 on arrival, single 5’2" tall, fresh complexion, dark brown hair and eyes, crucifix and bird inside left arm.  Man and woman inside right arm.

He married Amelia Hedsman per ‘Atwick’ on 14/10/1843.

John died at Bathurst Street, Hobart in 1874, his occupation was a ship builder.

Anonymous on 7th June, 2012 wrote of Amelia Hedsman:

Amelia was indicted for robbing her mistress Mrs Nowes of many items of clothing and sheets etc.

Amelia was single, dark brown hair, light grey eyes.  Remarks on arrival: Not assignable - pregnant.

26/4/1838: Misconduct in having a man concealed in her bedroom and under the bed - Hard Labour in the House of Correction, 4 days.
19/11/1838: Officer/absconding - original sentence
23/11/1838: Officer/sstealing a cornish.

Amelia married John Woodhall (George 3) on 14/10/1843.  They had 7 or 9 children (2 were stillborn) then Amelia left John and moved to Victoria, later marrying William Morton and had 1 child Charlotte Morton wo married John Barnicott Francis.

Anonymous on 7th June, 2012 wrote of Martha Daniel:

Accused   Martha Daniel David; parish Llandeilo Fawr, County Carmarthen
Offence   Burglary of prosecutor’s house and stealing tallow, saucepans, food including dried salmons and wearing apparel belonging to prosecutor, Mary Jones and Rec Thomas Williams, clergyman.  Prosecutor followed footprints in snow.
Prisoner aged 26, spinster
Value 6 pounds one shilling and eightpence
Location   Llabsadwrn; County Carmarthen date 22 January 1801
Prosecutor   Robert Jones, Llansanbdwrn, victualler
Plea   Not guilty
Verdict   Guilty
Death, pardoned, transported for Life
file 4/753/1

Anonymous on 7th June, 2012 wrote of Martha Davies:

Accused   Martha Davies Alias: Martha Llew, Martha Le, Parish Carmarthen; County Carmarthen,
Status Singlewoman Prisoner aged 41
Offence Theft of Houshold goods - blankets form a hedge. Indicted twice for the fact, the other no 34 in this file under the name of Martha Lewis.
Prosecutor Benjamin Thomas, Carmarthen, linendraper
Location and Date Parish: Carmarthen,
county Carmarthen, date 11 February 1804
Plea not guilty
Verdict Guilty
Transportation 7 years
File No 4/754/3

Anonymous on 7th June, 2012 wrote of John Hudson:

John Hudson was tried at Clerkenwell.  He was single, black hair, brown eyes, fresh complexion, middling stout, cut over right eye, scar on left cheek, scar left side of chin, wreath, E. Hudson, I, heart and I left arm etc.

John’s Convict No. was 4492

10/4/1858: TOL

5/8/1859: CP

Anonymous on 7th June, 2012 wrote of Miles Holmes:

b Knapton, Norfolk England; d Hobart Town Tasmania; m Matilda SNELLGROVE, 05/01/1835 ( Cert RGD 36/2 1835/2801)

Anonymous on 7th June, 2012 wrote of Charles Pope:

Ticket of Leave 45/0479
District Scone
Ticket of Leave Passport 48/0530 dated 14 Aug 1848
On the recommendation of the Commissioner of Lands New England

Anonymous on 7th June, 2012 wrote of Henry Evans:

Sentence:  7 years

Anonymous on 7th June, 2012 wrote of Edward Dykes:

Edward Dykes was 25 years old when indicted for stealing 13 spoons 6s., 1 clock-key 6d., 4 half crowns, 20 shillings, 100 sixpences, 60 pence, 288 halfpence, 144 farthings, 1 looking glass and stand 1/.10s, the goods of Ann Crouch.

Born in 1819 Whitechape, 5’6 1/2" tall, Father: John, Sister:Louise, married - 1 child, protestant.

13/9/1846: Emerged from gan.
1/3/1844: Found guilty of stealing 4 pieces of timber the property of the crown at Fingal Probation Centre where he was working.
15/2/1850: COF

15/7/1852: Departed Launceston to Melbourne per ‘Waratah’ - Free.

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