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Anonymous on 6th June, 2012 wrote of Thomas Winfield:

Thomas Winfield was born in Lynn and was transported for stealing goods from a shop.  He had a prior conviction for stealing clothes from a gentleman named Fysh, a Tailor and Draper.

Thomas was 5’4" tall, grey eyes, brown hair, several small scars between eyebrows, several deep pock marks on face and a brown mole at right side of neck.  He had no parents listed and was single and a Protestant.

1830 Muster: Constable
1832-33 Muster: Assigned to John Fawkner.
1835 Muster: Assigned to W G Walker.

27/12/1836: Married Ann Gibney (free), they had seven children and were living at Longford.

Census: November 1859 living in New Norfolk.

Anonymous on 6th June, 2012 wrote of James Smith:

Clearly there may be two gentlemen involved here but "our" James Smith/King is believed to have been born in Bishopstotford.  He was found guilty of stealing a silver pint measure, the property of Lancelot Marsland and was sentenced to seven years and transportation at the Lincoln Assizes.  He was found guilty of stealing from A Kemp and sentenced to 200 lashes and 12 months on the "g gang" (Government work gang???.  He died on the 17th July 1861.  His death certificate listed his occupation as "labourer" but he spent some years in Northern Tasmania as a publican and probably had a background in building.  (i.e. not a chimmney sweep).  There is lots more known about this James Smith/King but could we have two men with the same name?

Anonymous on 6th June, 2012 wrote of William Hennessy:

William Hennessy
Rel Catholic
age 20 years
Occup Stable Man, Quarry Man, Labourer
Tried Tipperary Ireland in 1829
Crime Robbery in the Street
Sentence Transportation 7 years
Wm Hennessy pleaded guilty to stealing Bank Notes and several pieces of gold and silver money to the value of 35 pounds
Ticket of Leave 34/459
Certificate of Freedom 37/0789
William never married and went to work for his brother Maurice (Castle Forbes).
died 25 Oct 1845 Dubbo NSW aged 45 years

Anonymous on 6th June, 2012 wrote of Thomas Green:

Thomas Green was 41 years old on arrival and was transported for receiving stolen goods.  He had one previous conviction of receiving a stolen turkey.  He was single, 66cm tall, grey eyes, brown hair.

181/8/1831: Morrison/Neglect of duty in suffering his Master’s horse to remain without food all night - 14 days T wheel.

31/5/1833: Morrison/Insubordination - Public Works and to be assigned up the country.

27/2/1834: Died by a visitation of God.

Anonymous on 6th June, 2012 wrote of George Gorey:

George Gorey was 21 years old on arrival.
Goal Report: bad, imprisoned before.
Hulk Report: Good.

George was pockpitted, 5’2" tall dark blue eyes, brown hair, single.

1832-33 Muster: Assigned to Mr W Hume.
1835: Hume/Disorderly conduct - reprimanded.
1835: TOL

Married Elizabeth Farrell in Melbourne 2/8/1850.

May have returned to Tasmania in the 1880’s.

Anonymous on 6th June, 2012 wrote of Thomas Tench:

21/8/1846: COF

Site Managers please note; an error the contribution previous should read WILLIAM TENCH per Borodino 1828, apologies, DW

Anonymous on 6th June, 2012 wrote of Thomas Tench:

William Tench was transported for stealing shoes.  He was a widower with 2 children, Born at Waterford, native of Wexford County, Ireland.

1832: Tol Maitland (he was a labourer at this time)
1834: Tol Maitland
17/10/1834: COF

Andrew Marshall on 6th June, 2012 wrote of George Gorey:

Theft of three silk handkerchiefs.
Newspapers reports of the incident appear to indicate that he was born later than 1810 and attempted to hang himself while awaiting trial but was resuscitated by some medical gentlemen.

Anonymous on 6th June, 2012 wrote of Thomas Stevens:

Thomas Stevens was born c1763 Derbyshire.
Tried Old Bailey on 21 Feb 1789 for stealing 90 lbs weight of copper on 23 March 1788 and was found guilty. Sentenced to 7 years transportation.
He sailed from Plymouth on Salamander on 27 March 1791 and arrived Port Jackson 21 Aug 1791 (Third Fleet)
On 23 Apr 1792 he is a stowaway aboard the Pitt for Norfolk Island and soon after he is living with Mary Phillips (First Fleet)
He is listed over the next few years at Norfolk Island as Labourer, Boats Crew and his sentence has expired.
In 1813 Thomas, Mary and 3 children sailed aboard the Ministral for Tasmania.  The family settled at Norfolk Plains and he was appointed District Constable of Norfolk Plains in 1815 (Hobart Town Gazette)
He died 18 Aug 1831 and is buried at Christ Church Cemetery, Longford.
His gravestone reads
Sacred to the Memory of
Thomas Stevens
Died Aug 18, 1831
Mary Stevens

Evelyn Chrystal on 5th June, 2012 wrote of Charles Slaughter:

Re Charles Slaughter. Just forgot to fill in my name

Anonymous on 5th June, 2012 wrote of Charles Slaughter:

Charles Slaughter arrived per Mayda at Norfolk Island 08/05/1846
Arrived Tasmania, off Norfolk Island, per Pestongee Bonangee May 1847
He married Ellen Lyons, also a convict off Blackfriar [you do not seem to have her on your database?]married 07/02/1853
Three children
Charles Slaughter b.November 1854
Female, un named b.30 January 1857
Ellen Slaughter   b.16 February 1860

Anonymous on 5th June, 2012 wrote of Michael Fogary:

Michael Fogarty arrived in the colony of NSW on Mangles 2 on 8 November 1822, aged 37 years. He was 5ft 5inches tall with brown hair and grey eyes. He was convicted at the Spring Assizes, County Kilkenny Ireland and sentenced to life. Crime ‘snapping a loaded pistol at John Doyle. Sentenced to hand but reprieved to transportation for life. Ticket of Leave dated 26 September 1835 and Conditional Pardon dated 1 February 1844. He was assigned to Maitland.
Married 1809 to Catherine Martin.
Michael petitioned the Governor in 1822 to allow his family to join him.
Catherine came to the colony in 1826 on the ship Thames with probably three of their children.
Died West Maitland NSW

Anonymous on 5th June, 2012 wrote of George Clutterbuck:

George Clutterback was indicted for both murder and manslaughter of Thomas Hawe.  He was 19 years old and was found guilty of the manslaughter charge and transported.  George and Thomas Hawe and been fighting over one Jane Bugg in the Northumberland Arms Public House and Thomas was stabbed in the abdomen and died.

25/3/1847: TOL Passport - Port Macquarie Bench.
10/1/1849: TOL Passport - Port Macquarie Bench.
9/8/1851: CP

1852: George married Margaret Foley t St. Augustine’s church, Singleton.  They had 6 children.  Margaret came from Kilgarvin, County Clare, Ireland and migrated on the ship ‘John Knox’ as a orphan.  Her age was 14, born C1836.
Margaret died in 1907 at Inverell.

George worked as a Wood Carrier in Armidale and he died 1892 at Armidale, nsw.

Anonymous on 5th June, 2012 wrote of William Clutterbuck:

William Clutterbuck was indicted for theft committed in Birmingham, he was 21 years old.

14/6/1842: Assigned to G.C. Curlewis, Sydney.
16/3/1843: TOL Bungonia

4/9/1843: Convict Death Register: Murdered by Blacks.

Jill Davy on 5th June, 2012 wrote of James Comer:

Born Warmington Somerset died Burwood NSW 1870
married Ann Griffis at Castlereagh NSW 5 October 1818.  On list of persons to receive land grants 1821.

Anonymous on 5th June, 2012 wrote of Ludlow Tedder:

Ludlow Tedder was 47 years old when transported to VDL.  She was a widow with 5 children.  Her daughter Arabella who was 9 years old was transported with her.  Ludlow had stolen 2 spoons and i bread basket value 11/., from her Master Fitzgowen Skinner who was a barrister.  She had a previous conviction of stealing 11 spoons and then pawning them (to feed her children perhaps).

Ludlow was known as nurse Ludlow and worked in the Hospital at the House of Corrections, Arabella was put into the orphanage, but gainind her freedom after 7 years for good behaviour, Ludlow managed to be reunited with Arabella.

In July 1844 Ludlow married William Manley Chambers,(free) but this did not last and in January 1847 she married John Atterwell.

15/5/1844: TOL

After receiving her CP Ludlow, Arabella, who was now a young mother herself, Arabella’s child, Henry Tedder, and Ludlow’s husband John migrated to the goldfields at Bendigo.

With Ludlow being a nurse, she was well respected and treated by the men on the goldfields.

Ludlow died at the age of 86 and is buried at White Hills Cemetery.

Arabella Tedder/Waters/Oliver lived to 88 and was well known and highly respected in the Golden Square district.

Veronica on 4th June, 2012 wrote of Christopher Tomlinson:

when he stole the shoes he got caught and was sent to australia. He tried to escape the camp he as at but got caught and got 24 lashes he tried to escape again and got 36 lashes. After his seven year sentence was overhe was arested for theft n one knows what he stole and no one knows what happend after that.

Josie Andrews on 4th June, 2012 wrote of Nathaniel Vicary:

It has been discovered that Samuel Vickery was living in Launceston not far from his brother Nathaniel using the alias of Watson (his mother’s maiden name).  He had a drapery shop in Elizabeth Street. He died of a heart attack in 1860.  He left a widow Margaret Heaton and nine children.

Terry on 4th June, 2012 wrote of Edward Apps:

Sent to Pentonville Prison 29 Jul 1845, Learnt Basket making before transportation to Australia

Anonymous on 4th June, 2012 wrote of Amelia Hedsman:

Hedsman is a transcription error. Her surname was Heasman.

Anonymous on 4th June, 2012 wrote of Maria Thompson:

Crooked nose.Small scar on 4th finger left hand

Anonymous on 4th June, 2012 wrote of Hugh Robinson:

ROBINSON was convicted at NORTHAMPTON in July 1826 alongside George CATHERALL. AKA ‘Captain SLASH’ - CATHERALL received the death penalty and was hanged.
Both were part of a gang of highway men who robbed fayres across England.

Anonymous on 3rd June, 2012 wrote of James Joss:

James Joss was transported for theft from a person.  He had a wife and childred at Kethall Aberdeen.

11/10/1825: Overseer Gov. Garden/ Embezzling seeds belonging to the Gov. Garden at New Town.

1830-1833: TOL

9/10/1834 CP

James was apparently a very good gardener, after his CP he was around the Launceston area and won prizes for growning strawberries etc., at the Launceston show, and in 1840 won the best kept garden prize.  In 1863 James was living at Bishopbourne and in 1865 at Young Town.

1864: Marriage/relationship with Mary Ann Pray.

Joan Barnard on 3rd June, 2012 wrote of Mary Harding:

Daughters Harriet and Elizabeth accompanied their mother to Australia. Mary was 37 years old when she died.

Anonymous on 3rd June, 2012 wrote of Michael Mealy:

contact me for more information p[lease

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