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Recent Submissions

Anonymous on 3rd June, 2012 wrote of George Jetson:

George Jetson was transported for stealing a duck/goose.  Once fined 5/. for being drunk and once 1 month at Bridewell for being disorderly.

George stated on his Conduct Record that his real name was Pinnick.  His fthin in-law was named Denham, an actor at the Cob(urg) theatre.
George also stated that he was single, and protestant and that his father and mother were in Boro’.

1830 Muster: Assigned to Mr G Stewart
1832-33 Muster: Public Works.
September 1834: George absconded.
1835: Assigned to S R Dawson Esq.
1/6/1838: TOL
8/4/1839: In the Conduct Record it states, this man has given up his TOL because he could’nt find employment.

1841: COF.

Anonymous on 3rd June, 2012 wrote of James Jenkins:

he may have started a mine at long reef

Anonymous on 3rd June, 2012 wrote of William Fetch:

William Fetch was 43 yers old on arrival in VDL.  He was transported for stealing mutton and pork from a shop.  He had prior convictions; 2 months twice for poaching and 8 or 9 days for a similar offence.

He was 5’6" tall, married, wife Charlotte and 1 sister also Charlotte and 9 children.  William could read and write, was protestant, sallow complexion, dark brown to grey hair, blue eyes.

16 months on probation Fingal road gang.  Released from 1st stge of probation 12/2/1845.
1848: Disobeying orders.
20/2/1849: TOL
18/5/54: COF Launceston.
28/5/1854: On Departures List; Launceston to Melbourne per Clarence - Free by servitude.

Anonymous on 3rd June, 2012 wrote of Sarah Wilson:

Sarah Wilson alias Brown was transported for stealing 11 silk handkerchiefs.

Sarah was described as: 5’3/4" tall, hazel eyes, light brown hair, ABSBBB and WN tattooed above elboe right arm, MGIT above elbow left arm, 7 dots back of left hand.  She was single, 2 years on the town.

22/8/1848: CP

Sarah married William Hackford (per Moffatt 1834) on 29/6/1846.  They had 1 child, Elizabeth.

Anonymous on 3rd June, 2012 wrote of William Hackford:

William Hackford was transported for horse stealing, there were 2 charges, he was acquitted on the 1st charge and convicted on the 2nd. William stated that he had never been in the courts before and had never been out of employ.

William had dark grey eyes, dark brown hair, was 5’7 tall, Married, wife Phoebe and 4 children.

6/9/1834: Chain gang/ Absconding - 50 lashes, ordered to be worked in the 2nd class chain gang.  Simmilar offences and punishments until 5/8/1834.
1835 Muster; Public works.
April 1842: TOL
8/7/1845: Recommended for CP.
29/6/1846: Married Sarah Wilson alias Brown(per Garland Grove) and had 1 child in 1847, Elizabeth.

1848 Census: Living in Hobart.

Deborah on 3rd June, 2012 wrote of Thomas Atkins:

Thomas Atkins(alias Clouter)was my G.G.G. grandfather, whom was transported with his brother William Atkins (alias Clouter)for seven years, their crime poaching(hunting)geese. Thomas was assigned as a servant to Dr Dalhunty,at Burwood House, Burwood, on Parramatta Rd. His brother William was an assigned servant to William Bowman at Richmond.
Thomas Atkins received his certificate of freedom No:32/278 dated 3/4/1832, he had received an extra sentence for harbouring bushrangers involved in attacks around Burwood town (1826). Sent to Hyde Park Barracks for this crime, he was to met his future father-in-law William Drennan (transported for life - crime horse stealing)in 1828. Thomas married Ann Drennan (free settler) 14/4/1836 by Rev.John McGarvie in St. Andrews Presbyterian Church, Kent Street, Sydney.
Thomas Atkins and Ann Drennan settled on acreage at Mangrove Creek, Hawkesbury River in the county of Cumberland in the Colony of New South Wales - Farmer. Thomas and Ann where to have 7 children and 42 grandchildren. Thomas died on 23/2/1873 and is buried at Mangrove Creek Church of England Cemetery (near Green Grove).
Hyde Park Barracks has records on Thomas Akins and William Drennan (note: beware there are two William Drennans on record, don’t confuse… Thomas Atkins Father-in-law is the better one of the two). You will find both Thomas Akins and William Drennan names appearing on a glass/perspex wall in Hyde Park Barracks.

Anonymous on 3rd June, 2012 wrote of Edward Webster:

Born approx 1817 in Liverpool England.
Obtained a ticket of leave in 1844.
Married Jane ?

Anonymous on 3rd June, 2012 wrote of John McKeon:

Certificate of Emanicipation dated 1/1/1811
page 522-23 Item{4/4427} COD18 Reel 601
Tickets of Leave, emanicipation and pardons 1810-19

Anonymous on 3rd June, 2012 wrote of Maurice Hennessy:

Maurice Hennesst
Aged 20
Conviction 1823 at Waterford Summer Assizes 1823
DOB abt 1803
Vessel Castle Forbes 2
Arrival 15 January 1824
Ticket of Leave No 31/879 dated 19 November
General Remarks Granted in pursuance of Govt Orders of 1/1/1827 also for apprenhending 3 runaways from ...... Allowed to stay in Bathurst
Height 5 foot 1 inch
Complexion Ruddy
Hair Brown
Eyes Blue
Condition Pardon No 368 in 1838
Permission to marry granted Mary Ward granted 23 May 1834

Anonymous on 3rd June, 2012 wrote of Barnard Walford:

Barnard Walford was indicted for stealing, on the 11th of September 1789, twenty-eight diaper clouts, value 28 s. a dimity muslin woman’s dress, called a bishop, value 20 s. a dimity petticoat, value 10 s. four child’s ditto, value 11 s. eight table cloths, value 3 s. a child’s cloak, value 3 s. a wicker basket, value 1 s. the property of John Felton.

Barnard was found guilty of Grand Larceny by a London jury before Mr. Baron Hotham. Barnard was sentence to 7 years transportation.

Barnard arrived on the 3rd fleet aboard the ‘Active’.

Anonymous on 2nd June, 2012 wrote of John Latton:

John Latton was transported for stealing 4 sheep.  He was born near Shapp, was a shepherd Ploughman and farm labourer, a widower 51 years old when he arrived in VDL.  He had 3 children, ann who was married in Shapp, Joseph and Mary. 

John could read and write, protestant, slightly pockpitted and rather deaf, ruddy complexion, grey hair and whiskers and blue eyes.

John spent 15 months on probation and the station of gang was R Hills 11/3/1842.

22/9/1846 TOL

1849: CP

I could find no other records of him.

Anonymous on 2nd June, 2012 wrote of William Henry Oatridge:

William Henry Oatridge was born in Uley, he was 30 years old on arrival at VDL and transported for obtaining 25/ by false pretences.

William had blue eyes, dark brown hair, was 5’8 1/2" tall, single.

1835 Muster: Died 3/1/1836 at Grass Tree Hill.

B. Barnes on 2nd June, 2012 wrote of George Green:

Convict Indents re the Bussorah Merchant list George being assigned to Amelia (surname difficult to decipher).  In the 1828 Census George seems to have been recorded as John Green of Kissing Point, Sydney -Servant to Amelia (again surname difficult to decipher)Ref HO10/23.
Further NSW Archive records TOL 37/201 (4/4113)  Reel 927 at Goulburn and TOL 39/1986 (4/4133) Reel 934 at Yass. The 1837 Convict Muster records George Green of the Bussorah Merchant assigned to a Master, W.Shelley, of Goulburn.

Anonymous on 2nd June, 2012 wrote of James Uffer:

James Uffer was transported for stealing a carrage harness.  He had 1 other similar offence and spent 4 months ironed in the Hulk.  He was 41 years old on arrival in VDL, had grey eyes, dark hair, and was 5’2" tall and single.

20/10/1838: Disobedience
27/3/1839: Drunk, insolent and neglect of duty - 4 months hard labour and then to be assigned to the interior.  Many more offences similar to this and then in 3/8/1843 he received his TOL.
1845: Free Certificate.

8/4/1845: James is on the Departures list from Launceston to Melbourne.

Ancestry had a death date of 1853 but not where.

Anonymous on 2nd June, 2012 wrote of Randall Risley:

Randall Risley/Riseley was indicted along with Thomas Lawrence for stealing at Edmonton, 1 mare, value 4 pounds, the property of John and Samuel Whitbred.  Randall was 17 years old and sentenced to death, Lawrence was found not guilty.

21/12/1821: On list of convicts forwarded to Liverpool for distribution.  Listed as Risely.
25/9/1822: Runaway from Liverpool.  On return of proceedings of the bench of Magistrates, Parramatta; appears as Regley.
June 1823: On return of convicts discharged from the establishment at Emu Plains; to Port Macquarie.
7/6/1823: Sentenced at Penrith.
24/6/1823: On names of prisoners transported to Port Macquarie per ‘Sally’
20/3/1824: On list of persons proposed to be sent to Hobart.
20/3/1824: On list of convict runaways from Port Macquarie forwarded to Hobart per ‘Triton’.
23/3/1824: On list of runaways with punishments received.  Listed as Randle Risley.

Description: 5’6 1/2" tall, grey eyes, brown hair, sallow complexion.  Many tattoos on both arms, mostly letters.

Tasmania: Listed as a blacksmith/Labourer.
1831-32 Public works.
1833: Assigned to Mr Sargeant.
1835: Transported to Port Arthur.

25/8/1837: TOL
29/7/1845: CP

1840: Married Mary Council, she was free.  Randall also asked for permission to marry Helen Arnold per ‘Hydery 1839, in June of 1839 and applied to marry Mary in December, 1839.

Murray Parsonage on 2nd June, 2012 wrote of Elizabeth Lyons:

married George Drury 1801-1882

Murray Parsonage on 2nd June, 2012 wrote of John Court:

married Jane Conway 1810-1884

Anonymous on 2nd June, 2012 wrote of John Court:

married Jane Conway 1810-1884

Anonymous on 2nd June, 2012 wrote of Ronald McDonald:

Married convict Sarah Cahall 1766-1832
pardoned when he enlisted in the N.S.W. corps
later returned to England via Ceylon

Alma Wallace on 2nd June, 2012 wrote of Sarah Wallace:

Sarah Wallace, Alias Wallis, Alias Whalley was sent to Van Diemens Land on the America in 1830.  Earlier records on Ancestry stated that she went on the Earl of Liverpool to NSW, but it then changed.  I have researched the records from Tasmania and they all state that she came out on the America.  She was from Stoke on Trent and was convicted at Stafford, England.  Can this be changed?  I have all the relevant records attached to my tree on Ancestry.  Her maiden name was Smith.

Anonymous on 2nd June, 2012 wrote of Elizabeth Lloyd:

married convict James Thomas Betteridge who arrived on the Isabella in 1832

Sl Bryant on 2nd June, 2012 wrote of Mary Brand/Braund:

Mary was transported on " Charlotte " part of the First Fleet. She gave birth to daughter Charlotte, whilst on board. She also met her husband to be, William Bryant ( See his contribution ), she married him at Botany Bay one of the first couples to be married. She gave birth to their son, Emanuel in 1790. William, Mary and children along with seven other convicts escaped from NSW and arrived in Timor after an epic trip of 3,254 miles. They were arrested in 1791 and taken to Batavia, Charlotte,Emanuel and William all died during the voyage or upon the voyage to Batavia. Mary returned to England to receive a pardon and then return to normal life and nothing is known of her from then on.

Murray Parsonage on 2nd June, 2012 wrote of James Betteridge:

Married convict Elizabeth Lloyd 1815-1862

Murray Parsonage on 2nd June, 2012 wrote of Frances Johnson:

married convict George Spurway 1806-1885 whilst still married to David Johnson.
Frances and George are buried at St. Annes church Ryde N.S.W.

Anonymous on 2nd June, 2012 wrote of Willaim Bryant:

Transported to Australia on the ship "Charlotte"
which was part of the First Fleet. Whilst on broad he met his wife to be Mary Brand/Braund.
After arriving on Botany Bay, William and Mary were one of the first couples to marry in Australia. Mary gave birth to Charlotte her daughter during the voyage to Australia. She gave birth to Williams son, Emanual in 1790. They all escaped from Australia in March 1791, along with seven other convicts, they arrived in Timor after an epic 3,254 mile trip. September 1791, they were arrested and taken to Batavia where William and his Son died. Charlotte also died during this voyage. Mary returned to England and received a pardon and slipped away into obsecurity.

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