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Recent Submissions

Geraldine on 20th January, 2012 wrote of Dutton Clarke:

According to newspaper records Dutton Clarke was convicted of stealing two cheeses.  However he was actually tried for arson, but was acquitted.

He may have been suffering from post traumatic stress disorder after serving for five years in the 9th Regiment of Foot in the Penisular Wars as a Bugler.

Anonymous on 20th January, 2012 wrote of John Gall:


Leanne Dowsett on 20th January, 2012 wrote of George Guttry:

George remained in WA and received his TOL 7 Jan 1857 and Certificate of Freedom 22 Dec 1869 in Bunbury WA.  He spent his life around the Williams/Narrogin area and on the 4 Oct 1876 he married Mary Ann Fletcher who was born 26 Feb 1862 which meant she was only 14 at the time whilst George was 45.  They married at Saddleback Flour Mill in Williams as this is where they were both working at the time.  They went on to have 6 children.

Peter Morris on 19th January, 2012 wrote of Isabella Lawson:

Street robbery. The Edinburgh Court of Judiciary sentenced her for 7 years on July 16, 1839.  She arrived on the Surrey on July 14, 1840. She married Ephraim Hockley on April 26, 1842 and they had 6 children.  Following her death the coroner’s court said that she suicided with “death by strangulation while temporarily insane.”  She had been drinking to excess and with a rope she hanged herself.

Anonymous on 19th January, 2012 wrote of Charles Glen:

Charles Glen was convicted of the theft of lead from a house at Nether Mill and of assaulting John Steen, Sheriff’s Officer,to the effusion of blood and injury to his person.  He had been twice before convicted of theft.  This was reported in the Glasgow Herald, Thursday 26 April 1849.

Pat Bloomfield on 19th January, 2012 wrote of Martha Saffron:

Their 6th child Joseph Green Bloomfield was my great grandfather who was born in 1856

Anonymous on 19th January, 2012 wrote of John Wellington:

Settled in Northampton Western Australia. Married Susannah Brindley in Bowes, 1874.
Seven children - 

Geoff Wells on 19th January, 2012 wrote of John Wells:

john wells was from ullesthorpe leics and was a private in the 19TH foot was accused on his return of getting dorcas lee pregnant -which resulted in one thomas lee being assulted john was tried at warick—-there is refrence in the national archives-of a summons being served upon john for making dorcas lee "with child"

Pat Bloomfield on 18th January, 2012 wrote of Martha Saffron:

Married William Bloomfield and had 6 children

Anonymous on 18th January, 2012 wrote of William Chaplin:

William Chaplin married Emma Hancock Dec 25 1838 in Adelaide South Australia he disappeared soon after.

Ross Taylor on 18th January, 2012 wrote of William Webster:

William Webster married Jane Philpin
They had a daughter Mary Ann Webster who married Thomas Taylor in Cassillis in 1862
Thomas Taylor was the son of Thomas Taylor (convict) and an " Aboriginal native "

Anonymous on 18th January, 2012 wrote of John Hetterick:

Assistant superintendent to the north union railway company. The following item appeared in the Lancashire Evening Post newspaper (Lancashire, UK) on 16/01/12:


In April 1848 John Hetterick, 40, was brought before the magistates at Preston Town Hall on suspicion of stealing from the railway.
He had been employed for two years as Assistant Superintendent by the North Union Railway Company.
Suspicion fell upon him when he arranged for a carter to move his belongings from a railway cottage in Charles Street to a lodging house in Church Street.
He appeared anxious wanting his property be moved at night under cover of darkness.
One of Hetterick’s duties was to look after lost property and to enter details in a ledger at the railway station.
His behaviour during the removal led the carter to speaking with the railway police and a search of the new house uncovered items which appeared to have been entrusted to him after being lost on the railway.
Within days Hetterick appeared at the Preston Quarter Sessions accused of stealing items including a rosewood dressing case, a mahogany writing desk, walking sticks, umbrellas, books and clothing.
Evidence was stacked up against him and the magistrates consulted for a short while before finding the case proven.
Hetterick was then informed that he would be transported for seven years.

Philip Boyle on 17th January, 2012 wrote of Francis Goldie:

My Great-great-grandfather

Anonymous on 16th January, 2012 wrote of William Tampion:

After receiving a pardon, William worked as a gardener in Hobart. On the mainland he worked as a miner and locksmith before taking up land at Tittybong, Lalbert district. He died in 1885 at Lake Lalbert and is buried at Towaninnie. William was married to Mary Ann Hughes.

Anonymous on 16th January, 2012 wrote of James Tampion:

James was pardoned on 2nd August 1846.

Anonymous on 16th January, 2012 wrote of Edward Plummer:

Poaching and stealing part of a sheep. Refer S.A. Register(Newspaper)Thursday Nov 27 1856 page 3, with John Morris & John Carter found guilty in SA Supreme court sentenced 7 years in Yatala Gaol.

Anonymous on 16th January, 2012 wrote of Jonathan Goldspink:

Sheep stealing 1846

Grant Woodbridge on 16th January, 2012 wrote of Robert Woodbridge:

To the Site Administrator. Since my last contribution, my email has changed to canberrafisher@gmail.com . can you please delete the old email address and replace it with the new one. Thanks Grant Woodbridge

Anonymous on 16th January, 2012 wrote of Robert Woolford:

Sheep stealing 1846. parents joseph & martha (nee iles)
Purton wiltshire england

Bob Brown on 16th January, 2012 wrote of Slovin Baker:

His name was Stovin not Slovin. He stole ten sheep out of a field at Firsby, Lincolnshire. He died at Paramatta.

Karla Humphries on 16th January, 2012 wrote of Christian Harris:

Alias Christina Hogg not Ogg (‘H’ faint)
Name - Christina (arrow to ‘a’ superscripted) not Christian

Anonymous on 15th January, 2012 wrote of Peter Thompson:

I am his GGG grand-daughter.I mistakenly put down 1894 instead of 1893. NSW State Records have Intestate Estate case papers for Peter Thompson (with correct family details)which can be purchased. Yass Courier on Dec 19th 1893 and The Daily Telegraph on Dec 20th 1893 also lists Probate Jurisdiction.

Dulcie Banks on 15th January, 2012 wrote of Peter Plummer:

Peter married Anne Beare in 1822 at St. Saviors Church, Goulburn and they had 6 children. He was killed when only 40 years old "when in crossing the Cooma Creek he fell under the wheels of the loaded bullock dray and was killed". Buried in Cooma cemetery.

Anonymous on 15th January, 2012 wrote of Joseph Blundell:

Maliciously wounding a gamekeeper. Assigned to Dr. Towsnon in the Minto area of Sydney and then to Robert Campbell who owned various land grants in NSW. Finally settled in the Canberra area were he had 11 children.

Anonymous on 14th January, 2012 wrote of William Roope:

Married Catherine Dwyer aka Mcguire St Marys Catholic Church in Sydney 1837, NSW Register V 1837758 128/1837

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