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Recent Submissions

Heather Stevens on 9th January, 2019 wrote of James Stuart:

Is he the James Stuart, who was lynched 1851 in San Francisco?

The book ‘Australian Desperadoes’ by Terry Smyth, pub. Penguin Random House Australia 2018, p144: ‘Stuart tells his captors he was born in Brighton, England, and at 16 was convicted of forgery and sentenced to transportation to New South Wales for life.’ This accords with his confession of July 8 in Papers of the San Francisco Committee of Vigilance of 1851 by Mary Floyd Williams, Publication date 1919, page 225. See https://archive.org/details/paperssanfranci00willgoog/page/n162

However on pages 10 and 33 of ‘Australian Desperadoes’ Smyth writes that this James Stuart had attempted to pass a counterfeit one pound banknote, and after his conviction was in the hulk Fortitude and transported in the barque Henry Porcher. Smyth does not elaborate as to why he thinks the James Stuart pickpocket born Paisley, convict on the Henry Porcher is the same as the James Stuart, born Brighton, forger.

Strangely, in the Committee of Vigilance papers there is an earlier confession (July 2) with his alias William Stephens where he says he was born in Brighton 3 March 1819, apprenticed to a tailor at Brighton for 4 years, but after 3 years his master died, and his parents and 11 siblings migrated to Canada. A newspaper report added that they left London on the ‘Sophia’ in 1835 and they lived at Montreal. [Papers of the San Francisco Committee of Vigilance of 1851 by Mary Floyd Williams, Publication date 1919, pages 137,138.]

Another witness testified that he told him he was from Adelaide (Williams p.168) and another said he was a tall fair complexioned man (Williams p.169).

Presumably he lied in his first confession to the Vigilance Committee- telling them he migrated with his family to Canada rather than his conviction and transportation to Sydney - to hide his connection to the Sydney Coves gang. But why lie about his place of birth and his crime in England?

Iris Dunne on 8th January, 2019 wrote of Joseph Hampton:

Convict Indents: aged 20, Single, Trade: Laborer, Offence: House Breaking, Tried 17 August 1827, Ticket of Leave No.33/368 dated 1 July 1833

Ticket of Leave No.33/368 states Tried 16 August 1827 in District of Windsor

Certificate of Freedom No.34/1253 dated 3 October 1834, Prisoner No.28/2069, Native Place Deptford, Trade Laborer, Offence House Breaking, Date of Trial 16 August 1827, Year of Birth 1808

Marriage 22 April 1841 to Mary Ann Jordan
Death 13 May 1873 in Newcastle, NSW - NSW BDM 5749

Jeff Adams on 7th January, 2019 wrote of Henry Adams:

Born Henstead uk 13 November 1796, Baptised 17 November 1796 as per baptism register

Iris Dunne on 7th January, 2019 wrote of Jane Fletcher:

Convicted: 15 March 1803

Convict Muster 1825, Estimated birth year about 1794, Employments: Wife of John Allen in Richmond

Gregg R on 7th January, 2019 wrote of Jane Fletcher:

Jane married Rowland Edwards within one month of arriving in Parramatta (August 1804), and moved to Green Hills (Windsor) with him. Her bridesmaid, Martha PURL, a shipmate from the EXPERIMENT married soon after, and moved to the same area.  Jane had 4 children with Rowland.  Rowland was murdered in 1814, and Jane remarried (1815) to John Allen, and bore 5 more children.

Julia Barry on 7th January, 2019 wrote of Elizabeth Berry:

Convicted of theft from John and Catherine Chesshyre of Bennington Lordship, Hertford, at Hertfordshire Assizes on 19 Jan 1801 and transported for 7 years

Iris Dunne on 7th January, 2019 wrote of Moses Ashworth:

Conduct Record:- Transported for Larceny, Single, stated this offence stealing 2 yards of ribbon, Trade: Weaver, aged 17, Protestant, could read and write, Tried 4 January 1843, Ticket of Leave 3 April 1849, Free Certificate 26 February 1852

Departure 2 July 1852 from Hobart on ship Goldseeker, in steerage, to Melbourne, aged 26, Trade Miner

Garch on 7th January, 2019 wrote of Walter Fryer:

Baptized with his brother John on 21st Feb 1819 at St James Church, Gretton.  Sadly there’s no record of his birth date.
The crime for which he was transported was breaking into the house of James Allen of Bell Lane, Syresham, Northamptonshire about 45 miles from Gretton and stealing 10 silver spoons.
After conviction he was transferred to the prison hulk, Leviathan (which featured in the Battle of Trafalgar)moored at Portsmouth.
The voyage to Van Diemen’s Land via The Lord Lyndock left Portsmouth on 7th Sep 1840, picking up further convicts in Plymouth where it left 11 Sep 1840 arriving in Hobart 5 Feb 1841.

Roger Churm on 7th January, 2019 wrote of Sophia Sanders:

I would like to add details of Sophia’s husband who was probably in Prison when Sophia was sentenced
I think this may be of interest to anybody researching this family

The remarkable trial of the Honourable James Sutton-Cooke
Accused of bigamy at the Old Baily,on the 14th April 1812: wherein is proved the complete innocence of this much injured gentleman and annexed is the trial in the Honorable Court of Arches,where by the same evidence was tendered and denied to be good by the Old Baily,it was decreed that this connexion (should be Connection) with Jane Browning (falsely called Cooke) was no marriage and interspersed are copies of genuine letters from John Ingram Lockhart,Esq,MP for Oxford, William Stace Esq of Woolwich (a Magistrate) The Right Honourable Lord Viscount Melbourne,  Lady Caroline Lamb and the then Under Secretary of State.

Court Date 8 April 1812
Court Place London
Offence Category Sexual
Sub Category Bigamy
Verdict Guilty
Punishment Transportation
He however was sent to Marshalsea Prison allegedly the worse prison in England.
This Deptors prison became a microsm of society

“Missions of Misery A Biography of the Narshalsea Deptors Prison”
Jerry White The Bodley Head 364 price £20

On reflection he would have been better of if he had been Transported than being in this awful prison.

Gregg R on 6th January, 2019 wrote of Hugh Devlin:

Hugh and Martha buried together

Gregg R on 6th January, 2019 wrote of Martha Purl:

Hugh and Martha buried together

Tony Moore on 6th January, 2019 wrote of Jeremiah Finn:

Birthplace Deptford -on-Thames, England
Age 14 at time of Conviction, summer (July) 1819 Height 5 ft 1 inch (155 cm). Ruddy complexion & red hair.  Departed Cork 2 April 1820, Youngest convict on board Halow (15 Years at tme of arrival) Arrived Port Jackson early afternoon 5th august. Convicts inspected by L.Macquarie Governor) in jail yard morning of August 15th.
  Assigned to Major George Druitt “on town Carts”. Must have been on Major G. Druitt’s grant (Mt Druitt) He was arrested and appeared before the magistrate Mr John McHenry, esquire, on 27th September 1823 at Evan, now Penrith. The charge was “harbouring bushrangers and receiving property known to be stolen”. Remainder of sentence to be served at Port Macquarie. He was transported from Sydney onboard the “Lord Nelson” 15th October 1823 to Pt Macquarie. He was returned to Sydney on 3 June 1826 and received his Ticket of leave on 7th July 1826 & became a lime-burner at Cooks River (Tempe near present road bridge. Married Margaret Riordan/Reardon @ St Mary’s Church Sydney 1846. Daughters Mary Anne 1846, Ellen 1848, Catherine 1850, Johanna Margaret Winnifred 1852, Elizabeth 1856, Sophia 1858.      Business insolvency 1860. Died Sydney Hospital Infirmary 1864. Buried Camperdown. (no headstone)

Jeremiah Finn is my great, great grandfather, vian Johanna Margaret Winnifred my great grandmother.

If others make contact, please forward my e-mail address for contact. With Thanks. Tony.

Gregg R on 6th January, 2019 wrote of Martha Purl:

1812 Oct 24 On list of prisoners for Newcastle per “Estramina” (Reel 6003:4/3492 p.162) - as was Hugh Devlin
1813 Dec 16 Permitted to return to Sydney on a one month pass (Reel 6003:4/3492 p.295)
1814 Jan 8 Prisoner at Newcastle Re: Remission of Devlyn’s sentence. (Reel 6004:4/3493 p.8)

Gregg R on 6th January, 2019 wrote of Hugh Devlin:

AO NSW Convict Indents Fische #625 1806 Muster - Tried in Belfast July 1799, native of Londonderry

D Wong on 6th January, 2019 wrote of Eleanor Males:

4/3/1815 Morning Post London, England:
Eleanor Males was indicted for stealing 192 pair of stockings, the property of Daniel Deacons, Joseph Wright, Geo. Wright, Richard Wade, and Joshua Gear, at Wellwyn, in this county.
The prisoner being called upon for her defence, said, that she had got the stockings honestly, for that she had found them on the road.
The Jury found her guilty, and she was sentenced to seven years transportation.

Eleanor was listed as being 20 years old on arrival.
Native Place: Bedford.

Samantha Gerada on 6th January, 2019 wrote of Christopher Bunbury:

lived with Eleanor Mould. They both were free by servitude on 1822 census but C Bunbury employed by Johnson, Liverpool and Eleanor Mould was employed by C Bunbury and they Had one daughter Mary Ann Elizabeth Bumbery in 1817
( mispelt on birth cert) and she was mentioned in 1825 census as 9 yr old Mary Bunbury daughter of C Bunbury, of Minto a labourer..with Eleanor Mould living with them..but servant to W Howell or Minto. Mary Amm Elizaveth later married Henry Murphy in 1838 and then died in Bungendore in 1887.

Samantha Gerada on 6th January, 2019 wrote of Eleanor Mould:

Lived with Christopher Francis Bonbury and issue 1 daughter Mary Ann Elizabeth Bumbery b. 1817 466/1817 V1817/466 11
Mary Ann Elizabeth m. Henry Murphy at St John’s Catholic Church Campbelltown NSW in 1838. 729/ 1838 v1838729 91 but name spelt Bombry on certificate. They had several children..We descended from John Murphy their son ( Bungendore then Goulburn). Mary Ann Elizabeth Murphy died 1887 1214/1887 Bungendore but says Father Frances C and Mother Ellen on death cert.

Samantha Gerada on 6th January, 2019 wrote of Eleanor Males:

NSW BDM Birth Certificate for Mary Ann Elizabeth BUMBERY ( surname mispelt).
b. 25/12/1817 V1817466 11 Mother Eleanor Father Christopher. Later on Mary Ann Elizabeth m Henry Murphy 1838 St. Johns Catholic Church Campbelltown NSW ( spelt Bombry on marriage certifcate) and died 9/5/1887 Lake George NSW. On her death certificate 12414/1887 for Bungendore her Father recorded as Frances C and mother as Ellen. Def died Bungendore.

D Wong on 5th January, 2019 wrote of Mary Parfitt:

Mary Parfitt was listed as being 22 years old on arrival in VDL.

Native Place: Bath.

Occupation: Shoe binder/artificial flower maker.

Transported for stealing 3 pairs of boots from her employer, Mr Poole of Bath.

Mary was literate, single with 2 children, 4’11¼” tall, brown hair, blue eyes, J.H. J.O. on left shoulder.

Delivered an illegitimate child in Hobart - child died in 1847.

Child Sophia, 2 years old, died in the Orphanage.

24/4/1848: Married Thomas Hase Blake (Lloyds 1833 and Lady Franklin from Norfolk Island to VDL in 1844).
BLAKE CHARLOTTE 1/5/1859 Forest Creek, Victoria.

6/5/1851: TOL
4/5/1852: Recommended for a CP
25/7/1854: CP

1887: Mary died in Rochford, Victoria.

21/1/1896: Thomas Hase Blake died at Castlemaine, Victoria.

D Wong on 5th January, 2019 wrote of Thomas Hase Blake:

5/1/1833 Norfolk Chronicle Norfolk, England:
Thomas Hase Blake James Rudrum, charged with feloniously stealing a blue jacket from the shop of Mr. Samuel Rackhara, wholesale tailor, Market-row, within this borough.

No ship found for James Rudrum.

Thomas Hase Blake was 18 years old on arrival.
Native Place: Norfolk.

Occupation: Stable boy.

Thomas was literate, protestant, single, 5’3½” tall, ruddy complexion, light sands brown hair, grey eyes, scar knuckle fourth finger of right hand, five blue dots betwixt thumb and forefinger of right hand, T Blake, W B G B E B M B, three birds, man and gun, two dogs, T or H BL KE lower left arm, star back of left hand, blue ring middle finger of left hand, scar forefinger of same.

3/2/1841: Tried at Maitland Quarter Sessions for harbouring bushrangers.
“John Everett, Jack Shea and John Marshall, they were all hanged at Sydney.  The men stopped at my place and I gave them some tea, the Police came on them but they made their escape from the Police.  3 others joined them, the whole 6 were hanged, they had shot a storekeeper.  I was assigned to Mr Muir, Government Flat, Maitland District. I got and extension of 12 months for absconding and should have been free at the time I was convicted.  I was assigned to Jacob Newton, lived 4 years with him - absconded with his daughter was away 9 weeks with her in the bush”.

1841: To Norfolk Island - 3 years.

6/6/1844: Arrived VDL per ‘Lady Franklin’.

9/3/1847: TOL
2/11/1847: Recommended for a CP
30/1/1849: CP

28/2/1848: Permission to marry Mary Parfitt (Tasmania 1844).

24/4/1848: Married by the Rev. Mr Fry.
BLAKE CHARLOTTE 1/5/1859 Forest Creek, Victoria.

Thomas Hase Blake died in Castlemaine, Victoria.

Mary Parfitt/Blake died in 1887 in Rochford, Victoria.

Stephanie Thompson on 5th January, 2019 wrote of Thomas Hase Blake:

Thomas Hase Blake was my husbands great grandfather.  Would love to hear from any relatives.

Stephanie Thompson on 5th January, 2019 wrote of Sarah Bickley:

Sarah is my husbands great grandmother.

D Wong on 5th January, 2019 wrote of Edward Mcdermott:

Sick List of the Maitland 1843/44:
Folio 2: Edward McDermot, aged 22, Prisoner, sick or hurt, opthalmia; put on sick list, 9 August 1843, discharged 8 September 1843.

Folios 6-7: case no 3, Edward McDermot, aged 22, convict, taken ill off Beachy Head; sick or hurt, opthalmia, pain in the eyes and intolerance of light, palpebrae inflamed, no fever but slight catarrhal symptoms, had the same complained when he was in the Warrior hulk; put on sick list 9 August 1843, discharged 8 September 1843 cured.

25/3/1844: Convict Death Register - Age: 23; District/Parish: Norfolk Island Hospital.

D Wong on 5th January, 2019 wrote of Thomas Meadows:

3/1/1840 Leicester Journal Leicestershire, England:
Caroline Moore and Thomas Meadows, were charged with stealing a waistcoat, the property of Rodger Whiting, of Leire, on the 28th inst.  Three former convictions having been proved against Meadows, he was sentenced to fifteen years transportation, Moore, seven years transportation.

Caroline Moore arrived VDL per ‘Navarino 1841’.

Thomas Meadows was 20 years old on arrival.
Native Place: Leicester.

Thomas was literate, protestant, single, 5’6½” tall, fair ruddy and slightly freckled complexion, brown hair, grey eyes, small mole on right breast, another inside upper right arm, T inside lower left arm.

1846: TOL, Scone
14/8/1848: TOL Passport, on the recommendation of Commissioner of Crown Lands New England.

22/9/1851: CP.

Nell Murphy on 5th January, 2019 wrote of John Ballinger:

N.B.  There are two persons named John Ballinger transported to VDL abt the same time.

John BALLINGER was convicted at Gloucester on 4 March 1845 for stealing a purse. 7 yr transportation sentence. Sent to Van Diemen’s Land (Tasmania) per the ship ‘Marion’ arriving 14 Sept 1845.

Single man; aged 18 yrs.
Ship surgeon’s report: well behaved but had been ill on voyage.

Colony of VDL:
18 months Probation Period.
Sent to Port Esperance.
12 June 1849: Ticket of Leave granted.
1 Oct 1850: Ticket of Leave revoked as he was absent from Muster.
29 Oct 1850: Ticket of Leave restored.
17 Aug 1852: Free Certificate issued.

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