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Recent Submissions

Pamela Siegel on 15th August, 2019 wrote of Thomas Armstrong:

Date of death query - possible records

1) New South Wales, Australia, Convict Death Register, 1826-1879 - Name Thomas Armstrong, Vessel Isabella, Age not stated, Parish Newcastle, Date of burial 22 Feb 1844, Remarks J L

2) New South Wales, Australia, Registers of Coroners’ Inquests, 1821-1937 - No 2457. Place Newcastle.
Date 26 February 1844 (year taken from previous page). Name Thomas Armstrong. H Brummel (unreadable?). 28 Feb 1844. Cause of death Natural causes.

Query on date of 26th, hard to read, could be 21st?. The register does not have column headings therefore I assume the first date is dod and second date is the inquest date!

Pamela Siegel on 15th August, 2019 wrote of Thomas Armstrong:

ToL year 1840 was cancelled 6 November 1841. Reference to ToL 40/1345 John Smith. ‘Cancelled per Govs minutes dated 6 November 1841 upon letter from Newcastle dated 28 October 1841 and Reg 41/11354. Smith having been found guilty of drunkenness - he is to be placed in the Probationary Gael. Ticket destroyed.’

D Wong on 15th August, 2019 wrote of Joseph Cornick:

Listed as Joseph CORMICK on his Conduct Record.

Joseph was listed as 20 years old on arrival. He was baptised 22/7/1820 at Maiden Newton, Dorset.

Place of Birth: Maiden Newton, Dorset, near Dorchester.

Father: Samuel CORNICK - at native place.
Mother: Hannah Collins.
5 Brothers
5 Sisters.

Conduct Record describes him as:
Literate, protestant, single, 5’4” tall, ruddy complexion, brown hair, dark hazel eyes, crown AM inside right arm, anchor 2 stars inside left arm, 8 dots and blue marks back of left hand, ring on middle finger same hand, scar on nose, scar on upper lip, scar on bridge of nose.

9/11/1847: TOL
16/4/1850: CP.

20/10/1852: Married Louise Caroline Gillard at Deloraine, Tas.
Louise Caroline Gillard’s father: George Gillard and mother, Agnes Long, arrived VDL 1842 per ‘Bolivia’ under the Bounty scheme.

19/10/1853: Sterage passenger Lanceston to Melbourne and Geelong per ‘Pirate’.
Had a CP, ship to colony: David Clarke.
Listed as John Cormick - no John Cormick, McCormick etc., on board the David Clarke.

3/7/1859: George Cornick, Launceston.
Died 20/3/1860 of Dysentery.
Joseph listed as a farmer.

3/3/1861: James Francis at Launceston.
Married Maud Leither Alderson 20/5/1895, Tas.
Died 1903 East Melbourne Hospital of Kidney Failure.

1/9/1863: Agnes at Launceston.
Died 13/3/1864 - Fishermans child, died of Inflammation through vaccination.

1/7/1866: Gertrude Amelia at Launceston.
Married James Diggle.
Died June 1826 at West Melbourne, Victoria.

21/8/1867: Lavinia Florence at Launceston.
Married William Henry Spencer 1884 at St. Kilda, Melbourne.
Died 1839 at Five Dock, Sydney, NSW.

Possible Death:
16/7/1888: (Which would make his birth date 1828) Joseph McCormac, aged 60, Invalid, Dropsy - Registered at Launceston.

Colleen McKenna on 15th August, 2019 wrote of James Bennett:

James Bennett (19 yo) and Charles Rosetta (17 yo) were convicted at the Old Bailey on 19th May 1825 for stealing a silk handkerchief from Mr. George Nutley Searle in Fleet Street, London, although neither lad was seen touching the handkerchief which was found on the ground.  Both were sentenced to Transportation for Life.

Iris Dunne on 15th August, 2019 wrote of Edward Jenkinson:

Criminal Registers: aged 38, Crime Larceny before convicted of Felony

Prison Hulk ship Justitia moored at Woolwich, Received 3 May 1834, aged 38

Conduct Record: Tried 4th January 1834, Transported for Stealing in a Dwelling House, convicted twice before, Single, Free Certificate No. 40 / 1841

Description List No.864: Trade Bricklayer & Plasterer, aged 42

Robyn Gill on 15th August, 2019 wrote of Edward Jenkinson:

Charged with murder in 1883, found guilty of manslaughter. Wanneroo murder of Michael Hands in Western Australia

Sue Aspinall on 15th August, 2019 wrote of Joseph Cornick:

Had previously served 9 months hard labour for “Housebreaking with intent to commit a felony”.  He was discharged on 19th April 1840.
Sentenced to transportation for “Housebreaking” a second time on 20 Oct 1840. 
Described as 5’2”, light brown hair, light hazel eyes, fair complexion.  A small scar on the nose between the eyes.  Freckled on the forehead with summer moles.  A cut on the knuckle joint forefinger left hand.

Maureen Withey on 15th August, 2019 wrote of John Dalton:

John Dalton was aged 40 when convicted in 1819. He was born in Westmeath.

1828 census at Castlereagh, Evan, in household of Alexr. Fraser:
John Dalton, aged 47, T.L.(Ticket of Leave), Dorothy 1820, 14 yrs; Constable, roman catholic.

As the constable, John Dalton had also signed the form, so he was probably responsible for completing the census forms in the area.

Iain Frazier on 14th August, 2019 wrote of John Frazier:

John is listed at NSW 1822 muster as convict from ISABELLA sentenced 7yrs.

Iain Frazier on 14th August, 2019 wrote of John Frazier:

John is mentioned as on ORAN as convict; buried St Davids Hobart 1819 age 25.

Iain Frazier on 14th August, 2019 wrote of Jane Frazier:

Jane is mentioned as on SOUTHERN OCEAN as convict to Tasmania sentenced 18 years in 1863.

Iain Frazier on 14th August, 2019 wrote of James Frazier:

James is mentioned as on JAMES BROWNE as convict to Tasmania sentenced 23 years in 1858

Iain Frazier on 14th August, 2019 wrote of Daniel Frazier:

Daniel was born in UK in 1806.  He was sentenced to 7yrs transportation and arrived NSW on ELIZA 2 in 1822.
In 1828 it is possible that he was listed as free by servitude.

Iris Dunne on 14th August, 2019 wrote of William Frazer:

Criminal Registers: Wm Frazer (alias Bill Saggers notorious pickpocket), aged 32, Trial 30 May 1811, Crime Larceny from a Person

UK Prison Hulk ship Captivity moored at Portsmouth, Received 12 June 1811, aged 32, Offence Felony, Named Willm Frazer

Iain Frazier on 14th August, 2019 wrote of Andrew Fraser:

Andrew Fraser was born 1767? in Scotland?
1811, 1814 at muster Sydney
1812 received free Pardon-had bakery with considerable business with Government-employed several people.
1824 married Ellen (Halton) convict from MARY arrived 1823 now age22 at St Phillips Sydney
1826? branched out as Publican with spirit licence
1827 died at age 60 St Phillips Sydney worth 4,000lb

Mike Hallinan on 14th August, 2019 wrote of John Lock:

Convicted for stealing - sentenced to Death - transmuted to 14 years transportation

Iain Frazier on 14th August, 2019 wrote of Alexander Fraser:

Lydia Margaret (Fulton) was born in colony Christ Church Castlereagh in 1805-recorded in Sydney 1928 & 1930.  Their children were James Fulton & Ann Lydia born 1828 & 1830 Christ Church Castlereagh as well as Magdalina .

Beth Kebblewhite on 14th August, 2019 wrote of James Bradley:

James Edward Bradley was sentenced to seven years transportation for stealing a white linen handkerchief worth two shillings. He arrived in Sydney in January 1788 aboard the Scarborough as part of the First Fleet. On 23 February 1789 he received 25 lashes for insolence to a sentinel. He married fellow convict Sarah Barnes on 12 August 1792. In early 1794 he was granted 30 acres of land at the Eastern Farms. By 1802 the family was able to live ‘off stores’. He was buried on 16 February 1838.

Birth: 9 January 1765
London, Middlesex, England

Death: 15 February 1838
Ryde, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

(Source: People Australia website http://peopleaustralia.anu.edu.au/biography/bradley-james-edward-26389)

Iain Frazier on 14th August, 2019 wrote of William Frazer:

William & Eleanor’s son John was born 1788 St Phillips Sydney. He married Elizabeth (Eggleton born Sydney 1796) in 1811 at St Phillips Sydney.  John d.1823 heatstroke at St Peters Campbelltown.  Elizabeth remarried Robert (LacK) in 1826 who died in 1832 & James (Richardson) in 1834 before dying herself in 1849 St Peters Campbelltown.
There is a suggestion that he remarried after 1812 Elizabeth (Somerville/McGrath born Sydney 1796) who may be the same Elizabeth.  She had married Michael (McGrath age 40 convict from BOYD) 1812 at St Phillips Sydney & appear to have had 5children up to 1819 (some of these children went to orphan school). Michael (McGrath) also appears to have had another child with Ann (???). Between 1826-30 Elizabeth had 5children with a James (Ward)
John & Elizabeth had 2children John & Daniel b.1820 & 1822 & maybe 2others.

William & Eleanor’s son Daniel was born 1791 and died 1806 St Phillips Sydney

Joanne Fischer on 14th August, 2019 wrote of Catherine Emilton:

Married John Weir also an ex convict.
Religion Protestant
Children of Catherine Emilton
Martha Emiltire born 1849 at Cascade womens factory (illegitimate). Record on Libraries Tasmania.
Louisa Agnes Weir born 1858 in Victoria. file on Victoria births deaths and marriages.
Joseph Emilton Weir born 1860 at Maldon Victoria. File at Victoria births deaths and marriages.
Charles Weir born 1868 at Maldon Victoria. File found on Victoria births deaths and marriages.
Martha born 1851 in Hobart Tasmania.
Isabella Catherine Weir born 1863 in Maldon Victoria. File found at Victorian births deaths and marraiges.

Iris Dunne on 14th August, 2019 wrote of James Short:

Victoria, Australia, Assisted & Unassisted Passenger Lists, (1839-1923), UK Immigrants (1839-1848):- Named Jas Short, aged 36, Married, can read & write, Trade: Painter & Glazier, Trade taught in Prison: Shoemaker, Offence: Feloniously stealing a security for money, Arrived in Port Phillip Bay 4 May 1847

Iris Dunne on 14th August, 2019 wrote of James Short:

Criminal Registers: Offence Larceny (of a Valuable Security), aged 34, Trial 6 January 1845

Convict Index: James Short, aged 36, arrival 1847 on the ship Thomas Arbuthnot, Trade Painter & glazier/shoemaker

Maureen Withey on 14th August, 2019 wrote of Edward Willacy:

Colonial Secretary’s Office,
Sydney, 18th September, 1849.
ENQUIRY having been made from England, respecting Edward Willacy, [alias John Jones, formerly Prisoner of the Crown, in this CoIony, any person who can afford any information concerning him, is requested to have the goodness to communicate the time to this Office.
By His Excellency’s Command,
The Argus, (Melbourne , Vic) Mon 8 Oct 1849 (and in other newspapers throughout Australia)

THE undersigned will adequately requite any person who can prove the handwriting of Gilbert Cummins, who, on the 15th November, 1851, was engaged in the Dockyard Office, Liverpool.
ALSO to any person who can prove the handwriting of Eliza Welch, and Margaret Martindale, who, on the 19th December, 1851, were resident at 13 Court, Pall Mall, Liverpool.
Also, to any person who can prove in this colony the identity of Edward Willacy, of this place, formerly of Liverpool, county of Lancaster, as brother to the above named Eliza Welch and Margaret Martindale, formerly Willacy, sisters of the said Edward Willacy and which Edward Willacy arrived at Sydney in 1832, per Mangles, (6) six.
172, Elizabeth-street, 29th December, 1852.
Sydney Morning Herald, 29 Dec 1852.

Maureen Withey on 14th August, 2019 wrote of Richard Tyrell:

Aged 31, Richard Tyrell was tried at a court martial in Dinapore, Bengal, India,and sentenced to death for mutiny. The sentence at some point was commuted to transportation for life. He was single, born in Meath Co.

At Dinapore, Sept 4, 1830, private Richard Tyrell, of H.M. 3rd regt,(or Buffs), was charged with mutiny, in having at Bhaugulpore, on the 16th day of Aug., 1830,  within the square of the battalion formed to witness the infliction of the sentences of courts-martial, struck Lieut.- Col. Allen Cameron, commanding officer H.M. 3d regt. (or Buffs), his superior officer, whilst in the execution of his office. The court found the prisoner guilty, and sentenced him to be shot to death by musketry.

Maureen Withey on 14th August, 2019 wrote of Richard Tyrell:

The above is a mistake. The ship that Richard Tyrell travelled to New South Wales was the Caroline, which arrived in 1831.

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