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Recent Submissions

Penny-Lyn Beale on 18th October, 2020 wrote of Thomas Chittenden:

1816 - 29 Jul. On list of convicts disembarked from the “Atlas” and forwarded to Parramatta for distribution

1818 - Petition for mitigation of sentence

1822 - Thomas Chittington. T. L. Atlas 3. Life.  L.pool

1825- General Muster. Gov’t Employee. Port Macquarie

1825 - 31 Mar. To be transported for 14 years. On return of prisoners tried before the Supreme Court of New South Wales
Offence; Receiving. Guilty

1825 - Convicted of receiving; sentence commuted to transportation for five years. On return of prisoners convicted and sentenced by the Supreme Court

1830 - Phoenix Hulk. Phoenix Hulk: Discharge Book, 1825-1830 No; 2979.

1836 - 11 May. Ticket of Leave. 36/929
Name: Thomas Chittenden
Birth Year: 1793
Native Place; Maidstone
Trade or calling; Labourer and Sawyer
Offence; No Details
Trail; 17 July 1815
Height; 5 ft. 11 1/4 inches
Complexion: Fair
Hair; Brown & thin
Eyes; Hazel

1838 - 1 Nov, Conditional Pardon. No; 39/331

Penny-Lyn Beale on 18th October, 2020 wrote of Elizabeth Treliving:

1821 -  Servant to Mrs McDonald. In the Colony

1821 - 16 Apr. Goal Sydney. Entrance Book. By order of Mr Hutchinson ? Supt recently returned from N.C. - Factory

1822 - General Muster. Wife to T. Chittenden

1822 - 7 Jan. Re permission to marry at Parramatta;
Thomas Chittington. Convict per ship Atlas 3 and Elizabeth Tilliving. Convict per ship Ld. Wellington

1822 - 4 Feb. New South Wales, Australia, St. John’s Parramatta, Marriages,
No; 860.
Thomas Chittington. Age; 28. Prisoner. Atlas 3 of the parish of Parramatta and
Elizabeth Tilleving. Age: 24. (Birth Year: abt 1798) Ld Wellington of the parish of Parramatta married in this church by Banns
Samuel Marsden
Witness; George Gilbert and Jane Gilbert

1825 - 17 Mar. New South Wales, Australia, Certificates of Freedom, No; 117/3345

Name: Elizabeth Treliving
Age: 28. Birth Year: abt 1797
Native Place:  Plymouth
Arrival year: 1820. Vessel: Lord Wellington
Date of Trial; 16 March 1818
Sentence: 7 years
Trade or calling; Servant
4 ft. 11 3/4 inches Height;
Complexion: Fair Ruddy
Hair; Dark Brown
Eyes; Hazel

1825 - F. S. With her husband. Port Macquarie

Penny-Lyn Beale on 18th October, 2020 wrote of Letitia Waddle:

1822 - 11 Jan. Nurse in the Hospital; to be sent to the Factory. On return of proceedings of the Bench of Magistrates, Parramatta. Charged with leaving her Employment without leave a assaulting a free woman. To be sent to the Factory have her head shaved and wear a log until further orders

1822 - Wife of James, the scourger and constable at Newcastle; resident with Mr Mudie of Patricks Plains. Refused to join her husband “on account of the peculiarity of his Employment”; 

Scourger - a person who whips someone

1828 - Census. No; 1417. Age 35. Employment; Mrs Wylde. Cabramatta. G. S,

1828 - Census Householders Return. Employed as a Housemaid. Religion; Protestant

1835 - 17 March. Certificate of Freedom. 35/141.
Name: Letitia Waddle
Age: 41. Birth Year: 1794
Native Place: County Down, Northern Ireland
Offence: Uttering Forged Notes
Date of Trial; 15 August 1818
Trade or Calling; Servant
Sentence: 14 years
Height; 5 ft. 5 1/2 inches
Complexion: Ruddy
Hair; Dark Brown
Eyes; Haze.
General Remarks; Scar on right check bone

Iris Dunne on 18th October, 2020 wrote of John Allen:

24 Aug. 1824 Petition to have his wife & children sent out at Government expense (Names of family: Martha Allan, married, Rebecca 19 years of Age, Elizabeth 17, Mary 15, residing at Staincross near Barnsley - Yorkshire).

Absolute Pardon dated 5 June 1815, Tried 10 March 1810, Trade Labourer

Julie Croucher on 18th October, 2020 wrote of John Allen:

John was given a term of life for horse theft in York. He was held aboard the Prison Hulk, the Laural in Portsmouth Harbour from the 13th June, 1810 until he was transported aboard the Admiral Gambier on 12 May, 1811.
in 1815 he was given an unconditional pardon and purchased land in the Hawkesbury area around Windsor, NSW. He became a land owner and horse trader and at one time owned the White Hart Inn on the Paramatta Road.
He wrote to the Governor, Sir Thomas Brisbane, in 1824 asking to be allowed to bring his wife and three daughters out to New South Wales.
This did not happen at this time, however the daughters and families later emmigrated to the colony.

Iris Dunne on 17th October, 2020 wrote of Jonathan Beale:

Conduct Record: Tried 9th March 1829

Description List No. 1299: aged 19, Trade Parchment Maker

Wendy Smith on 17th October, 2020 wrote of Patrick Donovan:

The Convict indentures state that Patrick Donovan was 30 years old.  He could neither read or write; religion Roman Catholic; status married with one daughter and a native of County Limerick.  He was a Violin player.  (No occupation code exists for either musician or violin player, hence this field has been left blank.) Patrick was convicted of stealing a watch on 4 January 1836 in Limerick City and sentenced to seven years.  He had no prior convictions.  Physical attributes: Height 5 feet 6 3/4 inches; complexion dark sallow and freckled; hair brown mixed with grey and eyes grey.  Indenture comment that he was crippled in left foot. Transport number 137.  Prisoner number 36-1940.
NSW 1837 General Muster states that Patrick Donovan was assigned to Hyde Park Barracks.
Received ticket of leave on 8 October 1840 (number 40/2089) at Wellington, NSW.

Wendy Smith on 17th October, 2020 wrote of Thady Hickey:

The Convict indentures state that Thady or Timothy Hickey was 18 years old.  He could neither read or write; religion Roman Catholic; status single and a native of County Tipperary.  He was a farmer’s boy.  (No occupation code exist for solely this occupation, hence the other trades he may or may not have been.) Thady was convicted of manslaughter on 17 March 1836 in Tipperary and sentenced to life.  He had no prior convictions.  Physical attributes: Height 5 feet 4 inches; complexion dark and freckled; hair dark brown and eyes dark hazel.  Transport number 201.  Prisoner number 36-2004.  Comment on indenture entry that he was a brother to 36-2005 (Patrick Hickey).  It appears that they have been involved in the same crime.
Received ticket of leave on 26 March 1845 (number 45/659) at Cassilis.  On 29 August 1845 issued with a ticket of leave passport to proceed to Melville Plains with Mr Alfred Dennison for 12 months issued on 29 August 1845 (number 45/755).
Received Conditional Pardon in 1848 and this was issued on 1 May 1849 (number 49/962)

Cynthia Cheney on 17th October, 2020 wrote of Jonathan Beale:

Correction on place of birth: Leighton Buzzard is
  a town in Bedfordshire not in Leicestershire.

Patricia McGufficke on 17th October, 2020 wrote of John Mansell:

Received onto the prison hulk Ganymede from Horsemonger Lane Gaol, Surrey, 30 Oct 1828.  Departed England 24 Mar 1829 per the Lady Harewood.
  John may be the husband of Grace Mansfield/Mansell born 1771 sentenced to 7 years transportation at The Devon Lent Assizes at Exeter Castle on 16 Mar 1801:
  Grace Mansell, aged 30, wife of John Mansell, late of the Parish of Tawstock in the County of Devon, a labourer, charged with stealing several plow chains, the property of William Burrows and Daniel Ware, on 27 February last at Tawstock, also for stealing three iron chains, value 3 shillings, the property of Daniel Ware - Found guilty of stealing goods to the value of 10 pence only.  Grace arrived Sydney 1803 per the Glatton Grace married George Richards 1826 in Sydney and died 2 weeks after she married.  They had four children together.

D Wong on 17th October, 2020 wrote of John Fitzgerald:

Old Bailey:
Violent Theft: highway robbery.
9th September 1818
Verdict Guilty > lesser offence
Sentence Transportation

JOHN FITZGERALD was indicted for feloniously assaulting George Davis, on the 26th of May, on the King’s highway, at St. Giles’s in the Fields, putting him in fear, and taking from his person, and against his will, one watch, value 7l.; three seals, value 3l., and one key, value 7s. , his property.

GEORGE DAVIS. On the 26th of May, a little after twelve o’clock at night, I was in George-street, Bloomsbury I was going along the street two women were quarrelling, I stopped a moment or two to hear what passed, the prisoner and two other men were standing by, I then went on; the three men followed me very close, I gave way for them to pass me, when the prisoner hustled me off the curb stone, and then knocked my hat off I was rather alarmed - I caught my hat in my hand, while I was catching it one of the men took my watch from me in an instant, I felt it going, they then ran off as fast as possible; I called the watchman, he came up immediately and took the prisoner; the prisoner made a motion with his hand, which made me conclude that he was deaf and dumb. One of the other men, named John Davis, was taken and convicted last Sessions. I heard by their conversation that the prisoner had been fighting. Davis made some motion to the prisoner, and sparred at him. I am certain the prisoner is the man who knocked my hat off.

JAMES SULLIVAN. I am a watchman. On the 26th of May the prosecutor called watch, I went up, I was only thirty yards off, I saw them together; the prosecutor gave the prisoner into my charge, and we took him to the watch-house.

The prisoner being deaf and dumb, had the evidence communicated to him by an interpreter, and made the following

Defence. I am innocent. I was with a woman, the watchman collared me, and I struck the prosecutor.

JAMES DAVIS re-examined. I believe a woman was passing at the time, but she was not with the prisoner. I am sure he was one of the party I never lost sight of him.

GUILTY. Aged 25.

Of stealing from the person, but not with force and violence.

Transported for Life.

John Fitzgerald was listed as 26 years old on arrival.

John was 5’6¾” tall, dark pale complexion, brown hair, hazel eyes.

Assigned to the government stores as a shoemaker.

Sent to work in an Iron Gang on the construction of the Great North Road, Wiseman’s Ferry area.

1822: Petitioned for a TOL in consideration of his being deaf and dumb - not successful.

17/4/1839: Shoemaker aged 46.  Deaf and dumb.  Absconded from service of Percy Simpson 4th April.

26//7/1843: TOL Patricks Plains

10/7/1848: CP

No date of death found.

Ralph Coles on 17th October, 2020 wrote of Mary Whiteside:

Marriage certificate 268

Ralph Coles on 17th October, 2020 wrote of Mary Whiteside:

Protestant from Galway charged with shoplifting, Sentenced at Garrickfergus Antrim Ireland.

7 years sentence standing no 213-31.
Indent No. 6 31 March 1830.
Height 5ft. 3in. Ruddy/fair complexion, light brown hair, hazel - grey eyes. House maid, Dairy maid
Sailed from Cork aboard Palambam 23 March 1831.
Arrived Sydney 31 July 1831.
Bound to H Pawley Sydney.
Certificate of Freedom 29 April 1837
Married David Williams 13 October 1832 in Sydney.
Her marriage record indicates that she was a widow.
Whiteside is not likely to be her maiden name.
Born ca. 1799.
Descendants of Mary Ann Whiteside
David Williams to Mary Whiteside
  Mary Williams 1832
Robert Fitzgerald to Mary Williams
  Robert Fitzgerald 1860
Robert Fitzgerald to Janet Boyle
  Robert Fitzgerald 1889
Robert Fitzgerald to Dorothy Howling
  Irene Fitzgerald 1916
George Coles to Irene Fitzgerald
  Ralph Coles 1949
Ralph Coles with Franziska Burkart

Aidan McCarthy on 17th October, 2020 wrote of John Fitzgerald:

Deaf and dumb.

David Hunt on 17th October, 2020 wrote of James Jolly:

Buried Sydney 14 May 1832 - age listed as 55

D Wong on 16th October, 2020 wrote of Thomas Stapleton:

Thomas Stapleton was listed as 26 years old on arrival.

Birth dates of 1792, 1797, 1803, 1804 listed. (Baptised on 17/7/1797 at St. John’s Parish, Kilkenny.

Son of Samuel Stapleton and Mary Quinn.

Native Place: Kilkenny.

Thomas was literate, RC, 5’10” tall, ruddy complexion, brown hair, grey eyes, tattoos on both arms.

Assigned to Charles Boydell, Paterson River.

3/8/1830: Absconded from Newcastle barracks.

September 1833: Paterson - Return of Corporal Punishment inflicted by Sentence of the Bench in the presence of P.N. Anley, Magistrate. 50 lashes for absconding. This man had been in the army, and bore the marks of having been frequently punished - suffered greatly

22/5/1834: Married Cecily McCann (Hooghly 1831) at Newcastle. (Listed as Cicily McCann, she was 28 and had arrived with 1 child on board - Thomas was 30 and both were on Bond.

21/8/1835: Admitted to Newcastle gaol from Maitland. Sentenced to 14 days solitary confinement. Returned to his master 5 September 1835.

18/8/1836: COF
31/8/1839: COF Renewed.

No death found for Cilily/Cecily.

15/7/1852: Married Eliza Masters at Paterson, NSW. Eliza was previously married to Charles Roberts on the 13/11/1841 and had 3 children.
Thomas and Eliza had a further 9 children.

At the time of his marriage Thomas was using the surname Stapleton Cotton.

I Thomas STAPLETON COTTON, do hereby declare that I am a member of or hold communion with, the Presbyterian Church of Scotland. (signed) Thomas Stapleton Cotton I James Brotherston LAUGHTON, of Paterson, Minister of Saint Ann’s Church, do hereby certify,that Thomas Stapleton Cotton, bachelor, of Paterson, and Eliza Masters, widow of Paterson, were joined together in wedlock by me, on the fifteenth day of July 1852, at Paterson, in the presence of James Smith. (signed) James Smith and Agnes Smith, Witness (signed) Thomas Stapleton Cotton and Eliza Masters. ?? is the only marriage solemnized by me from 1st July to 30th Sept 1852. (signed) James B Laughton.

31/1/1880: Thomas died from ‘Decay of nature’ at West Maitland, and was buried in the RC Cemetery, Campbell’s Hill.

D Wong on 16th October, 2020 wrote of Fergus Cunningham:

22/3/1834: Convict Death Register - Fergus Cunningham was murdered.

25/3/1834 Sydney Gazette:
Since writing the above, we have received the foLlowing additional particulars as elicited upon the inquest, which was held on Saturday evening, at the Irish Arms Inn, kept by Mr. Fitterton.
The name of the deceased was Fergus Cunningham, on old hand in the colony, formerly a government overseer, and for some time-past in the assigned service of Sir John.
He came to Parramatta on Saturday morning, when, he was in the company of the constable, during which some words took place between them. The bullock driver went into the Irish Arms, where he became paRtially intoxicated, and the constable after taking the women he had in charge to the factory, returned to the same house. The former dispute was revived, and the constable then discharged his piece at the unfortunate Cunningham. The contents entered by the right eye, and drove the skull and brains in all directions.
The jury returned a verdict of Wilful murder against the constable, who was accordingly committed to take his trial on the Coroner’s warrant.

D Wong on 16th October, 2020 wrote of William Smith:

William Smith was 42 years old, a brickmaker, literate, married - no children listed, 5’3¾” tall, light brown hair, hazel eyes, sallow complexion, slight build, Anchor, F K, woman right arm, “I cannot see God, but God” left arm, W S, 1861, within heart, star and dots left hand, right leg diseased.

21/6/1873: William Smith died at the Fremantle lunatic asylum of dysentery.

Tristan Alfaro on 16th October, 2020 wrote of William Voss:

Records of Quarter Sessions at Leicester, December 30 1850 state William Voss was sentenced to 15 years transportation for “Horse stealing before convicted of felony”.

Tristan Alfaro on 16th October, 2020 wrote of William Voss:

Voss was hanged at Perth Gaol on the 9th of January 1862.

Brett Beattie on 16th October, 2020 wrote of Mary Steel:

The above from Phil hands is correct except:
Mary did not marry convict John Hockey
Mary Steel that married John Hockey was a free settler that arrived on the Parland in 1838

Wendy Smith on 16th October, 2020 wrote of Lawrence Mcenerney:

The convict indentures state that Lawrence McEnerney was 22 years old.  He could read and write; religion Roman Catholic; status single and a native of County Limerick.  He was a baker.  Lawrence was convicted of stealing silver spoon on 4 January 1836 at Limerick City and sentenced to 7 years. He had one prior conviction and served 6 months.  Physical attributes: Height 5 feet 6 inches; complexion fair ruddy and a little pock pitted; hair light brown and eyes light hazel.  Transport number 139.  Prisoner number 36-1942.
Received Certificate of Freedom on 11 January 1843 (number 43/63).
NSW 1837 Census states that Thomas McEnerney was assigned to Government in Sydney.

Wendy Smith on 16th October, 2020 wrote of Thomas Hogan:

The convict indentures state that Thomas Hogan was 25 years old.  He could neither read nor write; religion Roman Catholic; status single and a native of County Limerick.  He was a farm labourer.  Thomas was convicted of sheep stealing on 4 January 1836 at Limerick City and sentenced to life.  Physical attributes: Height 5 feet 4 inches; complexion dark sallow; hair brown and eyes grey.  Transport number 138.  Prisoner number 36-1941.
Received ticket of leave on 1 June 1847 (number 47/486) at Goulburn.
Received Conditional Pardon on 13 February 1856 (number 56/10).

David Aitchison on 16th October, 2020 wrote of Miles Horan:

Transported along with his brother Peter (Patrick)

David Aitchison on 16th October, 2020 wrote of Peter Horan:

Transported along with his brother, Miles.

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