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Peter Beaghan

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Name, Aliases & Gender

Name: Peter Beaghan
Aliases: none
Gender: m

Birth, Occupation & Death

Date of Birth: -
Occupation: Labourer
Date of Death: -
Age: -

Life Span

Life span

Male median life span was 60 years*

* Median life span based on contributions

Conviction & Transportation

Sentence Severity

Sentence Severity

Sentenced to Life

Crime: No details
Convicted at: Kings County, Ireland
Sentence term: Life
Ship: -
Departure date:
Arrival date*: -
Place of arrival -
Passenger manifest -
* Arrival date is estimated


Primary source: State Records of NSW Convict Indents of "Martha" arr'd 1819; certificates of Freedom, Colonial Sec Correspondence. 1828 Census. 1822 Muster
Source description:

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Community Contributions

Robin Sharkey on 9th February, 2016 wrote:

PETER Beaghan tried March 1818, in Kings County,
TRANSPORTED on “Martha” leaving Cork Augsut 1818.
Arrived NSW 4 January 1819
Tried with his father William. Both were sentenced to transportation for 7 years.
Both Transported on “Martha”
Departing Cork 18 August 1818,
Arriving NSW 4 January 1819.
Peter aged 18 from “Martha” indent.

There were many many Beaghan families in the adjoining counties of Kildare, Queen’s (Laois) and King’s (Offaly).

After Peter Beahan became free in NSW he married a colonial born daughter of a large family, the Hogans, whose ex-convict parents had a farm at South Creek and later acquired land near Oberon. The Hogan family moved to this area near Black Springs, in the 1830’s. In the 1840’s Peter and Margaret Behan moved to the Black Springs area as well, Peter leasing, and then buying, 100 acres from the government, named his property “Claremount”  (per Thematic History of Oberon, 2004 by Phillipa Gemmell). Peter Behan was considered a respectable farmer. He and Margaret had a large family of nine children many of whom married into local Oberon Catholic farming families (Hanrahans, Stapleton,  Foley). Peter Behan died at his home 1874, said to be aged 84 years, well respected.

INDENT of “Martha” - native of Athy, KILDARE
labourer aged 23,  5ft 6 & 1/2;  fair and freckled, red hair, hazel eyes,  (Later NO 632)

4 January 1819 - forwarded to Parramatta for distribution (Col Sec correspondence)
Here he was taken up by Samuel Marsden:

January 1819 - return of convicts in employ of Samuel Marsden:
Date of Service Peter BEHAN from Janaury 1819, 22, 23, 24
1821 Muster - at Parramatta
1822 - 1824 -on list of servants in employ of Samuel Marsden

1825 - Certificate of Freedom dated 17 March 1825
“ Native of Co Kildare, Labourer, age 28, 5ft 6in, ruddy complexion, red hair, hazel eyes
“ Ticket of leave no 412? /632 delivered and cancelled.

Now free, Peter stayed in the employ of Samuel Marsden and worked at one of his Bathurst agricultural properties -  “Bogea” 80 miles east of Bathurst.

1828 Census - (alphabetical return)
Peter Beeghan, age 30 FS per Martha in 1818. 7 years, Catholic, Hutkeeper to S Marsden.
1828 Householder return for Marsden:  Peter Beaghan was hut keeper on “Bogea” described as eighty miles east of Bathurst (more towards Mudgee), and comprised of 1,000 acres with 1,299 cattle and 3,796 sheep. Ten acres were cleared and 7 under cultivation, probably for subsistence for the men. There were also on Bogea, another hut keeper (20 yo Frances Carney per ‘Mangles’ in 1826, two shepherds and a stockman.) All were Catholic.  Other of Marsden’s men were at Fish River, Cox’ River, “Willagh” and “Aitte”, making 19 men in total.

His father William in 1828 was living closer near Bathurst to the south, at Snake’s Valley with Patrick Burns.  Here, the road to Sydney crossed Snake’s Valley Creek, without need for a bridge.


Despite living in the middle of nowhere,  Peter Behan managed to meet Margaret Hogan and marry her in 1832 (NSWBDM 4/1832 V18324 129). Perhaps he’d met her back in the Parramatta area, as her family were at South Creek.

BY 1842 they had moved to Oberon area because Catherine was born at Black Springs.

They had nine children, most of whom survived to great ages. There were dozens of grandchildren.  The family was devoutly Catholic. On the death of their daughter Bridget as an old lady in 1934 it was reported:

The Catholic Press 28 June 1934 p 15:
“ … She was the descendant of a long line of faithful [i.e. Catholics] , in which a non-Catholic marriage has never occurred, being a daughter of the late Peter Behan, who came out from County Clare, Ireland, with his father 120 years ago, and who was one of the first to travel by bullock-dray over the Blue Mountains. “

Since the Blue Mountains were crossed in 1815 and settlers were given permission to move there by 1818, and Peter Behan in the 1821 muster was reportes at Parramatta, he was not one of the first to cross the Blue Mountains, but he may have been there early if Marsden sent him up to look afar his property near or beyond Bathurst.


1833 Ann Elizabeth MRRD 1864 Patrick Foley; DIED 1899, six chldren.
1834 James MRRD 1884 Esther WIlds, died 1914 had 8 children, 6 living to adulthood
1836 Mary B MRRD 1864 Thomas Stapleton, died 1898, Rockley, had 6 children
1840 Peter MRRD Foley, Died 1913 aged 73 years (from gravestone)
1842 Catherine MRRD James Henry Hanrahan, Died 1942 Black Springs. Newspapers reported she had celebrated 100 years the previous month
‘Catholic Weekly’ 2/7/1942 p 23:
“The death occurred last week at her residence, ‘Flower Dale,’ Black Springs (Oberon district), of Mrs. Catherine Hanrahan. Deceased, last month, celebrated the 100th anniversary of her birth. On that occasion Holy Mass was celebrated at her home, at which she and over 50 relatives nnd descendants assisted. She also had the privilege of receiving the blessing of Our Holy Father …” Many newspapers exaggerated her age to 110.

1844 Patrick MRRD 1866 to Emily Hanrahan.  Died 1927 aged 84
  National Advocate 3 Sept 1927 p 3 “ DEATH OF A PIONEER
Mr Patrick Behan of Black Springs passed away at hia late residence after a comparatively short illness at the age of 84. His wife predeceased him some years. Born at Black Springs he had settled down near the old home where his brother Mr. Johnnie Behan resides. For many years he carried on farming and grazing. He leaves many relatives and friends including several sons and daughters and is survived by three sisters and one brother. His remains were laid to rest beside those of his parents and late wife in the old Black Springs cemetery.”

1846 Elizabeth MRRD Hotham Died 1940 aged 94
1849 Bridget MRRD Foley. Death aged 85, six children, Obituary The Catholic Press 28/6/1934 p 15
1851 John Michael. of Back Creek Oberon Died 1937 aged 85 years. survived by 8 sons and 6 daughters (SMH 13/7/1937 p 9)

ThematicHistory of Oberon:
“ Margaret Hogan, a daughter of Philip and Mary Hogan, married Peter Behan in Sydney in 1832 and lived at first at South Creek. They were living at Clare Mount (near Black Springs) in 1845 on land leased, and later bought, from the government, 100 acres, and had nine children.”

“Mary’s father Philip Hogan was convicted as a United Irishman and had 120 acres at South Creek, however he began to acquire land in the Sthrn Highlands and Oberon districts. He had gone up to Oberon area in the 1830’s.  The Hogans did not take up land officially at Oberon until 1837, when John Hogan, another son, took up a block beside Edward Redmond at Bingham, called the Shaving Holes. In 1832 Govett’s map marks Hogan’s station south of the Abercrombie at Bubalahla (Taralga area)”  [From “Thematic History of Oberon” 2004 by Gemmell, P]

1845 - SMH Tuesday 1 April 1845 p 2
Peter Behan was among witnesses at the trial in Sydney of Henry Hogan of Black Springs, Oberon for the murder of his pregnant wife.  Henry was one Peter’s many Hogan brothers-in-law.  Peter had helped to drag the Duckmaloi Creek on a raft and actually brought up the body of Mrs Ann Hogan nee Mcguirk. Henry was sentenced to death for her murder but commuted to transportation for life in irons.

Coincidentally, Ann Mcguirk’s father Daniel Mcguirk and been transported when aged 28 with Peter and William Behan on “Martha” (for burglary at Co Cavan). Daniel ended up transported to Van Diemen’s land where his murdering son-in-law was, the next year.

1849 April 29th: (Patrick Hanrahan’s diary)
“April 29th. Michael [Hanrahan] and J. Behan with cattle to Sydney. Very heavy rain
all this day after long drought.”

1860 Freemans Journal Sydney - 7 Nov 1860
“ - Additional Subscriptions for the Holy Father, from the district of Hartley - Mr Peter Behan, 10s; Miss Ann Behan 5sh”

1874 - Peter BEHAN DIED. Registered at Bathurst, son of William and Mary
Freemans’ Journal, Sydney - 13 June 1874 page 8:
“BEHAN.— At her [sic] residence; Clare Mount, near Bathurst, after a short but severe attack of bronchitis, brought on by a severe cold Mr. Peter Behan, senr., aged 84 years, leaving an aged wife and large family to mourn their loss. May his soul rest in peace.”

Peter Beahan is buried at the privately owned White Springs Cemetery, off Campbell’s River Rd in the Black Springs area south of Bathurst, as is his wife Margaret (died 1884) and many other Behan descendants.

Convict Changes History

Robin Sharkey on 9th February, 2016 made the following changes:

convicted at, term: 99 years, voyage, source: State Records of NSW Convict Indents of "Martha" arr'd 1819; certificates of Freedom, Colonial Sec Correspondence. 1828 Census. 1822 Muster (prev. ), firstname: Peter, surname: Beaghan, alias1: , alias2: , ali

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