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Hugh Brannagan

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Name, Aliases & Gender

Name: Hugh Brannagan
Aliases: Brannigan
Gender: m

Birth, Occupation & Death

Date of Birth: 1796
Occupation: -
Date of Death: -
Age: -

Life Span

Life span

Male median life span was 57 years*

* Median life span based on contributions

Conviction & Transportation

Sentence Severity

Sentence Severity

Sentenced to 7 years

Crime: -
Convicted at: Dublin City
Sentence term: 7 years
Ship: Prince Regent
Departure date: 13th February, 1824
Arrival date: 15th July, 1824
Place of arrival New South Wales
Passenger manifest Travelled with 58 other convicts


Primary source: Irish Convict Database, by Peter Mayberry. Colonial Secretary Index.
Source description:

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Community Contributions

Maureen Withey on 17th September, 2020 wrote:

Irish Convict Database, by Peter Mayberry.
Hugh Brannagan, alias Brannigan, age 28, Prince Regent I (2) 1824, Tried at Dublin City, 1823, 7 years, DOB 1796, Native place Tyrone, Navy marine.

Colonial Secretary Index.

BRANNAGAN, Hugh. Per “Prince Regent”, 1824
1825 Sep 16
Re his being the husband of Catherine Donnelly (Reel 6015; 4/3515 p.324)

DONNELLY, Catherine alias INNIS. Per “Almorah”, 1824.

1825 Jun 21,27 - Re permission to marry at Newcastle (Reel 6068, 4/1812 p.67; Reel 6014, 4/3514 p.588)
1825 Sep 6 - John Large complaining of efforts of Donnelly’s master, John Smith, to prevent his marriage to her (Reel 6068; 4/1812 p.104)
1825 Sep 16 - Revd Middleton informed that Donnelly had claimed Hugh Brannagan to be her husband (Reel 6015; 4/3515 p.324)


State Records NSW Reel 6068 4/1812 - Letter re marriage to Catherine Donnelly ,
6th September 1825, Honored Sir,
I am authorised by his Reverence Mr Middleton, to address you by letter, respecting a young female that I am about to be married to. I am a prisoner that holds the situation of a Constable in Newcastle. Consequently I am entitled to several indulgences that other people are not, I was called in church 3 times to be married but I was prevented in so doing on account of a person who is called John Smith, a Settler at Newcastle who, although, I was called in church to be married, under a pretence that the said marriage was Illegal, said that the person whom I was to be married to, was in another name, on account of her, the servant stating that her mothers maiden name was Catherine Innis.  But your Honor, her real name is Catherine Donnelly, arrived per Ship “Almora”, Boyd Master, and the aforesaid John Smith, a Settler at Newcastle, wants to prevent our Union under supposed Circumstances. It has been proved to the satisfaction of every one and the public of this place that she is not a married woman at the same time, he, the said John Smith, her Employer Done all he could to prevent our union. In consequence of the sham outcry that John Smith her master makes use of to prevent our Union the Rev. Mr Middleton of this place has authorised me to ascertain her real name from your Honor’s Books, and that you will be so kind as to transmit to Rev. Mr Middleton from your Books, her proper name, as is all that is wanting to consummate our marriage.
From Sir, with all due respects your most obedient servant,
John Large, Constable of His M. Gaol, Newcastle


State Records NSW Reel 6015 4/3515
Catherine Donnelly being married to another man
Colonial Secretary’s Office, 16th September 1825 to Rev. G. A. Middleton, Assistant Chaplain Newcastle.
Rev. Sir, At the request of John Large a Constable of Newcastle Gaol, I have the honor of stating that Catherine Donnelly when mustered at the time of her arrival in the Ship “Almorah”, acquainted me that Hugh Brannagan was her husband a Convict who came to this Colony by the Transport “Prince Regent”.
I have the honor to be, Rev. Sir,
Your Obed. Servant F. Goulburn

Convict Changes History

Maureen Withey on 17th September, 2020 made the following changes:

convicted at, term: 7 years, voyage, source: Irish Convict Database, by Peter Mayberry. Colonial Secretary Index. (prev. ), firstname: Hugh, surname: Brannagan, alias1: Brannigan, alias2: , alias3: , alias4: , date of birth: 1796, date of death: 0000, gen

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