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Ann Cocking

Ann Cocking, one of 171 convicts transported on the Planter, 29 October 1838

Name, Aliases & Gender

Name: Ann Cocking
Aliases: none
Gender: f

Birth, Occupation & Death

Date of Birth: 1818
Occupation: House servant
Date of Death: 2nd January, 1914
Age: 96 years

Life Span

Life span

Female median life span was 56 years*

* Median life span based on contributions

Conviction & Transportation

Sentence Severity

Sentence Severity

Sentenced to 10 years

Crime: Robbery with violence
Convicted at: Central Criminal Court
Sentence term: 10 years
Ship: Planter
Departure date: 29th October, 1838
Arrival date: 9th March, 1839
Place of arrival New South Wales
Passenger manifest Travelled with 169 other convicts


Primary source: Australian Joint Copying Project. Microfilm Roll 90, Class and Piece Number HO11/11, Page Number 366
Source description: This record is one of the entries in the British convict transportation registers 1787-1867 database compiled by State Library of Queensland from British Home Office (HO) records which are available on microfilm as part of the Australian Joint Copying Project.

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Community Contributions

D Wong on 9th April, 2016 wrote:

Ann Maria Powers was the daughter of Thomas Powers and Sarah Cook.  Birth dates of 1812 and 1818 listed.

Ann married John Cocking who was transported on the ‘Marquis of Hastings’ 1839 to VDL.  John Cocking died 1841.  Also transported with them was Benjamin Buggey, their accomplice in crime and also on board the ‘Marquis of Hastings’.

Old Bailey: **This is a shortened version**
ANN COCKING, JOHN COCKING, BENJAMIN BUGGEY, Violent Theft > robbery, 20th August 1838.

Reference Number: t18380820-1886
Offence: Violent Theft > robbery
Verdict: Guilty > no_subcategory; Guilty > no_subcategory; Guilty > no_subcategory
Punishment: Transportation

ANN COCKING, JOHN COCKING , and BENJAMIN BUGGEY , were indicted for a robbery on Charles Pearson, on the 19th of August, putting him in fear, and taking from his person and against his will, 1 hat, value 9s.; 1 pair of gloves, value 1s.; 2 half-crowns and 7d.; his goods and monies; and immediately before and at the time of the said robbery striking and beating him.

14/2/1846: TOL Dungog.

24/3/1845: Married John Bacon (Charles Kerr 1837) at Parramatta, NSW – they had 9 children.
John Bacon was also knows as Wisbey/Wisby.
John Bacon died in 1866.

1871: Married Robert John Wilkes (1825-1881)

2/1/1914: Ann died in Dungog, NSW of unspecified causes..

Robin Hatfield on 11th February, 2017 wrote:

Ann Cocking right name was Ann Maria Eliza Powers born 5 August 1818, Winchester, Hampshire, England.
Ann Cocking, John Cocking, and Benjamin Buggey, were indicted for a robbery on Charles Pearson, on the 19th August, putting him in fear, and taking from his person and against his will, 1 hat, 1 pair of gloves, 2 half crowns and 7d, his goods and monies, and immediately before and at the time of the said robbery striking and beating him.
John (husband married 1835)and Ann Cocking both stood trial on 20th August 1838. at the Criminal Central Court (Old Bailey) London. They both received sentences for 15 years.
John was transported to Tasmania aboard the “Marquis of Hastings” Departing Portsmouth UK, 18th March 1839 arriving Tasmania 23rd July 1839. He died in Tasmania September 22nd 1841 and died of Paralysis for 4 days.
Ann Cocking was transported to New South Wales aboard the “Planter”. She was transported on 29th October, 1838 and arrived 29th June, 1839.
Ann Cocking on a ship Planter in 1839 was place of trial Central Criminal Court, Middlesex, England on 20th August, 1838 sentence to 15 years. The Ship that transported her was Planter 2.  She went to Dungog in October, 1845 and Grant ticket of leave on 14th February, 1846.
Ann Cocking then married John Bacon alias Wisby on 24th March, 1845 in Parramatta, New South Wales and they had 9 children.  This husband died 5th November 1866.
Then she married Robert John Wilkes in 1871 at Dungog, New South Wales and they had no children, and he died 28th July, 1881.
So Ann Maria Eliza Wilkes died on 2nd January, 1914 at Dungog, New South Wales.
DEATH in the Dungog Chronicle on Tuesday 6th January, 1914 reads as The death occurred on Friday last, of Mrs R. Wilkes, at the residence of her daughter Mrs J. Muddle, Telligra, Mrs Wilkes was the oldest identity in this district, being 102 years of age at the time of her death.  The deceased lady landed in Australian some 80 odd years ago, and after a time was married ton Mr John Bacon at Parramatta, and then came to Dungog, where they made their home.  Mr Bacon died in Dungog, and some years after Mrs Bacon was married to Mr Robert Wilkes, who predeceased her some 35 years ago.  During the past fourteen years Mrs Wilkes has been practically an invalid, although until a few months ago she was capable of doing all kinds of needlework without the aid of glasses.  She has been living with her daughter, Mrs Muddle, for some fourteen years.  The other sons and daughters are Messrs John Bacon, Baulkham Hills, Charles Bacon, Dungog, William Bacon, Tamworth, Thos. Bacon, Tamworth, Henry Bacon, Inverell, Mrs Barnes, Melbourne, Mrs Hughes, Melbourne, Mrs John Muddle Telligra.  Much sympathy is felt for the sons and daughter and relatives in their and breavement.  The funeral took place Saturday when a large number followed the cortege.  The remains were buried in the Church of England portion of the Dungog cemetery, the Rev. Archdeacon Luscombe officiating at the graveside.

Robin Hatfield on 16th February, 2017 wrote:

This letter was taken from England on Findmypast in June 1845.
To the honourable Sir James Graham, Sir I take the Liberty of addressing you in the behalf of Ann Cocking who was sent away in the year 38 for stealing a pair of gloves the valve of one shilling she took her trail at Newgate and in I am sorry to say honoured Sir the poor captive was not guilty of the crime laid to her charge. She was taken from her home by her mother in law her native home is Newburg and she was taken away with the intent to go to America. But she was left at Uxbridge without a Protector or friend in the world and some gentleman took her under his care and during which time this man was taken up and this poor girl being in his company and the gloves was found on her person she was convicted and sentenced to fifteen years transportation and what is worse she was pregnant at the time and the dear babe is still alive honoured Sir we earnestly solicite your interest and support in favour of the poor captive for the sake of the Dear infant. Remain your humble servant Mr William Powers.  Please to direct for Carpenter Wood Street now.
Little gate St Elibes Oxford.

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Neridah Rowe on 8th April, 2016 made the following changes:

date of birth: 1818 (prev. 0000), date of death: 2nd January, 1914 (prev. 0000), occupation, crime

D Wong on 9th April, 2016 made the following changes:

gender: f, crime

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term: 10 years (prev. 15 years)

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