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Mary Cowell

Mary Cowell, one of 127 convicts transported on the Mary, 03 June 1823

Name, Aliases & Gender

Name: Mary Cowell
Aliases: none
Gender: f

Birth, Occupation & Death

Date of Birth: 1805
Occupation: Needlewoman
Date of Death: 28th February, 1842
Age: 37 years

Life Span

Life span

Female median life span was 56 years*

* Median life span based on contributions

Conviction & Transportation

Sentence Severity

Sentence Severity

Sentenced to 7 years

Crime: Stealing
Convicted at: Castle Rushen Gaol Delivery
Sentence term: 7 years
Ship: Mary
Departure date: 3rd June, 1823
Arrival date: 5th October, 1823
Place of arrival New South Wales and Van Diemen's Land
Passenger manifest Travelled with 126 other convicts


Primary source: Australian Joint Copying Project. Microfilm Roll 88, Class and Piece Number HO11/5, Page Number 68
Source description: This record is one of the entries in the British convict transportation registers 1787-1867 database compiled by State Library of Queensland from British Home Office (HO) records which are available on microfilm as part of the Australian Joint Copying Project.

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Community Contributions

Anonymous on 8th September, 2012 wrote:

"Mary Cowell was born in the Isle of Man in 1805. Her sister Jane Quale and brother in law were charged with theft of seven yards of ribbon and lace in 1822. The brother in law was aquitted but Mary and Jane were sentenced to 7 years in the colonies. They arrived together in Australia in Oct 1823.
Mary worked as a Govt servant to Mrs Peate in Sydney. She had a child to a Robert Ivory in 1825, but did not marry him. She married a man called Robert Bogg in 1826. They had a son named James in 1829, she was also widowed that year. She remarried in 1833 to James Oatley a 63 year old. Widowed in 1839. Married William F. Hulle in 1841 and died at the age of 36 in 1842, and is buried at St. John Church of England, Parramatta."                     

http://www.convictcentral.com/index/convict ships to Australia/Mary 111/Mary Cowell.
Article by Sandy Jones (nee Cowell)
[Note: The NSW B D & M Index records that Mary married Oatley in 1838 not 1833]

Denis Pember on 10th January, 2017 wrote:

Sainty & Johnson; 1828 Census of New South Wales:
Page 53…
[R1500] Bogg, Robert, 60, FS, G. Hewitt, 1813, 14 years, Protestant, bootmaker, Pitt Street, Sydney.
Page 85…
[Ref C0779] Cawle, Mary, 22, GS, Mary (London), 1823, 7 years, Protestant, wife of Robert Bogg, bootmaker, Pitt Street Sydney.
[Ref C0780] Cawle, Robert, 3, born in the colony.

The next year, Mary was issued a certificvate of Freedom, dated 27th August 1829.
Mary Cowell, the ship Mary, 1823, native place Isle of Man, sempstress, tried at Castle Rushem on 27 Aug 1822 and sentenced to seven years transportation, born 1806, 5 feet 6 inches tall, fair complexion with freckles, brown hair, chestnut eyes.

Denis Pember on 10th January, 2017 wrote:

Robert Bogg was transported in February 1814, on the “General Hewitt”. His then wife, another Mary, (details not known) followed on “Broxbornebury” only 5 months later in July 1814, with six of their children.

Denis Pember on 10th January, 2017 wrote:

The James Oatley that Mary married in 1838 was a convict, transported 1815 on “Marquis of Wellington”.
William Frederick Hulle whom she married in 1841 was an unassisted immigrant from Hanover in Germany, a blacksmith who arrived on “Warrior” in 1835.

Beth Kebblewhite on 1st August, 2019 wrote:

c1805 -

Mary was born at or near Ballaugh, Isle of Man, to Daniel COWELL & Elizabeth nee Kelly. She was baptized on 21 April 1805. (IGI)
1822-23 -

Mary Ann, her sister Jane Quayle (nee Cowell) & Jane’s husband John Quayle were all “charged with the theft of seven yards of lace and some ribbon from Mrs Clark’s drapery shop in Douglas - the lace was valued at one shilling and sixpence per yard.” John was acquitted but both women were convicted after constable Cleator found the stolen items in a box during an early morning raid he conducted on the prisoners’ house whilst they were in bed.” They were imprisoned at Castle Rushen until their trial in August 1822. With a seven year term of transportation, they were removed from the Castle on 18 April 1823 to the ship “Majestic” & thence to Liverpool & finally Sydney NSW. During their time in prison at the Castle, Jane had a child born (name & sex unknown), the father most probably being her husband John. The two women & the child travelled on the convict ship “Mary” in 1823.

(Source: “Never to Return”, by Hampton Creer)
18 October 1823 -

Mary COWELL was tried Castle Rushen on the 27th of August 1822, 7 year sentence, occupation needlework, aged 17, native of Isle of Mann, 5 feet tall, un-married woman with no children, hazel eyes, brown hair & freckles. She reached Sydney NSW on the ship “Mary” (3) from London, England

(Source: Indent of ship “Mary"111 (1) 1823, sailed from London to Sydney)
(Also - same date & place of trial - Jane the wife of John Quayle, alias Cowell)
(Castle Rushen is a medieval castle fortess situated on the site of an original Viking stronghold, overlooking the mouth of the Silver Burn in Castletown. This town was the capital of the Isle of Man until 1874 & the building was used for meetings of the House of Keys, the elected Lower House of Tynwald, the Isle of Man Parliament.)
4 September 1824 -

Mary was on a list of prisoners - assigned to Anne Evans in Philip Street, Syd (as COWLE).

(Source: SRNSW Col Sec: Special Bundles - Fiche 3290 p73& 4/4521 p148)
c1825 -

Mary COWLE, Con, “Mary”, 1823, 7yr, Government servant to Mrs Peate, Sydney (17130) & a child -
Robert IVORY, aged 3 months, BC, son of Mary Cowle, Sydney (26594)

(Source: General Muster of NSW 1823,1824,1825)
1825 -

Robert Ivory, son of Robert & Mary Ann was born on 4 July 1825 & baptized on 31 July that year at St Phillips C of E, Sydney. [There is no record for a Robert Ivory (Snr) in the 1823-25 Muster. There is only one other reference to the child being with Mary in 1828 & his date of death is not known.]

(Source: Church Baptism Record - V1825-7092-1B & 873-8)
10 July 1826 -

Mary Anne COWLE, spinster, with permission of the Governor, married Robert BOGG, boot and shoemaker, widower (listed as bachelor), in St Phillips Church Sydney. One of the witnesses to the wedding was Jane Ford, Mary Anne’s sister. Rev William Cowper officiated at the service held at St Phillips C of E in Sydney

(Source: Church Parish Marriage Records V1826-93-10)
December 1827 to February 1828 -

Charles Bogg, Henry Chantrill & Mary Green were named in court records as being involved with the theft of a gold watch from the home of Mrs Mary Bogg (Mary Ann nee Cowell, step-mother to Charles Bogg) in Harrington Street, Sydney. Mary Green (a char-woman at the Bogg’s home) was later discharged.

Mrs Bogg made a statement saying the watch belonged to her and was last seen when she put it into a chest of drawers on 14 December 1827. When she went back later to take the watch to be valued it was missing.

A Superintendent of Police discovered the watch had been left at a public house in Harrington Street operated by Mrs Johnson. Mrs Johnson told him that Henry Chantrill had left the watch and she had given him 5 pounds & some liquor for it. Charles Bogg had also been at the pub at the same time although they were not together when she bought the watch. Bogg later returned to the pub & told Mrs Johnson that the watch was his & that she should pay some more money for it.

Mr James Nicholson [probably the same person in the 1828 Census who was a 45 year-old gunsmith holding a ticket-of-leave in George Street] gave his statement that the gold watch had been a present given by him to Mrs Mary Bogg on 14 December 1827.

(Source: SRNSW Criminal Jurisdiction Papers - T137; No. 880; 534)
[Note: Henry CHANTRILL is the spelling in the 1828 Census, came per ship “Dick” and was listed as a convict with a 7 year term at Moreton Bay. The convict indents records the same spelling & says the ship arrived in Sydney in 1821 with Henry then aged 28, a convict tried at Lancaster in 1820 with a 7 year term.]
15 December 1827 -

Charles BOGG & Henry Chantrill were in Darlinghurst Gaol, charged with “Stealing in a dwelling house a gold watch”

(Source: SRNSW Darlinghurst Gaol Records; Reel 850; 4/6429, p219)
1827 to 1828 -

Charles BOGG & Henry CHANTRILL were charged with stealing a gold watch from the house of Robert Bogg, Charles’ father on 14 December 1827. The watch was said to be valued at 10 pounds. One of the witnesses named was Mary Bogg, Charles’ step-mother.

It was stated that the two men were arraigned on 4 February 1828 where they had pleaded not guilty. On 1 March they were sentenced by the Court to be transported for 7 years.

(Source: SRNSW Criminal Jurisdiction Papers - T28; No. 13477; 28/3)
1828 –

*Robert BOGG, aged 60, FS, “G. Hewitt” 1813, 14 years, Prot, Bootmaker, Pitt St., Sydney (B1500)
* Mary CAWLE (sic), aged 22, Government servant, “Mary” (London), 1823, 7 yr, Prot, wife of Robert BOGG, bootmaker, Pitt St. Sydney (C0779)
* Robert CAWLE, aged 3, BC

(Source: 1828 Census of NSW)
1829 to 1830 -

On the 1st of March the couple had a son born, James BOGG.
Mary Anne became a widow, aged about 24, when Robert BOGG died in April 1829.
Baby James was christened on the 6th of September. He was buried on the 21st January 1830, aged 10 months.

10 May 1831 -

Mary Anne BOGG (widow) made an “Indenture of Assignment” of land situated in Elizabeth Street Sydney, to James OATLEY. Oatley paid the sum of 80 pounds.

(Source: NSW Dept. of Lands, Vendors Book D; No. 390)
1832 -

Mary Anne’s sisters Esther & Ann arrived in NSW as free immigrants from the Isle of Man with their husbands and children.
3 May 1832 -

Mary Anne BOGG mortgaged a property to James OATLEY for £180. The property was in Elizabeth Street Sydney. The land had been bought by Mary Ann from George Williams on 10 May 1831. Mary agreed to pay James Oatley 10% interest per annum, half-yearly.

(Source: NSW Dept. of Lands, Vendors Book E; No.237)
30 October 1832 -

“Henry Kittle, was indicted for a common assault on the person of Mary Ann Bogg. The witnesses for the prosecution and those for the defendant, contradicted themselves in several material particulars, and the jury found the defendant not guilty.”

(Source: “Sydney Gazette”, 30 October 1832)
21 August 1833 -

Mary Anne BOGG (widow) made “Further change indorsed on original Mortgage bearing date 3 May 1832” between herself & James OATLEY.

(Source: NSW Dept. of Lands, Vendors Book F; No. 57)
16 September 1833 -

Mary Anne BOGG (nee Cowle), widow, married James Oatley, widower in Sydney. Mary was aged 27 & her new husband was 63. Witnesses were Ann & Robert Morton, Mary Anne’s sister & brother-in-law.

James Oatley, clock & watchmaker, had previously been the defacto husband of Mary LYCETT, wife of famous convict artist Joseph LYCETT (c1775-1828).

(Source: “Joseph Lycett, Governor Macquarie’s Convict Artist”, by John Turner , 1997, Newcastle NSW & some info from Ken Hunt. NSW Church Register V1833-105-17 - incorrectly listed in BDM index as 1838)
1837 -

Mary Anne was mentioned in James Oatley’s will. “I give and bequeath to my lawful wife MARY ANN OATLEY for her sole use, benefit and disposal, a Stone built house and Premises lying and situated in the Parish of St Lawrence, in the Town of Sydney aforesaid, bounded on the West by Elizabeth Street South, on the North by the Premises of Clarke & Co., in the East by a stream of water, at the date hereof tenanted by Mr Bates. Also a Farm of Land now called “Newton” containing 40 Acres, lying and situate in the Parish of Saint George aforesaid, Granted by the Crown to myself which is appended marked F. Also the whole of the House hold Furniture, Wearing Apparel, Plate and Books which may be on my Estate named “Snugborough” at the date of my decease.”

(Source: Will of James Oatley, SRNSW Probate Packet #1104, Series 1)
[Note: The Will was dated March 1837 & James Oatley died in October 1839]
1838 -

There was an addition to the Will, mentioning Mary Anne. “CODICIL to this the last Will and Testament of James Oatley, of Sydney, Watchmaker….And whereas in consequence of the extreme ill conduct of my wife MARY ANN OATLEY who absconded from me about eighteen months past and is at the date hereof living in a state of adultery, I hereby revoke, cancel and make null and void a certain bequest made by me to her in the said Will, of an Estate of land called “Newton” containing forty acres…” He then stated he wanted to give that land to his adopted son Frederick Oatley.

(Source: Will of James Oatley, SRNSW Probate Packet #1104, Series 1)
[Note: Codicil was dated 27 September 1839, making the date of Mary Ann’s leaving her husband as circa March 1838)
1839 -

Mary Anne became a widow, when her husband James OATLEY died.

Source: NSW BDM Index V1839-1328-102 & 275-103)
1841 -

Mary Anne Oatley, widow, married William F. Hulle at St Johns C of E, Parramatta.

(Source: NSW BDM Index - V1841-271-25C)
1842 -

Mary HULLE, aged 36, died on 28 Feb. 1842 & her burial service was held at St Johns Church, Parramatta. The cause of her death was “intemperance” after an inquest at Parramatta on 1st March.

(Source: NSW Church Parish Register V1842-681-26B & SRNSW Register of Coroner’s Inquests, Series: 2921; Item: 4/6612; Reel: 343)

“Sacred to the Memory of Mary Ann HULLE, who departed this life on the 28th of February 1842, Aged 36 years” [Sandstone headstone (4’5” X 2’1” X 3 & a half inches). Norman with stepped shoulders. Matching footstone (1’4” X 1’5” X 3”) M.A.H. 1842. Burial Register: Mary Hulle, 595, Parramatta, 2-3-1842. HH Bobart. Section 3 of the Cemetery, Row C, No. 11]

Also buried beside Mary Ann was her sister Ann MORTON (nee COWLE/COWELL) who died in 1835 and two of her sister Jane’s children - Benjamin FORD in 1835 and Elizabeth FORD in 1833.

(Source: “The Parramatta Cemeteries: St Johns”, by Parramatta & District Historical Society, pp155,156)

** There are no known living descendants of Mary Anne COWELL **

For further information email Beth Taylor hookey5609@yahoo.com.au

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