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Ann Guest

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Name, Aliases & Gender

Name: Ann Guest
Aliases: none
Gender: f

Birth, Occupation & Death

Date of Birth: -
Occupation: -
Date of Death: -
Age: -

Life Span

Life span

Female median life span was 53 years*

* Median life span based on contributions

Conviction & Transportation

Sentence Severity

Sentence Severity

Sentenced to Life

Crime: -
Convicted at: Old Bailey
Sentence term: Life
Ship: Active, Albermarle, Atlantic, Barrington, Britannia, Mary Ann, Matilda, Salamander and William and Ann
Departure date: January, 1791
Arrival date: 9th July, 1791
Place of arrival New South Wales
Passenger manifest Travelled with 1043 other convicts


Primary source: https://indexes.records.nsw.gov.au/ebook/digitalcontent.aspx?id=1150_SZ115_0153 Indent of Ship Mary Ann, arrived July 1791.
Source description:

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Maureen Withey on 11th July, 2020 wrote:

Indent of Ship Mary Ann, arrived July 1791.

Ann Guest, Tried at Old Bailey, London, 8 Dec 1790, Life.

Old Bailey Proceedings Online (http://www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 11 July 2020), December 1789, trial of ANN GUEST ANN YARDLEY SUSANNAH BROWN (t17891209-13).

ANN GUEST, ANN YARDLEY, SUSANNAH BROWN, Violent Theft > robbery, 9th December 1789.
13. ANN GUEST , ANN YARDLEY , and SUSANNAH BROWN , were indicted for feloniously assaulting John Fogg , on the 18th of November last, putting him in fear, and feloniously taking from his person, and against his will, a metal watch, value 20 s. a silk watch ribband,value 1 d. a steel seal, value 6 d. a metal watch key, value 1 d. a half crown and one shilling, his property .
The witnesses examined separate.
JOHN FOGG sworn.
I live in the neighbourhood of Widegate-street: I was robbed on the 18th of last month, on Wednesday, at eleven at night; I was going home; at the end of Widegate-street, the prisoner Ann Guest addressed me thus? my dear, I should be much obliged to you, if you would change me a bad halfpenny; I refused: at that instant the prisoner Yardley made a blow at me with something that cut my coat in the middle; I threw my arm out, and a man jumped across immediately, and hit me across my hand; one of my fingers bled; Yardley and Brown instantly fastened on me.
Court. Is this a public street where there are passengers backward and forward? - Yes.
And nobody happened to be passing at that time? - No: I said, do you want to rob me; I know you: and the prisoner Brown said, b - st his eyes, give him a bloody topper; the other one, Guest, said no, no: immediately as that expression occurred, with my left hand I caught hold of the wright wrist of the one that had the weapon, that was Yardley, and I held it; at the same time she advanced a pair of pattens about as high as my head, and threatened me with them; at that instant I expected to receive a stab from one or the other; I stood at that instant so easy, that a child of ten years old might have taken what I had from me; the prisoner Brown was behind, she thrust her hand into my pocket, and drew out what money there was; the other one, Guest, put her hand into my fob, and drew out my watch; I had two books, one in each pocket in my under coat pockets which they did not touch; in an instant they left me, the other one, whose wrist I held, seemed to wish the same; the spot to which they went might be about thirty or forty yards; they went into a court almost opposite this place where they attacked me; I let them advance a little distance, but I kept them in my eye; I saw the house they went into; I went immediately to the watch-house and enquired for the officer; he was not there; but a person there said they could do as well; there were five of them went; I laid hold of a staff and we all went; when we came there, we placed ourselves to the best advantage as we thought; I stood on the outside, two yards from the door, two of them at the door to the best of my knowledge, and two went up stairs; they came down and said nobody was up stairs; they listened at the lower room, and hearing talking, and seeing some persons through the crevises, they insisted on being admitted into the lower apartment; the instant they opened it, I went in, and there were four women and a man below stairs, that was the three prisoners and another woman and a man; I instantly said to the headborough or beadle of the night, I give you charge of these three persons; they are the persons that robbed me.
At the time they made this attack upon you, was it light enough to discover their faces in the space of ten minutes? - There were three lamps, the light reflects very strong, and I have seen these women before; I pointed to Guest, and said that is the one that took my watch; I pointed to Brown, and said that is the one that took my money; I said six shillings and six-pence; I had no particular mark upon them, but there was a half crown among it; instantly one of the patrol searched her pocket, and there were four shillings and a half crown, and some halfpence; I then went up stairs with Riches: before I went up stairs it was hinted to compromize matters if I would receive my property; I said I would not; I looked upon them as dangerous persons, and if they committed murder afterwards, I should think myself accessary to it; one of the patrols called to me and Riches, informing us that the watch was found; I came down and said, do not describe the watch to me till I describe it to you; it is a particular one; I said then, it was a metalone, there were images on the inside case, but the outside case was exceedingly loose, and would rattle if shook; I said it had a black ribbon instead of a chain; then Riches said, there it is as you said.
Where do you live? - I live about three minutes walk from where it was done; I live at No. 10, Crispin-street, but my business is in the country; I came to Butcher-row, near Temple-bar; I had been at an auction of books, and bought these two; I had been there two hours and a quarter.
Prisoner Guest. Whether at the time of our examination at Justice Wilmot’s, whether he was persuaded by Riches and Harrison that he was intitled to three forty pounds on conviction, if he was punctually to swear to us; and he said he had been at the London Tavern at a feast, and it was in Gun Court.
Prosecutor. Upon my oath it is not true.
Was any thing said about three rewards? - Not a syllable of the kind; I can call people to prove I am not so straitened; I keep my family genteel and lay by for a rainy day.
I am a patrol, on the 18th of November, about eleven o’clock; I was called on by the prosecutor, to go to the house of these women; he came to the watch-house, and said he had been robbed; I asked him of what; he said in Widegate-alley, he said they were run over into our parish; he said he could shew where they were, for he followed them up to the two pair of stairs room; we went to this two pair of stairs room, and there was a padlock on the door; we found no such people; we came down again, and my partner thought they were in the lower apartment; we knocked at the door, it was some time before any answer was made, at last he told them to open the door, or he would break it open; accordingly, as soon as he came in, the prosecutor looked round, and said, that is one, that is another, and that is the other; them are the three women says he; I will take my oath of it.
Court. Did you search them all, or any of them? - I searched them all, and found on Brown, a half crown piece and two shillings in her right hand pocket, and in her other, there was some silver and some halfpence; that she refused to let me have, and that I took from her; I returned to the officer; I found nothing on the other two particularly: the key of the padlock of the two pair of stairs room was taken from one of them; I do not know which; the watch I had from a man who is now in custody, out of a dust hole: for the prisoner Brown said it was not up stairs, it was hid in a dust hole; accordingly she and me went to the dust hole and found it; I had the watch from out of the dust hole, this is it.
(Produces a Watch.)
You say that was delivered to you by that man that was in their company? - Yes, the prosecutor ordered me not to let him see the watch, till he had given me the description of it; he described it as a metal watch, with images on the outside case, and a black string to it; it answers that description; he told me the maker’s name, and every thing, it has been in my custody ever since.
(Shewn to the Prosecutor.)
Prosecutor. This is the watch that was taken from me; I am quite sure of it; I think I have had it about three years.

The remainder of this Trial in the next Part, which will be published in a few Days, containing, among others, the remarkable TRIAL of GEORGE BARRINGTON , with his DEFENCE, verbatim.
Old Bailey Proceedings Online (http://www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 11 July 2020), December 1789 (t17891209-13).

Old Bailey Proceedings front matter, 9th December 1789.
THE WHOLE PROCEEDINGS ON THE KING’S Commission of the Peace, Oyer and Terminer, and Gaol Delivery for the CITY of LONDON; AND ALSO The Gaol Delivery for the County of Middlesex, HELD AT JUSTICE HALL in the OLD BAILEY, On Wednesday, the 9th of DECEMBER, 1789, and the following Days;
Being the FIRST SESSION in the Mayoralty of The Right Honourable William Pickett , LORD MAYOR OF THE CITY OF LONDON.
Printed for E. HODGSON (the Proprietor); And Sold by J. WALMSLAY, No. 35, Chancery Lane; S. BLADON, No. 13, Pater-noster Row; and J. BELL, Royal Exchange.
KING’s Commission of the Peace, Oyer and Terminer, and Gaol Delivery for the CITY of LONDON, &c.
Continuation of the Trial of Ann Guest , Ann Yardley , and Susannah Brown .
Court to Prosecutor. Are you sure it is your property? - Never more clear of any thing in my life; I took them all three to the watch-house together, with the man who delivered the watch to me; they were carried before a magistrate and committed.
Prisoner Guest. Please to ask him whether the prosecutor did not go to Mr. Alexander Kennedy , to want him to come against us for the sake of the reward.
Riches. I do not know who she is talking of, nor do I know the sign of the Swan in Wentworth-street, and I have been a patrol there ten years.
I was with Riches in Widegate-street, respecting this robbery on the 18th of November last, about eleven at night; the prosecutor came to the watch-house; I happened to be officer of the night, that night on duty; he said he had been robbed; I asked him where and how, and he shewed me his fingers bleeding, and likewise his coat torn; he said he followed the people to such a house; I went with him, and found them there; there was nobody up stairs; we looked below when we got in, there were the three women all in one room.
Was the prosecutor with you at the time the room was open? - Yes, there was a man and a woman which he said he cohabited with; the prosecutor picked out them three, and he said the man was not the man that was with them when he was robbed; he did not charge the fourth woman with the robbery; he first charged the little woman, and we searched her, and I found half a crown and five shillings, and the middle woman said that one of them shillings was her’s, for she lent her a shilling; one of the shillings was claimed by the prisoner Yardley; after that she gave them the key to go up stairs to take care of the watch; I went up stairs; they searched her some time; I was informed that it was below; and I called him down;one of the patrols had then a dark lanthorn, she went to look for it but could not find it; I then said, do you go in and find it. Riches went in with her and found it; I said to Riches keep it private till I see what sort of a watch it is; the prosecutor said it was a watch with images at the bottom of the case; the watch answered the description given; the women and the man were taken before the Justice.
Prisoner Brown. I was informed there was a piece of work, that a gentleman had lost his watch; we went in doors, and the gentleman positively swore to us being the people.
Prosecutor. I stood at the door to watch them; they went into there; they came away the first, then nobody was let in or out.
I was in company with Riches and Hanwell, on the 11th of November; I was in the watch-house at the time, I went to the house to see what passed, about 11 at night, on the 18th of November, Mr. Fogg came down to the watch-house, with an alarm that he was robbed in Widegate-street, Bishopsgate , and required our assistance to go with him to apprehend the women; we went, and searched the upper part of the house, and found nobody; coming down we observed a light in the lower room; we looked through the crevices and saw some people sitting; we knocked and the door was opened; says Fogg, them are two of the party that robbed me, another was sitting on an old bedstead; says I, what are you? says she, I am not well; says I, stand up; says Fogg directly, that is another, I will be on my oath that them are the three; they are the same three persons that are now at the bar; I am upon my oath, I was present when the prisoners were searched, there was to the amount of six shillings and some halfpence found.
Upon which of them? - I cannot say which, the watch was found concealed under the stairs, but I did not see the watch found. There was another person with us, but there was a mistake that he was not mentioned on the back of the indictment. That man was present.
I was at this house with the other witnesses, when we went into the house we saw these people; Fogg said those were the three women that robbed him: I went to seek for the property, I could not find it. I searched the prisoner Brown’s pocket, and a half crown piece and other silver was taken out of her pocket; after that she said as how she believed she could find the watch; after that a man went into the hole under the stairs, and brought out the watch which was given to Riches: we brought them to the watch-house. I saw the man pull the watch out of the hole, and put it into Riches’s hand. I heard Fogg describe the kind of watch that he had lost; and when it was produced, it answered that description.
Prisoner Brown. Ask him whether he did not take 9 s. 6 d. out of my pocket? - I cannot say how much was taken out, I saw half a crown and 2 s. taken out, and some halfpence besides.
I had been to Tottenham-court-road, Mrs. Yardley was with me, she was taken with a violent pain in her stomach, I called a coach and went with her; I turned down Smock-alley, I asked for Gun-court, to get a band for a bonnet; the gentleman was enquiring for a Mrs. Edingsfield; a woman rushed through from me, and asked for a place; she opened the door immediately to me. The gentleman saw what property the woman produced out of the box. She said she would make me up one against the morning; I never set sight of the people in the room, nor of Mrs. Brown. These had been some words in the court, the man said so, and he supposed they had taken the advantage of the neighbours; this man said his room was his castle, he would not open the door; the gentleman pitched upon every one, except one, that the gentleman said was his wife. I had no money about me;my witnesses were here the first day; they are very poor people, and live as far as Woolwich; they would have spoke to my character.
I had been with this young woman Guest, coming from there I had a violent pain in my stomach; we hired a coach the bottom of Holborn, and told the coachman to drive down to the bottom of White-row; I paid the coachman 18 d. he gave me one shilling out of half a crown. We was going to this young woman that makes up the hats and bonnets, there was a great noise in the neighbourhood, about that gentleman being robbed; this gentleman stopped us two in the court, and said we were the people, afterwards he came to this house, where we were taken, all three, to the watch-house.
Coming through the alley, I met a woman, she said there was two women kept in custody on account of a watch and money, and she told me where it was, and I went to the house, and told them where it was, and I was detained on that account. I know nothing of these women any more than the dead.
GUILTY , Death .
Tried by the second Middlesex Jury before Mr. Baron PERRYN.
Prosecutor. My Lord, I beg leave to observe, that the blow that was made at me, was more an act of wantonness than an act of cruelty, for it was not a strait forward blow, it was slanting.
All three women were transported on the Mary Ann.

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convicted at, term: 99 years, voyage, source: https://indexes.records.nsw.gov.au/ebook/digitalcontent.aspx?id=1150_SZ115_0153 Indent of Ship Mary Ann, arrived July 1791. (prev. ), firstname: Ann, surname: Guest, alias1: , alias2: , alias3: , alias4: , da

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