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Thomas Hall

Thomas Hall, one of 176 convicts transported on the Roslin Castle, 12 August 1828

Name, Aliases & Gender

Name: Thomas Hall
Aliases: none
Gender: m

Birth, Occupation & Death

Date of Birth: 1811
Occupation: -
Date of Death: -
Age: -

Life Span

Life span

Male median life span was 56 years*

* Median life span based on contributions

Conviction & Transportation

Sentence Severity

Sentence Severity

Sentenced to 7 years

Crime: Pickpocket
Convicted at: London Gaol Delivery
Sentence term: 7 years
Ship: Roslin Castle (Roslyn Castle)
Departure date: 12th August, 1828
Arrival date: 16th December, 1828
Place of arrival Van Diemen's Land
Passenger manifest Travelled with 175 other convicts


Primary source: Australian Joint Copying Project. Microfilm Roll 89, Class and Piece Number HO11/6, Page Number 458
Source description: This record is one of the entries in the British convict transportation registers 1787-1867 database compiled by State Library of Queensland from British Home Office (HO) records which are available on microfilm as part of the Australian Joint Copying Project.

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Maureen Withey on 13th November, 2019 wrote:

Thomas Hall, aged 14, was convicted for pickpocketing at the Old Bailey, twice in 1825, and was sentenced to be transported on the second occasion. (online)

THOMAS HALL, Theft - pocketpicking, 17th February 1825.
516. THOMAS HALL was indicted for stealing, on the 27th of January, a handkerchief, value 2 s., the goods of Robert Beame, from his person .
ROBERT BEAME. On the 27th of January, I was in Smithfield , and felt a handkerchief drawn from my pocket. I turned round, and saw it in the prisoner’s hand. I collared him, and he dropped it on the ground.
JOHN HARKER . I am a constable, and took him in charge.
GEORGE WOODHALL . I was with the prosecutor, and saw him collar the prisoner.
Prisoner’s Defence. I was coming on a message from my father. Two boys threw the handkerchief at my feet, and ran away.
GUILTY. Aged 14.
Whipped and discharged.

THOMAS PHILLIPS, THOMAS HALL, Theft > pocketpicking, 19th May 1825.
866. THOMAS PHILLIPS and THOMAS HALL were indicted for stealing, on the 10th of May , a handkerchief, value 7 s., the goods of Henry Hodgson , from his person .
MR. HENRY HODGSON. I live at Wanstead, in Essex. On the 10th of May, about seven o’clock, I was in Fleet-street - I found somebody pressing me behind, and on turning round I saw the prisoner Hall close behind me; he asked me why I ran against him - I had not done so: I missed my handkerchief from my coat pocket, seized him, and gave him to Curtis - but before that Phillips came up, and said that Hall was not the person who took my handkerchief. While Curtis was searching Hall in a shop, a person came in, and said something - Curtis then went out and brought Phillips in, who was searched, and the handkerchief found in his hand.
Cross-examined by MR. PHILLIPS. Q. He had it openly in his hand? A. Yes. He said he had taken it from a boy in the street who had taken it. I had not seen him till he came up.
COURT. Q. When he came and said that was not the person, did he then shew you the handkerchief? A. No, my Lord; it happened about six yards on this side of Temple-bar: we were on the City side when Phillips came up.
ROBERT CURTIS . I am an officer. I saw Mr. Hodgson on the other side of Temple-bar, with Hall in custody - I took him into a shop to search him, and in consequence of what I heard I went out to Bell-yard, and saw Phillips surrounded by people, with the handkerchief in his hand - I immediately took him; he said, “I have picked this up, and anybody may have it,” and that it was dropped by some boy.
Cross-examined. Q. He was in the open street? A. In the yard. I did not hear him state to Mr. Hodgson that he took it from a boy - he might have said so. I was busy searching them.
PHILLIPS’S Defence. The gentleman said he saw the officer take it out of my hand - he was in the shop, and I was through Temple-bar.
HALL - GUILTY . Aged 14.
Transported for Seven Years .

From Newgate prison, he was put on board the hulk Euryalus.

Euryalus hulk record. HO-9-2-4 page 1.
Twelve from Newgate, 19 June 1825
Thomas Hall, No 286, age 14, Crime, Stealing from the person, London, 19 May 1825, sentence – 7 years, How disposed of – NSW, Roslyn Castle, 7 Aug 1828.

The prison hulk, the Euryalus, an ex-frigate of the Trafalgar fleet, was moored at Chatham.  Over the twenty years that this hulk serviced juveniles, about 2,500 boys of fourteen and under passed through. There were also considerable numbers of older boys both in the juvenile hulk and distributed among the other hulks.  From the Euryalus, boys were transported both to New South Wales and to Van Diemen’s Land.

His Tasmanian Conduct record, https://stors.tas.gov.au/CON31-1-19$init=CON31-1-19p134
Thomas Hall, No. 893, gives details of his family - His F& M (father and mother)114 Great Saffron Hill, iron founder, Morgan St Giles. I worked last for Morgan myself. Single.
Free Cert- 27/11/49

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