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Darcy Holgate

Darcy Holgate, one of 256 convicts transported on the Triton, 04 August 1842

Name, Aliases & Gender

Name: Darcy Holgate
Aliases: none
Gender: m

Birth, Occupation & Death

Date of Birth: 1815
Occupation: Blacksmith
Date of Death: 1893
Age: 78 years

Life Span

Life span

Male median life span was 61 years*

* Median life span based on contributions

Conviction & Transportation

Sentence Severity

Sentence Severity

Sentenced to 7 years

Crime: Stealing
Convicted at: York, Doncaster General Quarter Sessions
Sentence term: 7 years
Ship: Triton
Departure date: 4th August, 1842
Arrival date: 19th December, 1842
Place of arrival Van Diemen's Land
Passenger manifest Travelled with 256 other convicts


Primary source: Australian Joint Copying Project. Microfilm Roll 91, Class and Piece Number HO11/13, Page Number 168
Source description: This record is one of the entries in the British convict transportation registers 1787-1867 database compiled by State Library of Queensland from British Home Office (HO) records which are available on microfilm as part of the Australian Joint Copying Project.

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Community Contributions

Mary Jones on 22nd May, 2012 wrote:

darcy holgate was transported to van diemans land on the 4th of augast1842 and
arrived in australia 19th december would liketo know if anyone knows anything of his lifein australia ithink he sailed to melbourn in 1852 on the sea bell
dont know if he was everintouch with his family again i do know he had a young
son aged 4yrs named Henry who became my ggrandfather would appreciate any
information thankyou mary jones

Christine.bolland Nee Hall on 23rd August, 2012 wrote:

The child he left behind, Henry,became my grandmother’s father.He lived in Winterton and Burringham lincs and was at some point a merchant seaman.She was Ruth Holgate ,married name,Rayner.She had a young brother named Darcy Holgate who became a policeman in Stamford Lincs [ and other siblings too}and married a cook from Burghley House.My gran spoke lovingly of Henry.She once said a relative in the past had been deported for stealing a sheepwhich i ignored till I saw this entry today 2012.[I am 67]

Anonymous on 23rd August, 2012 wrote:

D’Arcy Holgate has a Convict Record in Van Diemen’s Land (Tasmania) - link http://portal.archives.tas.gov.au  (page 110) and also an Indent record, plus references in the Cornwall Chronicle newspaper (Ticket of Leave 5 Dec 1846; Offence at Ross 30 June 1847; Recommended for Conditional Pardon 3 Apr 1849.)

D’Arcy was convicted of stealing a sheet (not a sheep)of linen and some geese. Tried at Doncaster, York 10 Jan 1842 and given a 7yr sentence. Transported on the ‘Triton’ voyage 207 on 17 Aug 1842, arriving Van Diemen’s Land 19 Dec 1842. He was a Blacksmith, Married (no. 2 written alongside, so probably 2 children); protestant; can read & write, 27yrs of age; fair complexion; brown hair; light Hazel eyes. Native Place - Lockaby (?).
Gaol report: dishonest and idle, living on plunder. Bad connections.
Hulk report: Good.
Assisgned near Ross (major convict settlement area, north of Hobart).
20 Dec 1843 charged with working for his own advantage during govt hours - 14 days solitary.
7 Mar 1844 charged with misconduct, having tea and sugar in his posession - Reprimand.
30 June 1847 charged with being absent without leave from his master, Phillip Smith, at Ross.

Ticket of Leave 1 Dec 1846
Recommended for Conditional Pardon April 1849.

Indent details: Wife - Anna, at Native Place. Sisters - Isobel, Harriett; Brothers - Thomas, Robert. Married, 2chn. (wording difficult to read, so please don’t rely totally on my transcription)

No record, in Tasmania, of him applying to remarry, colonial family or a death (Pioneer Index). Many people went to Victoria in in 1850’s for the Gold rush. Suggest Victorian records may reveal the rest of his life in Australia.

Mary Jones on 15th September, 2012 wrote:

To Christine Bolland thank you for getting in touch Iwas amazed when you said your Grandmother was Ruth Holgate she is sister to my Grandmother
Betsy Holgate Betsy married George webster they lived all their lives in Burringham lincs and had
8 children I have a photograph of Ruth and Orpha
Holgate with some of the Webster family. and i had a surnamelike yours in previous mirriage but
Boland how strange is that.  well back to Darcy
i knw he went to Dalesford in Victoria which was
a goldrush town but ido not think he found any gold as in 1866 he was in trouble with the law
again as he and others were living rough inthe
bush then he was known as Old Jack

  thanks again Mary Jones

Mary Jones on 16th September, 2012 wrote:

In replay to Carol Axton-Thompson thank you for all the information you gave me about
ABOUT WHEN HE WENT Melbourn in 1866 he was in trouble with the law again he with some others

living rough in the bush.  Iam interested to
know if you are related to the Holgates.
  thanks again hope we can talk somemore.
    Mary Jones

Mary Jones on 1st October, 2012 wrote:

RE Darcy Holgate
I would very much like if Christine Bolland
would get in touch again i think we have
relations in common.
regards Mary Jones, by the way I am [78]

Christine.bolland Nee Hall on 4th October, 2012 wrote:

thankyou so mush Mary Jones and Anon what wonderful information on Darcy you have given me.I do know that he came back to England for his son,Henrys wedding to Sara Frow as my cousin [A Rayner] has a copy of the marriage cert on which he appears.We think he must have worked his passage as a merchant seamanas Henry his son became a merchant seaman.Also I remember going to see Betsy my grans sister on the day she died in Burringham.I was very young

Mary Jones on 12th October, 2012 wrote:

Re Darcy Holgate,in reply to Christine Bolland, thank you for telling me Darcy came home for Henrys wedding, we were under the impression that he never came back.Did he return to Australia? as we have been doing a family tree of the Holgates and Websters and have got Darcy buried in Dalesford Melbourne in 1893 WEhave gone back in the Holgates to 1585 a John Holgate born in Austerfield Yorkshire.  I will tell you where i come in the family my Mother was the second daughtre of Betsy and George her name was Florence May, Edith was the eldestof the family she became Edith Eyre she had two daughters May and Jean,i am in communacation with them,also a cousin who lives near Scunthorpe and one who lives in Hull.  My Mother Florence married an Irish manand to Ireland around 1920 and had twelve of a family three of us left which i am the youngest, I now live in Lancashire, i am wondering if you live in Lincolnshire?  if there was some way of getting in touch with you i could give you a copy of the family tree we have done.  Iam gong to ring my cousins to see if they know who you are thanks again for the information good to hear from you. Kind Regards Mary Jones

Christine.bolland Nee Hall on 15th October, 2012 wrote:

I have purchased his death cert from Victoria Australia.He died on 31 March 1893 at Daylesford District Hospital from general febrile decay.Buried in Daylesford Cemetery.It says he was 41 years in Victoria and they had no knowledge of wife and children.It appears he was not at his sons wedding but just mentioned on wedding cert as the grooms father.He can never have returned .The groundsman at the hospital James Axford?? gave the info and signed as informant.His nickname was also given as “Splitter” or perhaps it means his work as it is in the section on Name and Profession.Mary Jones I would be pleased to ring you if you send me your telephone no to 45 Earlham Road Norwich NR2 3AD.I spent my early years in Burringham until I went to Uni in 1964.But have gone home regularly to see my parents until 2005.There are still loads of descendents of Darcy,the convict, still around Burringham.Darcy was born at Roxby.The convict record is wrong.His fathers gravestone is still there leaning against the church.His father was Darcy Edward Holgate and he left a will which is in the Lincolnshire Archives.I hope to get a copy soon.He was obviously of some standing to be able to afford a stone and leave a will.Also the convict Darcy could read and write.He would be amazed to see how many graduates and Doctors are among his ancestors,descended from just 4 year old Henry from whom he was forcibly separated .May he rest in peace poor devil,the victim of a harsh,class-ridden society.

Christine.bolland Nee Hall on 15th October, 2012 wrote:

To Mary Jones just seen you note.Many thanks.The names of Betsy,s children sound familiar.Edith particularly.I must have heard it from Ruth Holgate{Rayner] my Gran or my mother Madge Rayner [Hall}.I was born Christine Hall in Burringham.Would like to talk to you as I am useless at typing and have a lot to say.Was there a Priscilla?If you send me your phone no I will ring you.Where do you get you info from about Old Jack and his exploits.I haven’t been able to find it.Best Wishes Christine

Lizzie Dawson on 10th November, 2013 wrote:

This record is great.
I am researching a slightly different part of the Holgate family - also born in Roxby. I am quite intrigued, because on my tree the Holgates are quite well off - ‘gentlemen’ and ‘attorneys’. Darcy’s grandmother was Isabella Mollineux, b. 1763 Leeds. She was the wife of John Holgate b. 1757, West Halton. Isabella’s father was mayor of Doncaster and her brother inherited a baronetcy through a distant relative. Is this the same family? It seems strange that in just a few generations Darcy is a blacksmith and a convict. Did you know that Sarah Walter, the wife of John Holgate’s nephew Patteson Holgate (b. 1783 Roxby cum Risby) was cousin to Jane Austen?

Christine.bolland Nee Hall on 25th November, 2013 wrote:

Yes Lizzie Dawson this is the same family.Darcy’s father lived off an annuity according to his will.Darcy’s great grandmother was Jane Patteson the daughter of The vicar of nearby West Halton.Rev Patteson left several cottages and pieces of land to the church.This is still known today as the Patteson bequest.The present vicar has the details and emailed them to us.Rev Patteson had an MA.Jane married Edward Holgate.Edward’s brother William was the vicar of Roxby cum Risby.[The convict Darcy was born and educated at Roxby cum Risby.His father’s gravestone is still there.]There are 2 memorials inside the church to Holgates.Thankyou for the information re Jane Austen.

Christine.bolland Nee Hall on 21st January, 2014 wrote:

Darcy’s grandmother Isabella Molineux was the daughter of Darcy Molineux ,a Leeds cloth merchant.He happened to be the third son of a Baronet.Isabella’s brother Darcy Molineux unexpectedly succeeded to the title when the incumbent died without issue—- so she was the sister of a Baronet.Intriguing—our convict’s great uncle had a title—-yet no one helped him and his 2 surviving children who were brought up in abject poverty without a father.Their mother worked as a farmhand in Burringham and got some help from her own father who was also a farmhand or labourer.Henry[the convict’s son] never spoke of his father’s background ,at least not to my grandmother who was Henry’s daughter.Fascinating.Hurrah for the internet.

June Terrington on 19th May, 2014 wrote:


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