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William Howarth

William Howarth, one of 311 convicts transported on the Barwell, September 1797

Name, Aliases & Gender

Name: William Howarth
Aliases: none
Gender: m

Birth, Occupation & Death

Date of Birth: 1762
Occupation: Unknown
Date of Death: 31st October, 1811
Age: 49 years

Life Span

Life span

Male median life span was 59 years*

* Median life span based on contributions

Conviction & Transportation

Sentence Severity

Sentence Severity

Sentenced to 7 years

Crime: Unknown
Convicted at: Devon Assizes
Sentence term: 7 years
Ship: Barwell
Departure date: September, 1797
Arrival date: 18th May, 1798
Place of arrival New South Wales
Passenger manifest Travelled with 306 other convicts


Primary source: Australian Joint Copying Project. Microfilm Roll 87, Class and Piece Number HO11/1, Page Number 224
Source description: This record is one of the entries in the British convict transportation registers 1787-1867 database compiled by State Library of Queensland from British Home Office (HO) records which are available on microfilm as part of the Australian Joint Copying Project.

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Community Contributions

D Wong on 18th June, 2016 wrote:

William Howarth was born C1762 or 1765 and was listed as aged 31 on arrival.

1801: NSW BDM – William Howorth married Mary Dentin, Sydney.
(This was possibly Mary Denton – Earl Cornwallis 1801 – no mention of children.)

6/11/1808 Sydney Gazette:
William Howarth was the Administrator of the Estate of his brother, John Howarth.
William was living at 22 Chapel Row, Sydney.

2/11/1811: Sydney Gazette:
John Howarth, settler of Hawkesbury, and the strange fatality that has attended the family of whom we have before had occasion to remark,—In October 1805, the eldest of two only sons was unfortunately killed by the bite of a snake in one of his hands, which from childish curiosity he had thrust down an aperture in a decayed tree wherein the deadly viper lay ; he died almost immediately.—At the same time of the year 1806, Mrs. Ann Howarth, wife of John and mother of the above ill-fated boy, disappeared, and has never since been seen or heard of. At the same time of the year 1808 John Howarth (the husband and father), was himself drowned in crossing the Hawkesbury River, leaving one son to the care of his brother, William Howarth. In October 1809, this surviving son was lost in the woods, and after three days total fasting and fatigue by wandering through trackless forests, he was discovered by a stockman searching for a strayed animal from his flock, in an expiring state, but was by the kind interposition of Providence preserved.—-

31/10/1811: William Howarth died and was buried on the 2/11/1811 at the Old Sydney Burial Ground.  William was listed as 49 — there was also a listing of him being 54.

2/11/1811 Sydney Gazette:
On Wednesday about noon, William Howarth, of Castlereagh street, was suddenly seized at the lower end of Pitt street, with an emission of blood from the stomach, and died suddenly. The same day an Inquest was taken, whose verdict was Death by the Visitation of God.

7/12/1811 Sydney Gazette:
MARY HOWARTH, of Sydney, means and intends to apply to the Court of Civil Jurisdiction for Letters of Administration to be granted to her of all and singular the Goods, rights, Credits, and Chattels of William Howarth, deceased, late of Sydney aforesaid, of which all Persons are to take Notice.

15/2/1812 Sydney Gazette:
LETTERS of Administration to the Estate and Effects of the late William Howarth, deceased, being duly granted to his Widow Mary Howarth, now Mary Beatie, all Persons having Claims on the said Estate are requested to present the same on or before the 20th of March next,
to the Administatrix, at No. 24, Castlereagh street ; and all those indebted are required to settle their Accounts prior to the next sitting of the Civil Court, to prevent the necessity of coercive measures.

1812: Mary married Francis Beattie.

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D Wong on 18th June, 2016 made the following changes:

date of birth: 1762 (prev. 0000), date of death: 31st October, 1811 (prev. 0000), gender: m, occupation, crime

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