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James Keating

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Name, Aliases & Gender

Name: James Keating
Aliases: none
Gender: m

Birth, Occupation & Death

Date of Birth: 9th February, 1753
Occupation: Cooper
Date of Death: 14th April, 1806
Age: 53 years

Life Span

Life span

Male median life span was 57 years*

* Median life span based on contributions

Conviction & Transportation

Sentence Severity

Sentence Severity

Sentenced to Life

Crime: Stealing
Convicted at: Ireland, Dublin
Sentence term: Life
Ship: Atlas
Departure date: 29th November, 1801
Arrival date: 7th July, 1802
Place of arrival New South Wales
Passenger manifest Travelled with 199 other convicts


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Community Contributions

D Wong on 2nd November, 2013 wrote:

James Keating married Ann Middlebrook (Glatton 1803) in Sydney in 1804.

James was assigned to Port Dalrymple VDL to work as a cooper, he and Ann arrived per ‘Buffalo” on 10/11/1804 and Ann gave birth to their son, William Dalrymple on arrival, he was known as the first British child to be born on the Northern side of Tasmania.

In 1806, James and 3 other men were convicted of stealing Government Stores, James was sent to Sydney for the trial, found guilty, and returned to Hobart where he was hanged on the 14/4/1806.

Ann went on to marry Joseph Edmonds on 10/3/1811.
Ann died in 1841 at Longford aged 86.

Robin Sharkey on 12th May, 2017 wrote:

Freeman’s Journal, Saturday 15 March 1800 page 3

“Tuesday last, at an adjournment of the Quarter Sessions held before the Recorder, WILLIAM KELLY, JAMES KEATING, and BRYAN DUNNIN, were put upon their trial. They stood indicted that they on the 1st of February last, broke open the warehouse of Mr Joshua Greene, in a lane near West Arran Street, and did feloniously take and carry away from there, 20lb of Tea, the property of the merchant above-mentioned.

“These persons had been apprehended at the instance of Mr Murphy a grocer, in Thomas Street, with whom they had bargained to sell some tea, but he suspecting that it might not have been honestly come by, when the prisoners came to him to settle the amount of some they had sold him, he had a peace-officer, a watch-constable, and other assistance, stationed in his house, who took these offenders into custody, and thus by mean of mr Murphy, they were brought to justice.

“The prisoners being put to the bar, and the usual proceedings in such cases gonr through, witnesses to prove the above mentioned charge, were produced who testimony upon oath to the following purpose:

“DAVID GAUSON, porter to Mr Greene proved that his master’s warehouse was locked on the evening of the 31st January, and that he found it open on the morning of 1st February; that it has been feloniously entered by a breach in the wall, which divided his employer’s warehouse from that of Mr James Farrell; and identified some articles of Mr Greene’s property which were found with the prisoners, that had been feloniously taken from the warehouse.

“BARNABY LYNCH, a watch constable of St Michan’s parish, (one of the assistants of Chief Constable Logan, who were procured by Mr Murphy, the grocer, to apprehend the prisoners) proved the finding several articles in Kelly, the prisoner’s, place in Byrne’s Court, viz tea-chests, Tea-chests covers &c, which were identified by the above witness, Gauson, as the property of Mr Greene.

THOMAS BRADLEY, apprentice to Mr Murphy, deposed that the prisoners KELLY and KEATING with another person, ANDREW CAVEN, sold tea to his master, which they alledged was run, and the latter afterwards entertaining a suspicion of them, and hearing that Mr Greene had been robbed, he sent for a peace-officer, and other assistance, who were placed in his house again the prisoners called for the price of the tea they had sold to him, and that they were in consequence apprehended; that Mr Greene was sent for upon this occasion, who came and identified his property in tea, &c, of which he had been robbed, ad that the prisoners KEATING and KELLY had sold to his master.

“EDWARD CAVEN, one of the party, who had become approver, deposed that he had been concerned in the robbery, as before stated, and that the prisoner Dunnin was along with him, in committing the offence.

“The Jury found KELLY and KEATING guilty; but acquitted Dunnin, there being no other evidence against him, but that of Edward CAVEN the approver.

“Examinations had been lodged against the above named prisoners for other robberies of a similar nature, upon the warehouses of merchants.

“KELLY and KEATING received sentence of death. DUNNIN remains to be tried on the other charges.

“THE above convicts acknowledged their guilt from the dock, and the justice of their sentence, and threw themselves upon the mercy of the court, to give them as long a time as possible to live, that they might devote it to the imploring of forgiveness from the Supreme Being, for their manifold offences.  They were ordered to be executed on the 22d inst.”

So they were convicted through the evidence of their accomplice Caven, turned evidence against them, and give only one week to prepare to die.

KEATING was shown mercy since he arrived in NSW on “Atlas” II and therefore was reprieved in that week.
KELLY did not arrive in NSW so was probably executed.

DUNNIN did not arrive in NSW. He may have been acquitted of the further charges also, or executed pursuant to them, or given mercy but put into the armed forces rather than being transported.

len langan on 23rd August, 2019 wrote:

James Keating was not pardoned. He was executed at Hobart on Monday 14th April 1806. See, Rev’d Robert (Bobby) Knopwood’s diary 1803- 1838 who attended him to the scaffold.  Len W.Langan

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