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William Lewis

William Lewis, one of 276 convicts transported on the Asia, 25 April 1840

Name, Aliases & Gender

Name: William Lewis
Aliases: none
Gender: m

Birth, Occupation & Death

Date of Birth: 1817
Occupation: -
Date of Death: -
Age: -

Life Span

Life span

Male median life span was 51 years*

* Median life span based on contributions

Conviction & Transportation

Sentence Severity

Sentence Severity

Sentenced to 15 years

Crime: Breaking and entering and stealing
Convicted at: Central Criminal Court
Sentence term: 15 years
Ship: Asia 1
Departure date: 25th April, 1840
Arrival date: 6th August, 1840
Place of arrival Van Diemen's Land
Passenger manifest Travelled with 275 other convicts


Primary source: Australian Joint Copying Project. Microfilm Roll 91, Class and Piece Number HO11/12, Page Number 184
Source description: This record is one of the entries in the British convict transportation registers 1787-1867 database compiled by State Library of Queensland from British Home Office (HO) records which are available on microfilm as part of the Australian Joint Copying Project.

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Tony Beale on 11th September, 2021 wrote:

Old Bailey Online (states DoB 1821)
194. WILLIAM LEWIS was indicted for feloniously breaking and entering the dwelling-house of Ann Hazlewood, on the 11th of November, at St. Pancras, and stealing therein two paintings and frames, value 10s.; 11 shirts, value 3l.; 4 petticoats, value 12s.; 3 shifts, value 9s.; 4 collars, value 4s.; 2 table-cloths, value 6s.; I toilet-cover, value 1s.; 1 basket, value 9d.; and I habit-shirt, value 3s.; her goods: and CECILIA LEWIS, alias Johnson ; and JEMIMA DORSETT , for feloniously receiving the said goods, well knowing them to have been stolen; against the Statute, &c.

ANN HAZLEWOOD . I live at No. 4, Milton-place, Euston-square, St. Pancras. I rent the two parlours—the landlord does not live in the house, nor any body belonging to him. On the 11th of November, at about a quarter to nine o’clock at night, I was down in my wash-house, and a person called my attention to the street-door being open—I had left it shut at seven o’clock, and left all the articles stated safe in the parlour—I had not locked the door, but closed it after me—it would not open without turning the handle—when I came up I missed all the articles—the linen was in a basket, wet, having just been washed.

ROBERT MOORE . I live in the same house with the prosecutrix—I left the house about a quarter to eight o’clock, shut the street-door after roe, and tried it outside—it was fast—I returned about half-past eight o’clock, and found the street-door open—I went down to the prosecutrix and told her—I staid three or four minutes in the passage—I saw nobody, and then I closed the door—the prosecutrix came up, and missed her things.

GEORGE COLLIER (police-constable E 38.) On Monday evening, the 11th of October, soon after nine o’clock, I was with Sergeant Pocock, near Cromer-street, and saw a man go into a house there with a basket on his shoulder, it was not the male prisoner—I had noticed Jemima Dorsett, for nearly an hour before the man came, watching at the street-door of No. 31, Cromer-street, looking out at the door, up and down the street—it was about ten minutes after nine o’clock when the man went in with the basket on his shoulder, or head—he held it with both hands—the prisoner Dorsett spoke to him, and both went into the house together—it is full half-a-mile from the prosecutrix’s—the man came out in about halfa-minute, and crossed directly over to me and Pocock—we both ran away, and when we got down some steps into a court, Pocock called out, “George, come back, it is no thoroughfare”—we went there to conceal ourselves—we returned in a few minutes, and saw the man Dorsett, who is not in custody, standing talking at the same door with Jemima Dorsett and another man—he said, “I heard Pocock’s voice, I can swear to it: I heard him say, ‘George, come back, it is no thoroughfare;’ I know Pocock’s voice; it was his voice; it is no go; they think I have got swag, but they shan’t have it;’”—Dorsett must have heard this—he ran up Cromer-street, leaving Jemima Dorsett, and she went in-doors, into the same house—we made the best of our way to Maiden-lane, Battle-bridge, and saw the prisoner Dorsett pass us with a large bundle under her cloak—we watched her to Ashby-street, Somerstown, (we went to Battle-bridge, suspecting they would come there)—she knocked at the door in Ashby-street, and went up stairs—the came out in about five minutes—I stopped her, and asked what she had done with the bundle she had under her cloak just now—she said, “I have left it at my sister’s”—while I was talking to her, I saw the prisoner, William Lewis, and the man not in custody, who went into the house in Cromer-street with the basket—Lewis saw me, and crossed over to me—the other made his escape—I gave Lewis into the custody of another policeman, and went with Jemima Dorsett and Pocock to No. 22, Ashby-street, where, in the second-floor, front room, I found the prisoner, Cecilia Lewis—I know she lives with William Lewis by seeing them together before—I asked her what she had done with the bundle her sister had left there—she said she had not received any bundle from her sister—I turned up the bed, and between the bed and sacking found these two pictures—Pocock found a bundle in the room—Cecilia Lewis said, “How dare you look at that bundle? don’t open it”—she went to snatch it from him, saying it was filthy linen, not fit for him to look at—he opened it, and it contained nine linen shirts, and other things, wet—I left them in custody and went with the male prisoner—I took him into a chandler’s shop, and found in his coat pocket, a bag containing eleven skeleton keys and some lucifer-matches—I have since been to the prosecutrix, tried the keys to the outer door, and two of them open it—when I returned to my brother officer, the prisoners were down in the street, and Jemima Dorsett said that was not the bundle she had taken to her sister.

Cecilia Lewis. Q. Did not I say I had opened one bundle that my sister brought, and put a blanket on the bed? A. No, you did not—there was no bundle in the room but this—she denied receiving any bundle at all.

Dorsett. The bundle I took was tied up in a shawl. Witness. I found no shawl.

Lewis. Q. Did you hear me speak to Dorsett, or see me in Cromer-street? A. No.

THOMAS POCOCK . I am a policeman. I saw Collier watching—I saw Jemima Dorsett standing at the door of No. 31, Cromer-street, a long time, and I saw William Lewis go into that house—Collier was behind me and could not see him—it was about ten minutes after nine o’clock—Jemima Dorsett was standing at the door at the time, and a man named Dorsett, who is not now in custody, immediately followed with a basket on his shoulder—I afterwards saw the man Dorsett come out and go up Cromer-street—he crossed over towards us—Collier and I immediately ran down the court; Collier was first—I called out,” There is no thoroughfare, George”—we returned in a few minutes, and saw Dorsett at the door of 31, Cromer-street—soon afterwards we went up towards Battle-bridge—we crossed the fields, the quickest way to Ashby-street, and in a few minutes saw Jemima Dorsett pass us with a bundle under her cloak—we watched her to No. 22—she came out in two or three minutes, and Collier stopped her and asked what she had done with the bundle she took to that house—she said, “I left it at my sister’s”—just at that moment Lewis and the man Dorsett came down a court into the street—the man Dorsett ran away and Lewis made a stop—I went up to the room—Catherine Lewis was sitting in a chair, with her shawl and bonnet off—I found a bundle of linen in a cupboard—she came there and caught hold of me, and said, “I dare, you to touch my dirty linen”—Collier said, “Open it”—it consisted of nine wet shirts, two shifts, and other property—we took Jemima Dorsett into the room, and while Collier went out to search Lewis, Dorsett said, “That is the bundle I brought here”—I am sure she said so—she afterwards said it was not the bundle, it was another; but there was no other bundle in the room—there was One dirty shirt and a dirty gown in the room besides.

Catherine Lewis. Did not I say it was not the bundle my sister brought?—she had left it at the door, I had opened it, and taken a blanket out and pat it on my bed, the shawl and dirty mattress and other things I put in the cupboard. Witness. It is quite false—she said nothing of the kind to Mr.

William Lewis. I entered the house full ten minutes before Dorsett, and inquired for him, but he was not at home. Witness. It was not half a second before Dorsett went in.

WILLIAM WINSBURY (police-constable E 138.) I went into the house No. 31, Cromer-street, and found two sheets, two petticoats, a table-cloth, a toilet-cover, a shift, four collars, and a basket, in a dust-hole.

Catherine Lewis. Q. Did you find these things, or did the landlord’s boy? Q. The boy told me where they were—I pulled them out of the dust-hole myself—I found part of the linen in the basket, and part secreted among the dust—I know these are the things I found.

COURT Q. Can you distinguish what was found at Dorsett’s, and what was found at Catherine Lewis’s? A. Yes—they have been kept separate.

ANN HAZLE WOOD re-examined. This basket is mine, and all the articles in it—here is ray name on this—I know the pictures—they hung in my room over where the basket was—I am in no business at all—I hare only been in business since last March—I have been living with my son—I rent the rooms myself—I am a widow.

William Lewis’s Defence. About a quarter-past nine o’clock I was going down Gray’s Inn-road, and met Dorsett—he said he was going to Mr. James, and asked me to accompany him there—I said, “Yes”—going along, before we got to Mr. James, I saw the two officers standing opposite—I crossed over to them, and lost Dorsett all in a minute—I crossed and spoke to them; had I been guilty, it is not likely I should have done so.

Catherine Lewis’s Defence. I found these things in a court in Tottenham-court-road, and asked my brother to carry them home, as nobody owned them—I asked him to put them on his shoulder, and take them home—he said he would—I meant to go in-doors—he said Dorsett and his sister should not know any thing about it—he put them in-doors, and instantly told her to go out to take a bundle of linen to my sister, in order to get her out—when she was gone out, I went in with the pictures—I afterwards went home to my own place with the bundle and the pictures; but the prisoner Dorsett knew nothing of it at all; she did not see me with the bundle—it is very hard that she suffers.

Jemima Dorsett’s Defence. About half-past nine o’clock my husband came in with a basket on his shoulder—I asked what he had there—he seemed very cross, and I did not ask him more—I went with the bundle to my sister, containing a blanket, a pair of stockings, a shawl, and other things—when I got there she was not at home—I came down stairs, and went out—I returned again, and knocked the door, and said, “Will you allow me to leave these dirty things at my sister’s door?”—they said, “Certainly,” and I left them—I came down, and as I was going towards home Collier called me, and asked if my husband had been in company with Chapman King—I said I did not know—after some hesitation, he said, “What have you done with that bundle?”—I said, “I have taken it to my sister’s”—he had me taken there, and then I found my sister at home—the bundle I took was tied in a shawl—it had been opened, and the bed made—I was anxious to get the bundle there, as it is a furnished lodging, and the blanket did not belong to her—she had lent it to me.

GEORGE COLLIER re-examined. The bundle was as much as she could carry—she had got about twenty yards from the house, when I went and found Catherine Lewis in the room—I think she could not have come in after Dorsett went there, as Dorsett was about five minutes at the house—I believe there was an old gown lying on the bed, and an old shawl in the corner, but nothing like that I saw Dorsett carrying.

Witness for the Defence.

JOHN QUAINER . I am a weaver, and live at No. 4, Red Lion-row, Walworth. I have known the prisoner Dorsett nine or ten years—I never knew a blemish in her character—I live a long way from them now, but. twelve months ago I lived very close to them—I know her husband—I know he is her husband—they were married at Shoreditch church, I think, my wife was present at her marriage, but I was not—they always lived together as man and wife.

GEORGE COLLIER re-examined. I always understood they were man and wife.

WILLIAM LEWIS— GUILTY . Aged 22.— Transported for Fifteen Years.

CECILIA LEWIS— GUILTY . Aged 18.— Transported for Ten Years.


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