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Judith Quinlan

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Name, Aliases & Gender

Name: Judith Quinlan
Aliases: none
Gender: f

Birth, Occupation & Death

Date of Birth: 1789
Occupation: -
Date of Death: -
Age: -

Life Span

Life span

Female median life span was 56 years*

* Median life span based on contributions

Conviction & Transportation

Sentence Severity

Sentence Severity

Sentenced to 7 years

Crime: Robbery
Convicted at: Limerick
Sentence term: 7 years
Ship: Providence
Departure date: 10th December, 1810
Arrival date: 2nd July, 1811
Place of arrival New South Wales
Passenger manifest Travelled with 97 other convicts


Primary source: NSW State Records Office, Convict ship indents; Tasmanian Archive Office convict records; Hobart Gazette, 1821 and Freemans Journal, Published Dublin, dated 21 August 1810
Source description:

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Community Contributions

Robin Sharkey on 22nd January, 2014 wrote:

The Limerick Assizes for the summer of 1810 ended on Friday 17th August when the 19 year old Judith Quinlan, convicted of robbery (no other details given), was sentenced to transportation for 7 years. She sailed on the Providence transport ship to NSW on 10 December 1810.  Three men sentenced at the same assizes also sailed (Edward Carroll who ended up in Launceston, Patrick McAllister and James Curran, tried asThomas Curran).

* Arrived NSW 2 July 1811
* A year later was re-transported to Tasmania, to Port Dalrymple. 29 June 1812 on :Lady Nelson” from Sydney to Port Dalrymple.  he conduct or character was noted on the ship indent as “Very bad”

(NOTe this is NOT the same Judith Quinlan who put her children into the Orphan School in NSW, she having arrived per “Experiment” 1804).

*  By 1816 (aged 25) she was living at Port Dalrymple with Thomas Murphy per Indefatigable. This ship had arrived direct from England in October 1812 and disembarked a number of prisoners for Hobart, before going on to NSW.

* Mid November 1816 Judith & Thomas Murphy “eloped” to Hobart without the required Passes to be able to do so and were put into Hobart Gaol. Thomas was put in irons as it transpired just before he left Port Dalrymple he had stabbed another prisoner, called Jacob Cabusa, in the head with a penknife and Cabusa died after a few days. Murphy was being held in Hobart gaol on suspicion of murder also. (Hobart Town Gazette 30 Nov 1816)

Saturday 1st March 1817 - implied from Hobart Town Gazette - the final examination of Judith Quinlan and Thomas Murphy over the murder of Jacob Cabusa was being conducted around this time.

1821 Muster Judith Quinlan at Port Dalrymple, Tasmania, Free, wife of Thomas Murphy.

Robin Sharkey on 22nd January, 2014 wrote:

Freemans Journal Saturday, 13 October, 1810, page 2
“LIMERICK, OCT 10 … (several items, then …..
Monday Last, [i.e. 8 Oct]  Edmond Carroll and Thomas Currane were committed from the County Jail to Cork, thence to be transmitted to Botany Bay; and yesterday morning the noted Pat. McAlister and Judith Quinlan were also forwarded from the City Jail for the same destination.”

Maureen Withey on 6th February, 2020 wrote:

Ship News.
The Henrietta Packet, Mr. Dennis McCarthy owner
arrived on Tuesday last from Port Dalrymple, having on board, we are sorry to say, no less than six persons charged with wilful murder; four for the murder of John Randall at George’s Town, Launceston ; and two, a man and woman, with the murder of D. Cazabusky, at the same place. The names of the accused are, for the first mentioned offence, Samuel Smith, Thomas James, Edward Harwood, and Thomas Smith ; those for the latter offence are, Timothy Murphy and Judith Quinland, who, we are informed, cohabited with Murphy.
Sydney Gazette, 23 Aug 1817.

Different reports of the murder name Murphy as both Thomas and Timothy.

The victim is also listed under a variety of names.  I think a possible prisoner would be Jacob
Krabossy, who arrived in the Indefatigable in 1812, having been convicted at Sussex Assizes. No further information found about Jacob.

Convict Changes History

Robin Sharkey on 22nd January, 2014 made the following changes:

convicted at, term: 7 years, voyage, source: NSW State Records Office, Convict ship indents; Tasmanian Archive Office convict records; Hobart Gazette, 1821 and Freemans Journal, Published Dublin, dated 21 August 1810 (prev. ), firstname: Judith, surname:

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