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William Vincent

William Vincent, one of 189 convicts transported on the Duke of Portland, January 1807

Name, Aliases & Gender

Name: William Vincent
Aliases: none
Gender: m

Birth, Occupation & Death

Date of Birth: 1783
Occupation: -
Date of Death: -
Age: -

Life Span

Life span

Male median life span was 53 years*

* Median life span based on contributions

Conviction & Transportation

Sentence Severity

Sentence Severity

Sentenced to 7 years

Crime: -
Convicted at: Middlesex Gaol Delivery
Sentence term: 7 years
Ship: Duke of Portland
Departure date: January, 1807
Arrival date: 27th July, 1807
Place of arrival New South Wales
Passenger manifest Travelled with 201 other convicts


Primary source: Australian Joint Copying Project. Microfilm Roll 87, Class and Piece Number HO11/1, Page Number 392
Source description: This record is one of the entries in the British convict transportation registers 1787-1867 database compiled by State Library of Queensland from British Home Office (HO) records which are available on microfilm as part of the Australian Joint Copying Project.

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Community Contributions

Maureen Withey on 12th February, 2021 wrote:

Old Bailey Proceedings Online (http://www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 12 February 2021), December 1805, trial of PETER HILSON WILLIAM VINCENT (t18051204-65).

PETER HILSON, WILLIAM VINCENT, Violent Theft > highway robbery, 4th December 1805.
65. PETER HILSON and WILLIAM VINCENT were indicted for feloniously making an assault in the King’s highway upon Dinah Hawkins , on the 21st of November , putting her in fear, and feloniously taking from her person, and against her will, six frocks, value 7 s. two cloaks, value 20 s. a gown, value 20 s. one petticoat, value 2 s. three yards of dimity, value 3 s. three pieces of flannel, value 4 s. three shifts, value 5 s. two pair of stockings, value 2 s. nine caps, value 9 s. five yards of cotton, value 7 s. three handkerchiefs, value 1 s. 6 d. two bags, value 1 s. a table cloth, value 6 d. a child’s frock, value 3 s. three child’s shirts, value 3 s. half a yard of cambric, value 1 s. 6 d. a habit shirt, value 1 s. 6 d. the property of the said Dinah Hawkins .
DINAH HAWKINS sworn. I am a servant out of place; I am a widow. On Thursday, the 21st of November, I was coming from Kensington, when I came beyond the barracks I saw the lamp-lighter had began to light the lamps; and before I got out of Kensington Gardens the clock struck five, I then saw a man come out of the Park with some dead wood; it began to get a little foggy, I was very much timid, being by myself, my bundle was large, and I had a pain in my side; I could not get on so fast as I could wish, and when I came to a place where some stone-masons were at work by candle light, I saw these two men at the bar stand opposite by the trees where these men were at work; they stood before me, I passed them; their backs were to the light, I saw they were soldiers in their dishabil; I looked at them very much, and when I passed them I turned round to see if they looked at me; I saw them both look at me very hard; when I got behind the gate in Hyde Park, I heard somebody come running.
Q. Was it near Hyde Park Corner ? - A. Yes; I was at the gates when they came up to me; I stopped to hear which way I heard the running; I saw it was not before me, I looked back and sawit was those two men; they came up to me; one kept behind me, and the other came before me, and said, Blast your eyes, where are you going; the tall man called me his dear, he put his right hand over my mouth, and his other hand to my neck; he held me while the other man took my bundle; then he took his hands from me, pulled me down on my back, and ranaway after the other man that took my bundle; I then was able to get up; I was very much frightened indeed.
Q. Did you ever find any of your property? - A. Yes, on the Monday following.
Q. How came you to go from Kensington in the road instead of the Park? - A. Because they had began to light the lamps, I was going to Cumberland Place or Street, No. 7, Oxford Road.
Q. Had you your bundle under your arm? - A. I had it in my gown, it was more than I could meet with each arm together.
Q. You did not drop it? - A. No.
Q. Are you sure these are the two men? - A. I am positive.
Q. Had you ever seen them before? - A. Yes, The tall one; I observed such an oddness in his mouth when he was holding me, and his eyes turned up so, I should have known him out of all the men in the regiment.
Cross-examined by Mr. Curwood.
Q. They beagn to light the lamps as you came into Kensington Park? - A. Yes.
Q. Soon after that the fog came on? - A. Yes, I perceived it was growing dark.
Q. That frightened you? - A. I was terrified, being by myself.
Q. When you first saw those two men, their backs were towards you? - A. Yes.
Q. Your being frightened, and they having their backs to the light, how can you undertake to swear to them? - A. After I passed them, one turned his face to me, and the other with his back to the light and his face to me, then I had a good look at them.
JOHN HOBBS sworn. I am an officer of Queen-square: On Monday the 25th of November, Mrs. Hawkins came to me at the office, and said she had been robbed by two soldiers coming across Hyde Park: we went round immediately to the pawnbrokers, and Mr. Courtney, at Mr. Wright’s, said that a cloak and two shirts had been pledged there; from information I went to No. 1, New Way in the Almonry; a girl of the name of Starkey lived there: I produce the different articles I found there.
Q. All that you know is that you found the property there? - A. Yes, on the same day I apprehended Peter Hilson ; I found this towel in his knapsack, which Mrs. Hawkins said was her property.
Q. When did you apprehend Vincent? - A. On Tuesday morning; I was present when my brother officer apprehended him, and found a table cloth and a pocket handkerchief in his left hand pocket that was on him.
THOMAS RANEY sworn. Q. Where did you find this table cloth and handkerchief which you have produced? - A. On William Vincent , in his left hand great coat pocket, on Tuesday the 26th of November.
ELIZABETH STARKEY sworn. I live in Westminster, I work at the soldier’s work.
Q. Where? - A. In the New Way in the Almony. I have known the tall man, William Vincent , five years; I know nothing of the short man; when they came to my room I was out, they sent a young woman after me to the house where I was, and when I came out to go to them, they both stood at the corner of Mr. Wright’s passage, in the Almonry; I asked them what they wanted with me, the short man said he had got a prize for me; I went home and got a light, they both went into my room before I got the light; when I returned with the light I saw several things lay about the room; the short man asked me to pawn a black silk cloak and two shifts; I asked him how they came by them, he said they belonged to his wife, she was dead and had been buried about a fortnight, and the child also was dead and buried: I went and pawned them the cloak for Wilson at Mr. Wright’s for twelve shillings; when I came back they told me to pawn two shifts: he said if Mr. Wright would not take it in he would shew him the ticket of his wife’s death; I went and pawned them for five shillings, and brought the money to them; the money they divided between both; they went from my room, and I went with them to Mr. Oakes’s public house, where we had two or three pots of beer; they came down to my room again on Friday, between twelve and one, and the things that they had left were laying on the table; they took them from the table and over-hauled them again; in over-hauling the things they told me that there was a bit of cambric which would serve them to make some frills for their shirts, and bid me take care of it, they both then went away; Vincent came down on Saturday by himself, I challenged him with the things, he said they met a young woman coming across the Park, he held her, while Hilson took them from her; there was an old towel on the table in my room; he put it in his hat and said it would serve him in the barracks; he took it with him, and went away; I saw him no more till Monday, when the prosecutrix came down to my room, with the pawnbroker and the officer; I delivered up the things.
SUSANNAH BARLOW sworn. I work at soldier’s work, I live in the same house with Elizabeth Starkey , I was sitting in her room on the next day; the two men at the bar came on Friday.
Q. You are sure these are the two men? - A. Yes, I left them at Elizabeth Starkey ‘s room, when they came in and went up into my own room, I came down again into Starkey’s room before they went out.
Q. What did you see there? - A. I saw the gown, and two or three little things about the table.
Q. Did you hear how they came by it? - A. No.
Cross-examined by Mr. Curwood.
Q. They did not take you up did they? - A. Yes, and so they did the other witness.
JAMES COURTNEY sworn. I am shopman to Mr. Wright, pawnbroker, Tothill-street; I produce a silk cloak and two shifts: the two shifts I took in of Starkey on Thursday evening the 21st of November; I was in the shop at the time Starkey pledged the mode cloak for twelve shillings the same evening.
Q. (To Starkey.) Is that the cloak and the two shifts you pledged? - A. Yes, the prisoners at the bar had the duplicates.
Q. From whom had you the cloak and the two shifts? - A. From the two men at the bar.
Q. (To Prosecutrix.) Look at these two shifts and the cloak? - A. They are mine, and all the other things are mine, there is my mark on most of them.
Hilson’s Defence. I went to a cook’s shop to have a bit of supper; there was that bit of cloth and two more little pieces laying in the street; I thought it was dropped by somebody going into a rag-shop; I saw it was a little bit of new cloth. I went up stairs, and put it in my knapsack.
Prosecutrix. That bit of cloth was in my bundle.
Q. Starkey, she swears you brought them there? - A. (Prisoner Hilson.) She is a common girl of the town, she will swear any man’s life away, what can you expect of her.
Vincent’s Defence. I picked that handkerchief up going home, on Constitution Hill.
Q. Have you any body to prove that? - A. No.
Hilson called one witness, who gave him a good character.
Vincent called one witness, who gave him a good character.
HILSON - GUILTY , DEATH , aged 28.
Second Middlesex Jury, before Mr. Recorder.


Captivity Hulk Records. HO-9-8-3. Page 14.
Received seventeen from Middlesex, 6 March1806
William Vincent, age 23,  Felony, Tried Middlesex, 4 Dec 1805, 7 years, sent on board Duke of Portland, 2 Jan 1807.


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