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George Waddington

George Waddington, one of 158 convicts transported on the Eliza, 25 June 1828

Name, Aliases & Gender

Name: George Waddington
Aliases: none
Gender: m

Birth, Occupation & Death

Date of Birth: 1788
Occupation: Joiner
Date of Death: 1858
Age: 70 years

Life Span

Life span

Male median life span was 51 years*

* Median life span based on contributions

Conviction & Transportation

Sentence Severity

Sentence Severity

Sentenced to 14 years

Crime: Returning from transportation
Convicted at: Lancaster Assizes
Sentence term: 14 years
Ship: Eliza
Departure date: 25th June, 1828
Arrival date: 18th November, 1828
Place of arrival New South Wales
Passenger manifest Travelled with 158 other convicts


Primary source: Australian Joint Copying Project. Microfilm Roll 89, Class and Piece Number HO11/6, Page Number 423 (213)
Source description: This record is one of the entries in the British convict transportation registers 1787-1867 database compiled by State Library of Queensland from British Home Office (HO) records which are available on microfilm as part of the Australian Joint Copying Project.

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Community Contributions

Maureen Withey on 1st April, 2020 wrote:

ADM 101/23/5B .  Medical and surgical journal of the convict ship Eliza for 10 June 1828 to 22 April 1830 1829 by James Patton, surgeon, during which time the said ship was employed in transporting convicts from Woolwich and Sheerness to New South Wales.
Folios 38-42: Between 12 October to 8 November 1828 upwards of 40 cases of dysentery (all prisoners) were placed on the sick list. The attacks of dysentery were so violent resulting in the death of several men, John Oakes, prisoner, aged 19; William Storey aged 18; George Ainsley, aged 25; John Waddington, aged 35; John Whittaker, aged 40) in the short space of four days.

Folios 42-44: Further dysentery cases, John Mosely, aged 25, prisoner; William Wilson, aged 19, prisoner, and John Smoth, aged 30, prisoner along with another 22 cases placed on the sick list.

Folio 47: Surgeon’s general remarks. States that the high number of dysenteric cases was due to two causes, the unusual length of the voyage 143 days on salt provisions and the ship sailing very indifferently; and from the cold, damp and rain.

D Wong on 2nd April, 2020 wrote:

Cannot find a John Waddington as listed in the Medical Journal above.

Sun (London) London, England
7 Feb 1827:
On Wednesday last, as one of the turnkeys belonging to Preston gaol, was removing a convict, named George Waddington, to the Hulks, he contrived to elude the vigilance of his keeper, and escaped.

Gore’s Liverpool General Advertiser Lancashire, England
20 Mar 1828:
George Waddington pleaded guilty to an indictment charging him with being at large before the expiration of seven years, for which had been transported.  He had only been on board the Hulks at Deptford,when he escaped.

George Waddington was listed as 40 years old on arrival.

Native Place: Lancashire.

George was literate, married, no children listed, 5’5½” tall, sallow complexion, brown hair, hazel eyes, scar on right side of forehead, scar on left side of nose.

Assigned to the Public Works, Sydney.

29/2/1844: COF - 56 years old, at Bathurst.

28/4/1845: Bank Warrant - £1 7 3½d.

18/10/1845:  Gave subscription in aid of Maitland Hospital.

24/11/1847: Hired by Brian McCabe as a weekly servant.

20/9/1848: Sentenced to 2mths in Newcastle for indecent conduct near Lydnsay St. with Mary Maguire.

31/1/1849: Hired by Robert Ewing to drive a dray to New England. Charged Robert Ewing under the Masters & Servants Act.

April 1858: George died near Sofala NSW., of Intemperance.
Death registered at Bathurst.

9/4/1858: Inquest.

Maureen Withey on 2nd April, 2020 wrote:

Maybe the John Waddington, aged 35, who died was not a convict but either a crew member or one of the guards on the ship? It did not specify his status in the abstract on National Archives, so I assumed it was for George!!!

Convict Changes History

Maureen Withey on 1st April, 2020 made the following changes:

date of death: 1828 (prev. 0000), gender: m

D Wong on 2nd April, 2020 made the following changes:

date of birth: 1788 (prev. 0000), date of death: 1858 (prev. 1828), occupation, crime

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