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11 Convicts Convicted of Abuse

Convict Description Convicted At
Elizabeth Adams ** community contributed record ** Northumberland, Assizes for the Town of Newcastle upon Tyne
Martin Brennan ** community contributed record ** Ireland, Queen's County
Mary Byrne Mary Byrne, one of 297 convicts transported on the Nile, Canada and Minorca, June 1801 Middlesex Gaol Delivery
James Davis ** community contributed record ** Ireland, Wicklow
George Holland George Holland, one of 225 convicts transported on the Stag, 02 February 1855 Lancaster. Assizes Liverpool
Henry Melling Henry Melling, one of 270 convicts transported on the Nile, 18 September 1857 Haida Pasha, Scutari, Turkey General Court Martial
Joseph Needham ** community contributed record ** Courts Martial. General Court Martial Peshawar
Sarah Omar ** community contributed record ** Admiralty Session
Thomas Painter ** community contributed record ** Ireland, Westmeath
John Peters John Peters, one of 237 convicts transported on the Eden, 30 September 1848 Cenral Criminal Court
Gifford White Gifford White, one of 250 convicts transported on the Hyderabad [Hydrabad], 15 October 1844 Huntingdon Assizes

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