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12 Convicts Convicted of Indecent behaviour

Convict Description Convicted At
Isaac Birch Arden Isaac Birch Arden, one of 296 convicts transported on the Palmerston, 08 November 1860 Stafford Assizes
Joseph Cane Joseph Cane, one of 170 convicts transported on the Georgiana, 24 November 1828 Middlesex Gaol Delivery
George Robert Evans ** community contributed record ** Ireland, Dublin City
William Haines ** community contributed record ** Bombay General Court Martial
Ann Knox Ann Knox, one of 89 convicts transported on the Earl of Liverpool, December 1830 Glasgow Court of Justiciary
Callaghan Mccarthy ** community contributed record ** Cork County
Charles Mccarthy ** community contributed record ** Cork County
Owen Mccarthy ** community contributed record ** Cork County
Thomas Peacock Thomas Peacock, one of 280 convicts transported on the Hougoumont, 10 October 1867 Scotland, Glasgow Circuit Court of Justiciary
William Riley William Riley, one of 220 convicts transported on the George the Third, 12 December 1834 Lancaster. Liverpool Quarter Session
Barbara Surman Barbara Surman, one of 119 convicts transported on the William Pitt, July 1805 Norfolk Assizes
Andrew Whyte Andrew Whyte, one of 290 convicts transported on the Exmouth, 03 March 1831 Glasgow Court of Justiciary

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