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29 Convicts Convicted of Stealing a cap

Convict Description Convicted At
Jane Armstrong ** community contributed record ** Dublin City
Jane Armstrong ** community contributed record ** Dublin City
William Ash William Ash, one of 240 convicts transported on the Marquis of Hastings, 16 March 1839 Northampton Quarter Sessions
William Aston William Aston, one of 176 convicts transported on the Lord Melville, 29 May 1830 London Gaol Delivery
George Beatson George Beatson, one of 338 convicts transported on the Coromandel and Experiment, November 1803 Derby Quarter Sessions
Eliza Bracken ** community contributed record ** Ireland, Dublin
Patrick Bradley ** community contributed record ** Ireland. Antrim
William Henry Bryant William Henry Bryant, one of 220 convicts transported on the Henry Tanner, 27 June 1834 Middlesex Gaol Delivery
Catherine Burke ** community contributed record ** Ireland, Antrim
Mary Curly ** community contributed record ** Limerick
Patrick Dunne ** community contributed record ** Dublin City
John Flanagan ** community contributed record ** Ireland, Dublin City
Patrick Geoghegan ** community contributed record ** Ireland. Dublin
Mary Gibson ** community contributed record ** Roscommon
Mary Gilmore ** community contributed record ** Galway Ireland
Mary Green Mary Green, one of 98 convicts transported on the Sarah and Elizabeth, 28 December 1836 Warwick Assizes
William Johnson William Johnson, one of 175 convicts transported on the Morley, November 1816 Middlesex Gaol Delivery
James Kiss James Kiss, one of 206 convicts transported on the Ganges, August 1796 Warwick Assizes
John Lennard John Lennard, one of 216 convicts transported on the Lady Harewood, 15 October 1830 York (West Riding) Quarter Session
James Logan ** community contributed record ** Dublin City
Thomas Maskery Thomas Maskery, one of 174 convicts transported on the Fanny, 25 August 1815 London Gaol Delivery
David Preston David Preston, one of 169 convicts transported on the Mellish, 10 November 1828 Lancaster, Liverpool Boro' Quarter Sessions
William Sidebottom William Sidebottom, one of 180 convicts transported on the Medina, 19 April 1825 London Gaol Delivery
Daniel Stearn ** community contributed record ** Suffolk
Daniel Stearne Daniel Stearne, one of 200 convicts transported on the Surrey, 15 July 1831 Suffolk Quarter Session
Mary Sullivan ** community contributed record ** Ireland, Cork
Fanny Talbot ** community contributed record ** Ireland. Dublin
Catherine Wallace Catherine Wallace, one of 101 convicts transported on the Mary Ann, July 1815 London Gaol Delivery
Thomas Webb Thomas Webb, one of 184 convicts transported on the Nithsdale, 26 December 1829 Middlesex, Westminster Quarter Session

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