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12 Convicts Convicted of Stealing a silk cloak

Convict Description Convicted At
Mary Bell ** community contributed record ** Ireland, Queen's County
Catherine Byrne ** community contributed record ** Queens County Ireland
Thomas Byrne ** community contributed record ** Ireland, Dublin
Mary Carmody ** community contributed record ** Ireland, Limerick
Ellen Conner ** community contributed record ** Ireland, Limerick
John Fitzpatrick ** community contributed record ** Ireland. Dublin
Robert Greenwood Robert Greenwood, one of 220 convicts transported on the Henry Tanner, 27 June 1834 Lancaster Quarter Session
William Hall William Hall, one of 310 convicts transported on the Mangles, 18 March 1837 Central Criminal Court
Thomas Mason Thomas Mason, one of 270 convicts transported on the Eden, 08 July 1840 Chester Quarter Sessions
Sarah Slater Sarah Slater, one of 262 convicts transported on the Lady Penrhyn, Scarborough and Alexander, January 1787 Middlesex Gaol Delivery
Mary Talbot Mary Talbot, one of 179 convicts transported on the Buffalo, 04 May 1833 Stafford Quarter Sessions
Sarah Wallace Sarah Wallace, one of 89 convicts transported on the Earl of Liverpool, December 1830 Stafford Quarter Session

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