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Convict Facts

We have compiled some interesting graphs and statistics based on our database and contributions made by site visitors. We believe some of this information may be the first and only of its kind. Want to know what the most common crimes committed by convicts are? What about the most common occupations? Read more on the convict facts page.

Databases used on this website

This site was made possible by the hard work of volunteers in association with the State Library of Queensland. They have put together some excellent information:

At the time of writing, the British convict transportation registers 1787-1867 database used on this website is the only database of its kind to combine all the individual convict colony records into a central database.

Convict Research Sites


Australian Convicts

There are only a handful of photos of Australian convicts - Tasmania and Western Australia were the only two colonies receiving new convicts when photography was available. We found some convict photos provided by the National Library of Australia.

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