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Amboyna Voyages to Australia

Amboyna was a 232-ton merchant ship built at Rangoon, British Burma in 1807. She made a number of voyages to Australia with cargo from the East Indies and China. A number of military convicts were transported to Australia by her. She was wrecked in the China Seas in 1825.

Hobart Town.
SHIP NEWS.-On Tuesday Iast arrived the brig Amboyna, Captain Wilson, from the Isle of France,
with a general cargo of tea, sugar, spirits, &c. She brings two prisoners who had escaped from the Colonies; two more of the like description having died on the passage.
Hobart Town Gazette, 1 Dec 1821.
On Thursday arrived from Calcutta, via Mauritius and Hobart Town, the brig Amboyna, Captain Wilson. Her cargo consists of sundries. She left Calcutta the 1st of July; called at the Isle of France,
from whence she sailed the 27th October; and sailed from the Derwent the 18th instant.
Sydney Gazette, Sat 29 Dec 1821.

  • Amboyna

    Sailed on 1st July, 1821

    Arrived 27th December, 1821 at New South Wales
    Average sentence: 2 Years | Life sentences: 1 | Passengers: 4