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America Voyages to Australia

The Hobart Town Courier.
SATURDAY, MAY 14, 1831
Arrived on Monday the 9th. instant the convict ship America, Robert Donald, esq. Commander, from London 6th. January, with, 186 females. Passengers, Mr. Capon, Chief Constable of the Island, Mr. and Mrs. Davies, Surgeon and Superintendent, Dr. Thomson, R. N.; brings also some Commissariat stores.

The Surgeons Journal for 1830-1831 voyage: https://www.femaleconvicts.org.au/docs/ships/SurgeonsJournal_America1831.pdf

  • America

    Sailed on 4th April, 1829

    Arrived 18th August, 1829 at New South Wales
    Average sentence: 9 Years | Life sentences: 29 | Passengers: 176
  • America

    Sailed on 30th December, 1830

    Arrived 9th May, 1831 at Van Diemen's Land
    Average sentence: 9 Years | Life sentences: 38 | Passengers: 182