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Ann or Anne Voyages to Australia

1800/1810 Journey
Ship Anne, Captain James Stewart. Left Cork 26 June 1800 with 147 men and 24 women.  There was a mutiny on board on the 29th July 1800, but the ship’s company overcame the insurgents. The ringleader, Marcus Sheehy, confessed his guilt, and was immediately executed on board in the presence of all the convicts.  Another convict, the leader on deck, Christopher Grogan, was sentenced to 250 lashes.
The ship arrived at Port Jackson, New South Wales on 21 February 1801. (Source - https://www.jenwilletts.com/convict_ship_anne_1801.htm

1809/1810 voyage carried supplies, a detachments of the 73rd Regiment and 197 male prisoners. Also Rev. Samuel Marsden and his wife, Rev. Robert Cartwright & family, William Hall, John King and Duaterra (a New Zealand native).

  • Ann or Anne

    Sailed on 0000

    Arrived 1st January, 1801 at Van Diemen's Land
    Average sentence: 7 Years | Life sentences: 0 | Passengers: 2
  • Ann or Anne

    Sailed on August, 1809

    Arrived 27th February, 1810 at New South Wales
    Average sentence: 9 Years | Life sentences: 133 | Passengers: 200