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Francis and Eliza Voyages to Australia

The Francis & Eliza was built on the Thames in 1782 (345 tons).
The Francis & Eliza and the Canada departed Cork in convoy on 5 December 1814.The Francis and Eliza was taken on 4th January by the American Warrior privateer. She was plundered before being given up and allowed to continue on the journey. Captain Harrison was removed on board the privateer, and detained many hours but was afterwards liberated and restored to his own ship. Captain Harrison later reported that while the ship lay at Sierra Leone, in the month of March, a terrible fever raged at that settlement, occasioning a mortality most dreadful.The Francis & Eliza and Canada sailed from Sierra Leone together for the Cape of Good Hope, where they arrived the 12th May and remained three weeks to refresh. Fifty-two male prisoners and sixty-five female prisoners arrived in Port Jackson on the Francis and Eliza on 8 August 1815.

(Ref. Sydney Gazette 12/08/1815)