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General Hewett Voyages to Australia

The Windham and General Hewett left England the 24th of August, in convoy with the Wansted, Capt. Moore, who sailed from hence last Thursday for Batavia; the General Hewett arrived at Rio the 17th of November, and sailed again the 2d of December. Together with the military detachments, she received on board for this Settlement 300 male prisoners, of whom we are sorry to report the death of 35, whose names we shall endeavour to procure an account of, and publish in the next Gazette, for the information of their friends and families in Great Britain.
Sydney Gazette, Sat 12 Feb 1814.

  • General Hewett

    Sailed on August, 1813

    Arrived 7th February, 1814 at New South Wales
    Average sentence: 10 Years | Life sentences: 186 | Passengers: 301