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Greyhound Voyages to Australia

The Greyhound departed Calcutta on 7 Oct 1817, Captain Ritchie.  It arrived at the Derwent on 28th February 1818, and left there for Port Jackson on 28th March 1818, arriving in Port Jackson on 14th April 1818.  She carried 15 prisoners,  7 who had been tried in India, and 8 who were runaways being returned.

  • Greyhound

    Sailed on 7th October, 1817

    Arrived 14th April, 1818 at New South Wales and Van Diemen's Land
    Average sentence: 5 Years | Life sentences: 1 | Passengers: 7
  • Greyhound

    Sailed on 16th March, 1819

    Arrived 26th May, 1819 at Van Diemen's Land [and New South Wales]
    Average sentence: 4 Years | Life sentences: 2 | Passengers: 7