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Henry Voyages to Australia

Henry 1825.
The ship Henry, Captain Ferrier, arrived at Hobart Town, on the 9th ult. with 79 female prisoners, all whom were landed with the exception of two.  There were also on board 25 free women, and 33 children, who came out, at the expence of Government, to join their husbands and parents.
Sydney Gazette, 3 Mar 1825.

  • Henry

    Sailed on April, 1823

    Arrived 26th August, 1823 at New South Wales
    Average sentence: 9 Years | Life sentences: 48 | Passengers: 161
  • Henry

    Sailed on 30th September, 1824

    Arrived 8th February, 1825 at Van Diemen's Land [and New South Wales]
    Average sentence: 9 Years | Life sentences: 13 | Passengers: 79