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Indefatigable and Minstrel Voyages to Australia

The Indefatigable was built at Whitby, England. She was square-rigged three masted ship of 549 tons and had three decks; a length of 127 ft. and a beam of 31ft. 8ins.
The Indefatigable sailed from England on 4th June 1812 in company with the Minstrel. The Indefatigable came direct to Hobart, VDL arriving there on 19 October 1812. One prisoner died on the voyage out. Having disembarked the prisoners in Hobart, the Indefatigable arrived in Port Jackson on 6 December 1812, departing there bound for England in January 1813.
The Indefatigable returned to Australia with convicts in 1815 (see separate listing).

  • Indefatigable and Minstrel

    Sailed on 9th May, 1812

    Arrived 19th October, 1812 at New South Wales [Minstrel] and Van Diemen's Land [Indefatigable]
    Average sentence: 8 Years | Life sentences: 183 | Passengers: 330