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Janus Voyages to Australia

Rig Type: S.
Built: New York 1810
Size (tons): 308

The Janus was also a whaling ship.

1819/20 voyage: Female convicted women embarked in England and then in Cork, Ireland. One Rebecca Connolly embarked at Cork but due to ill health was returned to Depot. Sailed on 19 Dec 1819. Arrived at Port Jackson, NSW 3 May 1820. On 20th May, 68 of the women was boarded on the Princess Charlotte bound for Van Diemen’s Land, to Port Dalrymple and Hobart. A formal enquiry was held as to the treatment of the women by the Captain and his crew.

Note: Not all of the women from Ireland have been included yet on this Register.  Currently being updated.
Two of the Women convicts, Mary Long, and Lydia Elsden claimed to be in a pregnant condition on arrival. Mary Long claimed the Captain, thomas Mowat, was the father of her child, and Lydia Elsden claimed the Chief Officer, John Hedges, was the father of her child, to which they both swore before the Magistrate.