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Medina Voyages to Australia

Medina 1823.
Surgeon’s Journal states:  27 August 1823; Received on board 180 male prisoners.
2: 5 September 1823; Got under way from the Cove of Cork and made all sail for ultimate destination. Two days before our departure 3 of the convicts were taken away in consequence of orders, and it was intended to have replaced them by others, but our short stay would not admit of it. The remaining convicts were 177.

One convict died at sea.

SHIP NEWS.—On Monday evening last arrived from the Cove of Cork, which she left on the 5th of September, with 176 male convicts, the ship Medina, Captain Brown. The guard comprises a detachment of the 40th, under orders of Lieutenant Gunning. Assistant Surgeon Coleman, 40th Regiment, comes by this opportunity The Surgeon Superintendent is Dr. Rodmell, R N. who was here before in the Mary transport.
Sydney Gazette, 1 Jan 1824.

  • Medina

    Sailed on 5th September, 1823

    Arrived 29th December, 1823 at New South Wales
    Average sentence: 7 Years | Life sentences: 34 | Passengers: 179
  • Medina

    Sailed on 19th April, 1825

    Arrived 14th September, 1825 at Van Diemen's Land
    Average sentence: 8 Years | Life sentences: 83 | Passengers: 180