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Rolla Voyages to Australia

On Thursday arrived the Ship Rolla, Captain John Cummings, from Ireland, with Prisoners of both sexes, viz. 119 Men and 37 Women: Seven of whom died on the passage; and the day after her arrival landed some of those who were weakly, at the General Hospital. She left Ireland the 4th of November, arrived at Rio de Janeiro on the 15th of January, sailed from thence the 6th of February, and in 95 days after came to an anchor in Port Jackson.  During the latter part of the passage she experienced much bad weather; in the course of which, she sprung her main?mast and carried away her main?yard.
She brings, for the use of Government, 234 pieces of Pork, 686 Casks of Flour, and 11 Tons of Sugar.
Sydney Gazette, 15 May 1803.