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Runnymede Voyages to Australia

The original ‘Runnymede’ was built in London 1825, 389 tons.
Sailing of this ship to Australia with convict transportees, including boy convicts 1839/1840 to Van Diemen’s Land. (It appears this ship made other sailings to Australia, as a barque with immigrant passengers.)
This Runnymede was wrecked near the Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal in 1844.

n.b. There is another ‘Runnymede’ ship. Built in Sunderland in 1854, the 720 ton ship Runnymede II - embarked 248 male convicts at Plymouth on 15 June 1856, landing all in Western Australia on 7 September, after a passage of 84 days - the sailing also had soldier families for settlement there.
A 284 ton barque Runneymede of Hobart was wrecked at Frenchman’s Bay, on 24 December 1878.

  • Runnymede

    Sailed on 11th November, 1839

    Arrived 28th March, 1840 at Van Diemen's Land
    Average sentence: 8 Years | Life sentences: 6 | Passengers: 200
  • Runnymede

    Sailed on 11th June, 1856

    Arrived 7th September, 1856 at Western Australia
    Average sentence: 14 Years | Life sentences: 24 | Passengers: 247