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St Michael Voyages to Australia

1819 Voyage.
St Michael, Captain Dillon, Left Calcutta 8 July 1819, arrived in VDL 9 Nov 1819, and on to Sydney.
SHIP News.-On Tuesday last arrived the ship St Michael Captain Dillon, from Calcutta, with a choice and valuable investment of merchandise. She left Calcutta the 8th July last; and on her way to this port she touched at Prince of Wales Island and Acheen; from the latter place she was only 42 days in making this port,, being the shortest passage ever made to this Territory.
Hobart Town Gazette, Sat 13 Nov 1819

On Sunday last arrived from Calcutta, the ship St. Michael, Captain Dillon, with a valuable investment of sundries. She sailed from Calcutta the 8th of July ; had the misfortune to spring a leak the 19th of the same month, and bore up for Prince of Wales’s Island to refit, which port she gained the 3d of August, and sailed for this Colony the 6th of September, calling at Hobart Town, which she reached in 42 days, on her way hither.
Sydney Gazette, 4 Dec 1819
Several prisoners who arrived in the St. Michael from India, were, with the exception of two who remained sick, sent by that vessel to Sydney, from which place they had escaped.
Hobart Town Gazette, 27 Nov 1819.

1820 Voyage.
St Michael, under Captain Marsh,  sailed from Calcutta, arriving in VDL 28 Sept 1820.  Left Hobart, 16 Oct 1820, for Sydney, arriving there, 30 October 1820.

On Thursday 13 convicts, who arrived in the ship St. Michael from Calcutta, were landed.  Amongst them are five out of the thirteen piratical convicts who took out the Young Lachlan schooner in March 1819; in which they were wrecked upon an Island on the Coast of Java. They were seized and imprisoned at Batavia, where several of them died. The names of the five who are now brought back are, Daniel Clarke, Christopher Read, Malcolm Campbell, Samuel O’Hara, and Patrick Cotton.
Hobart Town Gazette, 30 Sept 1820.

On Monday arrived from Calcutta via Hobart Town, the ship St. Michael, Captain Marsh, with a valuable investment of sundries. She sailed from the Derwent the 18th ult. Passengers from Calcutta; Lieutenant Jacobs, of the Bengal Army, and Mrs. Jacobs. She also conveys hither from India 8 prisoners of the Crown.
Sydney Gazette, Sat 4 Nov 1820.

  • St Michael

    Sailed on 8th July, 1819

    Arrived 9th November, 1919 at Van Diemen's Land [and New South Wales]
    Average sentence: 7 Years | Life sentences: 1 | Passengers: 3
  • St Michael

    Sailed on 1820

    Arrived 28th September, 1820 at Van Diemen's Land [and New South Wales]
    Average sentence: 6 Years | Life sentences: 2 | Passengers: 7