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Sugar Cane Voyages to Australia

Sugar Cane, was a 403 burthen ton merchantman and convict ship that was dispatched in 1793 from Ireland to Australia.

She was launched in 1786 upon the Thames River. Under the command of Thomas Musgrave, she sailed from Cork, Ireland, on 12 April 1793, with 110 male and 50 female convicts. During the voyage a mutiny by the convicts was put down and a convict executed. She arrived at Port Jackson, New South Wales on the 17 September 1793. The Sugar Cane left Port Jackson for Bengal in late 1793.

  • Sugar Cane

    Sailed on 12th April, 1792

    Arrived 17th September, 1793 at New South Wales
    Average sentence: 7 Years | Life sentences: 20 | Passengers: 99